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Life is full of choices. Some are bigger than others and some will have a bigger impact on you than others. What would you pick; the biggest bass you’ll ever catch or a girl for a few hours? The narrator in “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” chose the girl. Shelia Mant is a selfish and spoiled girl.
At first, I just read the story “The Bass, The River, and Shelia Mant” but then I realized that Shelia Mant is a very selfish person. First, Shelia is selfish because when she was in the canoe with the narrator everything she talked about was herself. She didn’t care if the narrator wanted to say something, because she was too lost in talking about herself. Second, when they got to the concert she only danced with him once or twice even though he brought her to dance. Finally, the last reason that Shelia Mant is selfish is that after the concert she went home with somebody else because they had a corvette. Shelia is a very selfish person and the narrator should have got the bass instead of her.
Even though, she is selfish she isn’t as selfish as she may seem. First, even if she didn’t like the narrator she still danced with him a couple of times. Second, she could have got there and took off because she didn’t want to be with him. Shelia Mant is still selfish because she should have been dancing with him the whole time. She also shouldn’t of left in a corvette with someone else. This just proves that Shelia Mant is selfish.
Furthermore, Shelia Mant isn’t just selfish but she’s spoiled too. First of all, her parents are rich so she’s probably gotten everything that she wanted. Second of all, every guy seems to like her. If a relationship with one guy doesn’t work out then she can get another boyfriend. Finally, when she was playing softball she didn’t want to play; so she didn’t. She watched a ball sail right over her head and didn’t even attempt to get it. This proves that Shelia isn’t only selfish but also spoiled.
In the end, the narrator should have realized that the fish would be more important to him then Shelia in the long run. Unless he married her the fish would prove of greater importance. If he would have known that Shelia would have blown him off at the end of the night then I think he would have reeled in the fish. This was one choice in which he chose wrongly and it will haunt him for the rest of his life.

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