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by Dalton S teacher: Melanie Transue
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Dalton S
Miss Melanie Transue
9 CP English
24 October 2011
Sherlock is Amazing
Being a detective is not an easy job. You have to be clever, smart, have good work ethics and techniques, and patient. These are all things that Sherlock Holmes posses. That is how he is a successful detective. Sherlock Holmes has a great work ethic and flawless techniques. Sherlock used all of these things to solve the case of “The Musgrave Ritual”.
Sherlock Holmes is a great detective and is very successful. But, everyone makes mistakes and fails sometimes. Even Sherlock Holmes. But, he never gives up. For example, when Sherlock was following the ritual to try and find Brunton the butler he thought he miscalculated.” For a moment it seemed to me that there must be some radical mistake in my calculations” (14 Doyle). He actually read the ritual wrong. He didn’t get down on himself, and he didn’t give up. He stayed strong and finished the case. That is one way of how Sherlock Holmes is successful.
“The Musgrave Ritual” case included the disappearance of Brunton the butler and Rachel Howells the maid. They worked for Regional Musgrave at Hurlstone. One night at Hurlstone, Regional Musgrave walked down stairs and caught Brunton looking through family files. He gave him one week to leave. The third day Brunton didn’t show up. Rachel Howells was already a little crazy before Brunton dumped her so that made it worse. The next day Rachel went missing. Sherlock tried to mix the two mysteries together to solve it and was successful.

Some one might say that Sherlock is disorganized and sloppy. But if he was those things, he wouldn't be as successful of a detective as he is. "The Musgrave Ritual" case was one of his first cases so he was still learning and staying organized. When he is telling Watson about the mystery, Watson mentions Sherlock being very sloppy and disorganized. That must be one of his techniques because he is as successful as a detective and it works for him.

Sherlock Holmes an amazing detective. His work ethics and techniques are flawless. "The Musgrave Ritual" was one of his first cases and it ended with success. The conclusion to the case was that Rachel Howells killed Brunton in a stone passage that the ritual led them too. She dropped a big rock on a hole that Brunton was in and suffocated him. In conclusion, Sherlock Holmes is good at his job.

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