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by Montana C teacher: Melanie Transue
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Free write September


      Over the last five days I have been in Harrisburg showing my cow. In September every year there is a 4-H cow show in Harrisburg; to go you have to be chosen by

a judge at the 4-H district show. This year my brother and I were both chosen to go to states. At states I go second place, and my brother got first place and Jr. Champion. After states there is another show called Jr. Nations which is

even harder and since we did so well we got to stay. At nations I placed third.   My brother also got first place. Finally after nations there is one more show this is called All American at All American there is cows from all over America. I didn’t end up showing in that show, but my brother did and he got

first place he did very well. 

        When we were in Harrisburg we stayed with our friends the Sherwood’s. When we were there we played cards, rode scoters, went swimming, played ninja, and did lots of other things. We had lots of milkshakes and good food. One of the best parts was on Monday when we showed we were given free milkshakes and candy. When we were there we meet lots of new people and mad some new friends. I had lots of fun at the 4-H state cow show.


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