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May Freewrite

Sand, water, and towels. Sounds like a day at the beach to me! The beach is in my top ten lists of places to be. Summer is almost here and for now I'm going to about what I want to do there and what I have done there. When I'm at the beach what we usually do is go swimming, build sand castles, play foot ball, and my favorite, boogey boarding. The beach is a perfect place for people to have family time and fun. Another good thing about the beach is that it's free, so fun time can also be a cheap time. I like the beach so much that if it were a person I would marry it. I wish I could own a beach house for many reasons. I could wake up in the morning and feel the ocean breeze, watch the waves, and see the annoying seagles.

One time when I was at the beach there were so many seagles I got annoyed. When the seagles would leave I decided to chase them away but then there was a twist, a couple of them started to chase me! Mom just happened to be recording it and she couldn’t stop laughing. Another thing that I've done was watch midget crabs. I was at the Gulf of Mexico and we went by some rocks and if you were really quiet you could see the tiny crabs come out of the holes. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Some people might say that the beach is a horrible place because the sand gets into places, there’s no shade, and it’s too boring. Those are people who grew up as a boring stick in the mud. People who dislike the beach should stick to their chess and cleaning. I believe everyone should go to the beach as soon as they can and have a boatload of fun!

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