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by Montana C teacher: Melanie Transue
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November free write
Do you know any one in the army? Do they miss Christmas or other holidays? Do you get to talk to them? This last week my cousin Jeremy came home from the Germany. My cousin is in the arm and he means a lot to me. He came home and no one knew it was a big surprise I was so excited to see him. He was only able to come home for a week but it was an amazing week.

One thing we did was have a party at my grandma’s house. He also came over the one night to my house and we played cards and ate really good food. My cousin is a courageous and very caring person. Every time he comes home he is so excited to eat the food my mom and grandma make because he says that there isn’t food that good in Germany.

My cousin usually comes home for Christmas but this year he can’t so he came home last week. Whenever he is home for Christmas me my brother and Jeremy always play ice hockey it so much fun.
My cousin misses out on a lot when he is in Germany. He misses out on birthday and Holidays. He also never got to meet my little cousin when he was born. My cousin misses out on many things but it’s great when he is home. My cousin is the most amazing person I miss him very

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