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class 2015

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by Gianni F

teacher: Melanie Transue

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Gianni F
Ms. Transue
19 April 2012
April Freewrite

The Battle
His sweat drop finally falls from his cheek in to dry cracked and dusty dirt below him. All he wants is for someone to give him an opening.
All he needs is one good hit and he can get home. All that stands between him is the rest of their team. DINK! And he's gone, moving as fast as he can around the bases. FOUL BALLLL! Now he's right back where he started.
Maybe if this pitcher throws a wild one he can get to second before they know what’s happening. But he’s not gonna get that chance. DINK! And he’s off again, this time its not a foul and its not caught. Like an angry chinese dragon he puts on the speed and doesn't take it off until his foot smacks that home plate.
He takes a peek at the score board. It's one-to-eight and he knows that soon he will have to repeat what he just did.
After what seems like a blink it's his turn again. From the pitchers hand rolls a ball like no other. Traveling a solid 83 miles an hour it hits him in the knee with an audible crack. The walk sets his team ahead nine-to-eight in the final inning. The pain was harsh but it was a good pain, the cost of a victory.

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