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March Freewrite

 Imagine a world where there was snow all over. The sparkling white crystals fill the ground. Imagine the children outside playing in the snow laughing and haveing a great time. They are building snowman and have snowball finghts. This happens in March. March is the time of year when there is snow all over the ground and the kids are out playing in the snow, but this year that wasn't the case. When people think of March they think of a lot of snow days, playing in the snow, and haveing sledding/snowboarding parties. This year that didn't happen.

One thing you look forward to when it hits March is the snow. Snow means no school. No school means that you can sleep in. When kids and teenanger get more sleep they are happier. Kids enjoy no school for many reasons. They like to play out in the snow and just be away from school. Teenagers like haveing no school because then they can sleep in and hang out with friends (if the roads and weather are good).

Another reason you look forward to March is because its fin to play in the snow. No matter who you are and what age you are you are never to old to play in the snow. My uncle will spend the entire day on the tractor to make a path to sled, snowboard, or tube down. Then when it starts to get dark we get the whole family together and some friends of the family to come and we have a party. Not only the kids are sledding though even the adults are.

A third reason to look forward to March is for the parties. When you have a bunch of snow what else is better than making an awesome path to have a party? When my family has the snowboarding party we start the path at the top of my hill and connect it to the one that my uncle makes. It is so much fun. The best part is that you can start from our hill or at the top of their hill.

Unfortanately this March we had bearly any snow so we couldn't have this nice time. Hopefully next year there will be enough or any snow during the winter to have time off of school, time to play in the snow, and time to have parties.

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