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by Dalton S teacher: Melanie Transue
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February Free Write:

It is a very long journey to get to the NBA. It is a lot of work and only the strong, dedicated people do. Do you have a favorite NBA team? My favorite team is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls franchise started in 1966 and is still presntly active. The Bulls have won six NBA championships during that time. Michael Jordan, argueably the best player to ever play the game, was a huge part of all six championships.

Many great players have played for the Chicago Bulls over the years. Some of them are Michael Jordan 1984-1998, Scottie Pippen 1987-2004, Dennis Rodman 1995-1998, Derrick Rose 2004-Present. Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose are the only two bulls players to win the Most Valueable Player award. This award is given to the player who would make any team better.

The Bulls area, where the games are held, is called the United Center. The bulls have appeared in six NBA championships. They won the championship every time they were there. Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman were huge parts of all six champiponships. Dennis Rodman led the team in rebounding in 1996, 1997, and 1998. The bulls played the Utah Jazz in two out the six championships.

In conclusion, the Chicago Bulls is a successful franchise. They have done many great things over the years. Those are some things about the Chicago Bulls you may not have known.

Works cited: www.funtrivia.com, www.nba.com/bulls

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