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Miss Melanie Transue

9 CP English

2 January 2012
Will and Mr. Halloway
If a wicked carnival came to your home town you would think that it would not help anything but I think that it helped will And his dad’s relationship grow. In the book Something wicked this way comes by Ray Bradbury Will and his dad have a growing relationship with each other because. Will is telling his father more things and he is also showing him more things and is letting him in on more things.
Will also trusts his dad with more things since the carnival came to town because on page 128 his dad asked him “you don’t stay out to long-? And Will trusted his dad and told “this week was the very first time after midnight”. And on page 129 “Dad!” “You aint got the stuff!” Who says!? Cried dad’s mouth, silently. And on page 137 his dad said “I’ll be all right, Will.” And then will said “anything I can do say or do to make you happy, I would.” But you can also say that they didn’t talk when will came into the house during chapter 8 but that was because mr. Halloway was in a bad mood.
Will is showing him more things like the rungs on the side of his house like it says in chapter 27. “Jim nodded and took them over to fumble among the cluster of thick moss and leaves on the side of the house until they found the iron rungs they had secretly nailed and placed to make a hidden ladder up to their room”. This shows that will trusts his dad enough to show him something that Jim and Will set up in private to start with. And on page 203 were they talk about the carnival and if it is evil or if the devil is living there and taking people’s souls. Also they are talking on page 206 and they say they are going to hide in the library. Although it also says that they do not talk in the beginning but it also is because Mr. Halloway is not as young as he once was and cannot do what he used to be able to do.
Will is going to try and tell his dad more about his life because on page 132 he says. “In a couple days, dad. I’ll tell you everything. I swear. Moms honor.” He also shows it on page 138 “promise, Dad?” “Why don’t you want me to go there, Will?” “That’s one of the thing I’ll tell tomorrow or next week or next year. You got to trust me, Dad.” “I do, son.” Dad took his hand. “It’s a promise.” And on page 134 “Dad am I a good person?” “I think so, yes.” I think he really trusts his dad. Although will and his dad didn’t talk during the bullet trick the only reason he didn’t was because he was under the witches spell.
In conclusion this is how Will and his dad relationship have changed throughout the story because will is trying to tell his dad more and show him more and trust him more.

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Bradbury, Ray. Something Wicked This Way Comes. New York, NY: William Morrow, 1962.

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