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by Mark S teacher: Melanie Transue
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Miss Transue

English B-2

25 October 2011

The Djinn Who Lives Between Night and Day

If your friend does something for one reason does that mean that you have to do it for the same reason? Unlike Tayab Al-faq is a good Djinn because when tayab was telling his story about sending the woman away for fun al-faq didn’t give an answer of happiness he just let him keep going, also when he sent the dad to the ocean he was helping the dad by sending him there.

I think that when Tayab was telling his story about sending the woman to the sea just so he could have fun and make the woman miserable because he couldn't bring the children back to life. When Tayab Was telling the story he gave no answer but nodded for Tayab to continue He said "go on" also but he never smiled or laughed at what Tayab had did. Also When Tayab was telling about the dad all alone he said “some grief” so that means that he was thinking about the dad and him being alone.

You could argue that when Al-faq made the dad go to the sea it was for his own joy because Tayab had done it. But I think that he did it to help the dad because when the dad got there he named all of the kids and the mom as a shooting star that way the dad would feel better. Also when they got there he went and got the nearby towns people and asked them to bring the dad food for he was a holy man.

Also I think that Al-faq was helping the dad because. He was trying to make the dad feel better and he also would let the dad say thank you he said "no, do not bless me, I am not worthy" Plus he had got the towns People to care for him and also at the end of the story it said Al-faq who perhaps is a faithful Djinn and perhaps not returned to the crack between night and day.

This is why I think that Al-faq is a good Djinn and not a bad Djinn like Tayab. Because He never approved of Tayabs story and after he heard it he traveled to the dad’s house to go make him feel better by sending him to the sea and telling him his family was okay.

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