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by Celia D teacher: Melanie Transue
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Miss Melanie Transue
9-C-PEnglish I-9
6 January 2012
Are arguments good or bad?
Do you ever have big arguments with your parents? Did you ever think that one day you can fix your problems? Will and his dad did just that in the novel Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. The relationship between Will and his dad changed by the carnival coming into town, Mr. Halloway finding out that the carnival was evil and it gave them a common goal between the two of them to relate to.
Mr.Halloway and Will’s relationship changed because the carnival arrived in town. With the carnival arriving in town Will started to see a change in his dad when he came home and asked “Anything new dad?” “Stone lion blew off the library steps prowling the town now, looking for Christians.” (Bradbury 37) At this point in the novel Will’s relationship with his dad is just little conversations and there really not bonding with each other. “From the beginning Please” (Bradbury, 189) Will’s father would like to hear the whole story from beginning to the end about the boys and the carnival. Both Will and Jim tell Mr.Halloway about the carnival and how they think it is evil and Mr. Halloway believes them. In this part of the story Mr.Halloway and Will are beginning to connect more with each other, they start to talk more and are involved with each other’s lives more than they were before the carnival arrived in town.
“Jesus God, the more you bawl, the more they drink the salt off your chin… you got that laugh” (Bradbury 281). Will thinks that Jim is dead, Mr. Halloway insists that Will stops crying and gets up and to jump around and be happy or else Jim could die. If the two of them jump around and enjoy life that means that the carnival would slowly diminish their evilness. Although others think that their relationship did not change by the carnival coming to town. Their relationship did not change until the carnival came.
The relationship with Will and his dad also changed by Mr.Halloway finding out that the carnival was evil. When Mr.Halloway found out the carnival was evil he brought interest into his son’s life more than ever. “1860.1846. Same ad… Beware the autumn people” (Bradbury 38). In this quote Mr.Halloway tells the boys everything he knows or found out about the carnival. He wants to know what the boys know about the carnival to. Also in this quote Will figures out that he can trust his dad more. “The crescent moon I have marked on the bullet is not a crescent moon. It is my own smile” (Bradbury 47). Here Mr.Halloway offered to do a trick at the carnival and Mr.Halloway knew that all happiness kills evil so he has taken the advantage to this offer. He kills the Dust Witch with Wills help and ends up gaining more and more trust with Will.
“Jim, get off! Jim, don’t leave me here” (Bradbury 51). Jim is on the carousel which allows you to go backward in your age or forward in your age. Jim has always wanted to try the carousel out. Will would not let Jim do this because Jim is Will’s best friend and if anything happened to Jim then Will would not be able to bounce back. Will is trying to get Jim off the carousel and can’t do it. Will finally gets Jim off the carousel, and hopes that Jim is okay. People did not believe the carnival was evil; it was evil in the oddest of ways.
Will’s relationship with his dad changed when the carnival came to town, it gave Will and Mr.Halloway a common goal to relate to. Mr. Halloway gives the boys a speech about the carnival and how you should appreciate life more than what you do now because one day it will all be gone. This opens Will’s eyes to recognize his dad as a caring person and that he love Will to infinity. With Mr.Halloway giving his speech about the carnival he tells the boys that he will help them with whatever they need to help take down this carnival. Once Jim got off the carousel he just laid there and Will began to think that Jim is dead, Mr.Halloway tells Will to stop crying and be happy because the happier you are the better Jim will get and he will be with us again Mr.Halloway takes it upon himself to take down this carnival once and for all. When a little boy comes running down the hill he knows that he needs to kill the boy with happiness and forgiveness. Will and Mr.Halloway figure out that they may argue a lot but they can still love each other as a son and father. There was no common goal for them to relate to, but the common goal was easy to bring peace into their lives.
The relationship between Mr.Halloway changed when the carnival came into town, there was a common goal between Mr.Halloway and Will for them to relate to. Finally, Mr.Halloway finding out that the carnival was evil, in the novel Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury.

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Bradbury, Ray. Something Wicked This Way Comes. New York, NY: William Morrow, 1962.

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