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by Linsey D teacher: Melanie Transue
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Mousetrap Car

            Snap! There it goes around the turn and into the ending zone! Yes, we’re going to Wagner University! We have built and designed a mousetrap powered car to travel a track with a 90o turn and finish in the designated area. One thing that could improve our car is more speed and if I were to grade my own project I would give myself a 110%.

            The “Warrior”, my car, is a car with designed with four wheels, one mousetrap, one lever, one block of wood and axels for the wheels. We chose to use CD’s for our wheels because they don’t cause much friction, or loss of speed, in your car. The wheels are attached to our car with wooden rods, with red adaptors on the ends to hold the CD’s in place. These rods are called wheel axles. The axles are attached to the base of the car which is a block of wood. Near the front of the car is the mousetrap with the lever attached to it which is approximately 10”. Attached to the lever is a fishing line that connects to the back axle, and winds up and when you set the mousetrap off the fishing line goes with the lever which makes the wheels move the car. We changed our project by not using bumper wheels, instead of using them we angled our front wheels to the left to give it a natural curve.

            The best part of my car is the natural curve that makes the car smoothly glide into the end zone without letting it hit any corners. The worst part of my car is the speed. The Warrior doesn’t go fast, it goes smoothly instead. If I had to change anything about my car it would be the speed. I would shorten the lever and shorten the fishing line so the wheels turn faster and make the car travel at a faster speed. If the Warrior goes faster, it will make it over the speed bumps with no problems.

            If I were to give myself a grade on this project I would give myself a 100%. I would give myself a 100% because to get this grade you had to successfully maneuver the track and stay in the landing zone, which my car did. Also my car is very colorful and school spirited. I would give myself 10 extra points for that. So my overall grade would be a 110%.

            If you had to build a car similar to this would you use the same design I used? The Warrior is known for its natural smooth curve, but lacked for its slow speed. If I were to change one thing I would make my car faster, and I would give my car a grade of 110%. Just imagine how it would feel to have the honor of representing Elk Lake School at Wagner University of Philadelphia, PA.

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