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by Joel K teacher: Melanie Transue



Science 8

October 6, 2011

Mace Trap Racer

In my invention of the mouse trap racer I use a couple items to build with. I used a piece of wood (Pine) 4 metal eye let screws, 1 large Mc Donalds straw, 1 mouse trap,a 10 inch piece of copper rod, 2 wooden

dowels, 4 normal sized CD's, 4 cd adapters ot attach the CD to the wooden dowel, a 3 foot long piece of fishing line, 4 rubber ballons. a metal bumber i used to go all the way around the car, heat. sotter and 1 brass

finishing nail. I put this together in maney steps for my mouse trap car to make it around the corner. 1st i cut the wood into a piece that is 10 inches long and 5 inches wide then i used my pencil to draw a box on the

wood to cut out for where the string is going to wind up on the wooden dowel held by the brass finishing nail. After that I will cut out the box wiht a hack saw, next i will put the wheels on but first i need to put on the 4

metal eye lets positioned under the car the rear wheel will be placed at the back of the car where I recently have cut out the box and the front wheels will be placed 2 1/2 inches back from the front of the car. Now i wil

screw in the 4 metal eye lets in specific places at the end and 2 1/2 inches back from the front then I will screw them in so they are at the same height. Now i will attach the 4 wheel adapters to the 4 CDs and put a dab

of hot glue on the the two so they dont no move. Next i am gonna put the wooden dowel through the two eyelets and then then attach the wheels I repeat the precedure for the front to. Now I must take the Mc Donald

straw and cut it down so it fills up the space of both side of the axle so the axel dont't move freely going down the track i repeat this procedure for the front axel and wheels to. Next I will take my mouse trapand

disengage the spring from the copper snapper bar then i will take my 10 inch long piece of copper rod and sotter it to the copper snapper barthen i will re-engagethe spring to the copper snapper bar so no the mouse trap

works properly as it should then I will tap the brass finishing nail into the rear axle now i will put a metal bumper with enough elastic friction the bounce off the 45 degree angle corner and i will make the bumber so it goes

around the 4 CD wheels and the whole car i will use pieces of wooden dowel to glue to the bumper then the car so the bumper is held on there tightly. Next I will hot glue the mouse trap with the sottered copper rod is

attached to the copper snapper bar to the front of the car. Now I will attach the 3 foot piece of fishing line to the 10 inch copper rod and tie and noose at the end of it so the brass fishing nail will wind it up in the axel.

Finally i will take the four rubber ballons snip the ends off them and put the over the CD's from outside in for more friction in between the wheels and the wooded track.

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