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November Freewrite:


Ohh the smells of thanksgiving from the turkey in the oven. To the smells of pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays ever besides Christmas; I love thanksgiving because I love the food from the turkey to even the stuffing. It is all so good I really don’t have a favorite food of thanksgiving.


I also love thanksgiving because that means three days after is the first day of rifle season. I do hunt but I have fun doing it and enjoy spending time with my grandpa. One last thing I love about thanksgiving is my family is always there around the table joking around and having tons of fun. When we are all at the table for dinner we say grace then start to eat. By the time we are done with our Thanksgiving meal we are all full. We clear the table off put the leftovers in containers. My grandma always sends some home with us so we can have the leftovers the next day. After dinner is done and all the dishes are in the dishwasher, my grandpa and uncle go into the den to watch football.


Sometimes if I am in the mood I will go in the den and grab a seat next to my grandpa and watch football. When my Mom & Dad tell us it’s time to go we never want to go! We want to stay at my grandma & grandpas house forever.  

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