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Dear Freshy,

          Hello there if you don’t already know who I am it’s me Jenny, the soon to be Sophomore! Anyways this year is going to be your Freshmen year which I am completing right now. Freshmen year like every other year you’ve been through in school is a new experience with new teachers, new classes, more work, but it’s also a great time to shine!

               Some advice that I would give to you for your Freshmen year is to have fun with it. It’s a great year to get involved. Student council, varsity sports, key club, national junior honor society are some of the few activities you can be involved in but getting into new things will be good for your Freshmen year. Also there are new things you go to like the famous Freshmen year homecoming, spirit week, pep rallies, and other activities! So get involved and have fun with your Freshmen year!

            Another piece of advice I give about your Freshmen year is do your work and try your best to care about your grade. If you are happy with your grades then your self confidence will boost and you’ll feel good about yourself. The teachers this year are very helpful and care a lot about your grades and are very persistent about getting your work done because they know it will be for the better. Don’t get down if your grades aren’t what you expect because the teachers will help you get your grade to what you want it to be. Always remember to try your best!

          In conclusion do your best in whatever it is this year! Have fun with your friends but keep a steady focus on your grades. You have no need to stress about it so just relax and have a fantastic Freshmen year!

                                                                Good Luck,

                                                             Jenny :)

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Article posted May 8, 2012 at 04:39 PM GMT0 • comment (7) • Reads 140


MAY FREE WRITE!           

Precious Moments:

            Did you ever read bedtime stories before bed when you were little? Did your mom, dad, sister or brother ever read them to you or did you read them to yourself? Did you ever read bedtime stories to anyone else? Bedtime stories are so much fun to hear and tell; everyone is definitely a softy for them. I think bedtime stories are the best way to get a good night’s sleep. 

           I was not told bedtime stories when I was this age until just the other day when one of my very close friends decided to read me a bedtime story from precious moments. Their soft but yet enthusiastic voice put me right to sleep. I liked hearing the story of a little mouse with a big heart because it made me feel like a little kid again. Putting nice thoughts in my head about Timmy catching his first fish with his grandpa helps me to forget about all the suffering and pain in the world. It’s also very crucial to have nice and comforting thoughts before we close our soft eyelids for the night. Bedtime stories like these were relaxing and they help he feel like I don’t have a care in the world. 

             No matter what age you may be you deserve to be read at least a bedtime story a month. They help with your sleep and they can take you to a whole other world. Everybody should be able to hear a nice and sweet story before bed. 

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Article posted May 4, 2012 at 04:40 PM GMT0 • comment (5) • Reads 130

 Sing it out allusions!

“Stuck in the Moment” by Justin Bieber

              Do you ever feel like you’ve had feelings for somebody that you can’t even describe?   You don’t think anyone else in the world feels the way that you do?  A lot of young teenagers who have boyfriends/ girlfriends think that they have feelings for each other that a lot of other people don’t.  In the song "Stuck in the Moment" by Justin Bieber he writes a song about how he feels for someone and thinks no one else feels or has felt the way he has.


How the song depicts Romeo and Juliet: 

                 The main line that this song uses that deals with Romeo and Juliet says, “Now Romeo and Juliet, bet they never felt the way we felt.” This song mostly uses the message that love isn’t perfect but he is willing to do whatever it takes to be with this girl and fight for their love. In Romeo and Juliet they had to break the rules of falling in love with the enemy just to be with each other. The song talks about wanting to have another moment with the one he loves and being able to see each other again. In Romeo and Juliet they were very impatient about waiting for the news of the other and they always wanted to be with each other. 

“Just because this cold, cruel world said we can’t be, Baby we both have the right to disagree.”

How accurate?

             This allusion is not very accurate because they talk about no one in the world has felt the way he feels not even Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet were teenagers who got married! In this song it sounds of just more of a teenager crush and not a serious and intense relationship like Romeo and Juliet had. What the song describes sounds like some kind of crush were they think they will do whatever it takes just to be with this person but in reality they will probably move on in life. Romeo and Juliet died for each other. They literally loved each other that much.


  In conclusion teenagers who think they are truly in love are not usually as in love as Romeo and Juliet were.  The song "Stuck in the Moment" by Justin Bieber references to the love of Romeo and Juliet but not effectively.

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                                 April Free Write



              Do you know what May 1st is? Its May Day! One of my most favorite days to celebrate! May day is when you pick many different kinds of may flowers for somebody special in your life. It can be your grandma or grandpa, sister or brother, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, teacher, priest, or anyone in your life that means a lot to you. May day is a also a good way of telling someone how much they mean to you!


              The next best part about May day is what you do with the flowers you have picked for a important person in your life. After the first part about May day is complete you must put them on their door step and make them look very pretty but you must very quiet and sneaky about it so that they don't know who put the flowers there. Next you ring the door bell and quickly and quietly sneak away! The point of this is to surprise this person with may flowers! Everybody likes surprises. Also these flowers will definitely make this person smile witch it always feels nice to make somebody's day.


            When I was little my family and I would always celebrate May 1st. We would always go on a really long walk just to find the most interesting and prettiest flowers. After that we would always take them to my grandma and grandpa and my aunt and uncle. They always loved the little surprise of flowers on their door step from somebody.


          In conclusion I suggest everybody to be involved in May day. It is a good way to make someone feel special and important. And maybe even you will receive some May flowers from someone who thinks you mean a lot to them!

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We Need Music!

Without music there wouldn’t be life. It would be like an apple tree in the summer with no apples on it. It would be like the world without sunshine. Without music in our life there wouldn’t be “life”. In my life I listen to many different kinds and styles of music.

Right now at this point in my life one of my favorite songs is called “A Little Too Much” by Natasha Betingfeild. I would recommend this song to anyone! It’s a really great song and Natasha Betingfeild has a really great voice. Also the lyrics in the song are very strong and meaningful which is what I look for in a song.

Another song that I really enjoy listening to is called “All About Us” by He is We ft. Owl City. I really like this song because once again the lyrics are very touching.  It’s a cute song about two people who are dancing and feel like it’s their time to shine and everybody in the room is watching them and “every heart in the room will melt.”. I like this song because it is really adorable.


One more song that I suggest everybody to listen to is the song called “It’s Your Life” by Francesca Battistelli. I like this song because it is very up lifting and inspiring. “To live the way you believe, this is your opportunity, to let your life be one that lights the way.” These lyrics show encouraging reasons of why your life is important and the choices you make will affect you for the rest of your life. 


In conclusion these are some songs that I do suggest and recommend anyone and everyone to listen to. Life without music is like a school without students; there wouldn’t be anything. 


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Imma Be Representin’

Friends have many different characteristics that make them all special in their own ways. Some of my friends are crazy and some shy. All my friends are different and that’s what I love about them. The fair has many different things going on. There’s the cow show, the fares wheel and other kinds of activities. I think my parts of the fair can represent some of my friends.

The lemonade stand can represent my friend Emily. She is super sweet and is very likable just like the lemonade stand at the fair. People are always with her and she has many friends. Everyone loves going to the lemonade stand after a long hot day at the fair to get a sweet taste of summer.

The salt and pepper shakers represent my friend Kenzie Jane. She is always on the go and she’s so crazy just like the salt and pepper shakers at the fair. Also they make people who like the fair happy. My friend Kenzie can always put a smile on anyone’s face.

The bumper cars represent my friend Lauren. There are many colors of the cars and Lauren has many different character traits. Also she has been through many hard times in life but somehow manages to always get through them. Bumper cars are meant to get crashed into but they never have huge dents.

My friend Montana can represent the comedy show at the fair. After a long day at the fair it’s nice to go relax at a comedy show and get a good laugh in. My friend Montana can always make me laugh no matter what kind of day I’m having.

Courtney can be represented by the galaxy fair ride. She’s very crazy and loud and can sometimes make you laugh so hard your head can hurt! The galaxy ride makes your head spin round and is very crazy just like Courtney!

My friend Alexis can be represented by the dunk tank! You never know what to expect from her. For the dunk tank you never know if you will be dunked or if you’re safe. With Alexis you always have to go with the flow and deal with what she has pulled up her sleeve.

In conclusion the fair rides and activities can represent my friends in ways. Friends can be the insane to very quiet just like the fair. My friends can be represented by things and places at the fair for many different reasons!

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Article posted February 15, 2012 at 05:24 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 71


      Everyone has been through a time in their life where they feel like they can’t do anything right and everything just seems to go against them. For example sports and academics; sometimes in life we tell ourselves we are not good enough and we tell ourselves to just give up. Maybe it’s a relationship you got out of and now that the person you love is gone and you can’t seem to find a way back to your normal self. In life we face many challenges that we must learn to overcome them and most the time we need a little bit of up lifting inspiration to help us through them. 

                There are many people who inspire me in my life. One of the many people is my mom. My mom is a very hardworking person and has always been there for me. She has not only been there for me but my four other sisters also. I give her so much credit for taking care of my sisters and I in such a pleasing and calm way. Not only is my mom very dedicated to her family but she can always put me in a good mood. She knows how to make me smile and laugh. My mom is one of the many people that inspire me a great deal.

                Another person who inspires me a lot is my oldest sister Kylie Ann. I choose her because I feel like out of all of my sisters she is the one I look up to the most. She’s always there for me even though she goes to college seven hours away she is also just a phone call away. Whenever she comes home we always talk about what is new and whenever I need good advice she always can help me. I look up to her because she has a life full of success. She is at college and working hard. She has made mistakes like everyone but has learned from her mistakes and I look up to her because of how well she deals with her mistakes. My sister is one of the many people who inspire me very much!

                Who do you look up to when life gets you down? Who is the one that is always there for you through the ups and downs? In my life when I’m struggling I can always look up to my mom and my oldest sister Kylie because they know how to put me and a good mood and they inspire me a great deal.

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 Marxist would criticize the song "I Need a Dollar" by Aloe Blacc.


                Marxist would criticize this song because it’s about how a guy needs a dollar and wonders if anyone would give him a dollar to help him out but nobody does. In the song it says “And I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need. And if I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me." This example shows that the person is so desperate for a dollar that he would do anything just to get one. From the beginning of the song to the end he goes through struggles because he has no money and no one would give him money. Marxist would criticize this because they believe in the rich helping out the poor and Marxism is about how the poor people struggle from lack of money.

                Another reason a Marxist would criticize this song is because in the song the guy finds a job to earn money and then the boss fires him. The song says, “Please Mr. Boss man I need this job more than you know But he gave me my last pay check and sent me out the door.” A Marxist would criticize this song because they believe that the poor work for their money and in the song the guy tried to work for his money but instead the boss fired him. Also this is an example of how the rich took advantage of the poor by not giving him the job when he needed the money the most. 

                In closing a Marxist would criticize the song “I Need a Dollar “by Aloe Blacc

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Article posted January 25, 2012 at 05:29 PM GMT0 • comment (3) • Reads 102

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Miss. Transue

9 CP English E/5

6 January 2012

                                                                     Who is Mr. Halloway?

          How would you describe yourself? Maybe you think you are funny, smart, kind, or maybe even eccentric. Everyone has many different character traits that can describe themselves or others. In the book Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury Charles Halloway can be described as old, depressed, and weird. 

        Mr. Halloway is an old man because everyone knows how ancient he looks, including his son and himself. In the book it says, “That’s Charles William Halloway, thought Will, not grandfather, not far wandering, ancient uncle, as some might think, but…my father.”(Bradbury 14). This shows that when Will sees his father he looks so elderly that he thinks others may mistake Will’s father for a grandfather of an ancient uncle because he is so elderly. For example in the book it also says, “…Will makes me feel so old…a man should play baseball with his son…” (Bradbury 38). This example shows that Mr. Halloway’s son Will makes him feel just as old as he looks by telling him he can not even play games that Will would play. One more example of how Charles Halloway can be described as antediluvian is when Mr. Halloway looks at himself in the mirror and see’s how old he looks. For example in the book it says, “…as did Dad, amazed their mouths at their own ancient quakes and masquerades.”(Bradbury 255). Mr. Halloway looks at himself and see’s his skin wrinkly and it hurt him very much. Some people may think that Mr. Halloway is not an old man because while in the mirror maze he remembers that there are many other people like him. Although there may be many others like him they do not act like him about his age and how old he feels and looks. That is why and how Mr. Halloway can be described as obsolete.

               Another character trait used to describe Charles Halloway is sad because many things in his life make him upset. An example of how Mr. Halloway can be described as sad is when he hears an old Christmas tune and he becomes upset. In the book it says, “Suddenly there was a the old sense of terrified elation, of wanting to laugh and cry together when he saw the innocents of the earth wandering the snowy streets the day before Christmas … the tired men and women whose faces were dirty with guilt...”(Bradbury 24). This shows how Mr. Halloway becomes sad because the old tune shows how old he is which makes him unhappy. Charles tells his own son that he is a sad man. Another example of this in the book says, “Pa”, he said, “don’t sound so sad.” “Me? I'm the original sad man. I read a book and it makes me sad. See a film: sad. Plays? They really work me over.”(Bradbury 137). Here is an example of how Mr. Halloway can be described as sad because he knows it himself that he is a depressed person. One more way that Mr. Halloway is sad is when he sees himself in the mirrior maze as a very old man which makes him very sorrowful. In the book it says, “And the mirrors shoved me half in, half out the grave. Showed me in wrinkles and rot!”(Bradbury 281). This shows that it makes him sad knowing how old he is. Some people may say he is a happy man because while at the trick show for the carnival he killed the Dust Witch with his smile. On the other hand though he only acted happy at the trick show just so that he could fool the Dust Witch and kill her. He was not happy on purpose. That is how Mr. Halloway can be described as a grieving man.

              One more way to describe Charles William Halloway is weird because he does some strange things that most people his age do not do. For instance, “And suddenly Will remembered nights rising at two in the morning to go to the bathroom and spying across town to see that one single light in the high library window and know Dad had lingered on late murmuring and reading alone under these green jungle lamps.”(Bradbury 15). As a result of this it shows that Mr. Halloway is different because that is not normal for fathers to do and Will found it funny that his father did that. In addition to this is when he is alone he “listens” to his broom tell him stories. The book says, “Wandering alone in the library, letting his broom tell him things no one else could hear, he had heard the whistle and the disjointed calliope hymns.”(Bradbury 55). In this case shows that Charles is unlike most people his age because most people do not do things like that. Also “Dad whooped. He circled like a dancing crane. He was not in the silliness yet. He wanted to crack through. He had to break the moment!”(Bradbury 282). While Will thought Jim was dead his father told him to just sing and dance. This is strange because while someone is unconscious on the ground people do not dance and sing around them. Others may not think Mr. Halloway is not a strange person because he had a heart to heart conversation with his son. Even though he had a good conversation with his son, if you look at the conversation it is strange because most fathers and sons do not talk about what Will and Mr. Halloway talked about. Charles Halloway is strange for many reasons.

          Mr Halloway see's him self and so do others as a very old man. Almost everything makes him upset and he does things that are very bizarre. In conclusion Charles Halloway can be described as ancient, depressed and odd.





Works Cited

Bradbury, Ray. Something Wicked This Way Comes. New York, NY: William Morrow, 1962.



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Article posted December 21, 2011 at 04:33 PM GMT0 • comment (6) • Reads 205

What do you think was the most influential effect on the changing of Mr. Halloways and Wills  relationship?

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         Your walking down the school hallway; its the middle of the day; kids are rushing to get to lunch and then you notice a girl you don't see hanging out with people very often; a kid runs by and knocks her books out of her hands and everyone starts laughing at her. What would you do? Would you go out of your way to help her or would you let it be and go on your way.


             Its not very often that I see this at Elk Lake but the few times I have I noticed the majority of people go along with the crowd even sometimes I have caught my self being a victim in this scenario. Its hard sometimes when you have the choice to stick up for someone and risk getting picked on yourself or laughing with everyone else. No one may even know the story behind this girl I wrote about in the the beginning. She may have woke up not been able to eat because there was no food in her house. She may be walking around with all her skin covering just so no one knows what goes on at home life. But who would know that. No one. Everyone has a story behind them. If its being the happiest person ever or someone who may want to take their own life from themselves. Everyone has their faults and everyone should keep that in mind when they see someone upset and having a bad day. It could be the difference from seeing them the next day at school or not seeing them there.


             So next time you realize someone that doesn't have as many friends as you or just simply looks upset don't be afraid to say “hey” and invite them to sit with you at lunch. Its so crazy how this simple action could change a whole persons life. Always keep in mind the story of other people and put them in your shoes, think about how you would feel. Keep kindness and love always in your heart and if needed on the tip of your tounge.

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Article posted December 7, 2011 at 05:41 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 91

Once again...I'm OvEr HeRe!!!!

In chapter 28 Will and his father had a very in depth conversation about being a good and happy person are two different things.  What do you think the conversation ment to Mr. Halloway?  What do you think the significance of the conversation was to Will?

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Article posted November 26, 2011 at 01:01 AM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 324

Helloooo! over here!

Will and Jim are best friends but when the carnival comes to town Jim is very excited about it and wants to know more about it but Will on the other hand is more nervous than excited about it.  Why do you think that Jim and Will have different emotions about the carnival?

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Article posted November 15, 2011 at 05:35 PM GMT0 • comment (4) • Reads 84

Third Times a Charm!

Third Person Omniscient: 

        Suzy and Sally took a trip to Hawaii.  Suzy thought that the trip took a very long time but was excited by the scenery of Hawaii.  Sally thought the trip didn't take long at all but wasn't at all fascinated by the tropical paradise.  Suzy was thinking that she wanted to go get an ice cold smoothie from the beach.  Sally was thinking about how much she was already board with the place and just wanted to go home.  Although Sally and Suzy disagreed a lot about Hawaii they both were glad to be there with each other.

Third Person Limited Omniscient:

   Suzy and Sally took a trip to Hawaii.  Sally startedlooking out at the ocean blue.  Suzy thought about taking a dip in the water to cool off.  Sally went and got a noddle and hopped in the water.  Suzy looked at the other people in the ocean and thought about whether they had came there on vacation too. 

Third Person Dramatic:

   Suzy and Sally took a trip to Hawaii.  Sally started looking out at the ocean blue.  Suzy looked around at the people.  She said, "What a perfect time to be here at Hawaii."

    Sally said, "I agree with you its a perfect time to be here with you at Hawaii!"

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November Freewrite:

      Do you play a sport or have a hobby that you couldn't live without?  Do you ever feel like if you didn't have that sport/hobby then you wouldn't be you?  This is exactly how I feel about my sport; cross country.  I run cross country and I know for so many reasons that I wouldn't be me without it.

If I didn't run cross country then...

1.) I wouldn't actually know the definition of hard work.

2.) I wouldn't have the family that supports me in everyway.

3.) I wouldn't have the best coaches in the world who have taught me many vauable life lessons.

4.) I wouldn't know how to run for my team and not for myself.

5.) I wouldn't know that I was capable of such acheivement.

6.) I wouldn't know that dreams do come true with dedication and commitment.

7.) My best friends wouldn't be my teammates.

8.) I wouldn't know running is more mental than it is physical.

9.) I wouldn't know the desire to want something so bad and to work as hard as possible to reach my goals.

10.) I wouldn't know in order to win you can't let your fears cike you out.

11.) I wouldn't know I could be a part of something bigger than myself.

12.) I wouldn't be me.

If you didn't have your sport(hobby) then what would you be like?

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Jenny V

Miss Transue

English 5/7

24 October 2011

Which Would You Choose?

            An unforgettable fish. A gorgeous girl. Many times in life we have a hard time deciding “which one”. Sometimes we make the right decision and other times we feel we have made the wrong decision and regret our decisions. I recently read the story “The Bass, the River and Shelia Mant”. In the short story by W.D Wetherall the narrator makes a bad decision by choosing a girl he had a crush on over an unforgettable fish.

            Shelia Mant is a self centered prep and the narrator deserved better than her. Shelia Mant is a self-centered prep because when they were in the row boat on their date there was an extra paddle but she didn’t bother to notice it. Shelia made the narrator do all of the paddling in the row boat and cared about herself only. Also the narrator deserves better than Shelia Mant because she left him in the end anyways. In the end of the story Shelia danced with the narrator for a couple of dances but then she told him she was leaving with Eric Caswell. Another reason that Shelia Mants stereotype could be a prep is because she talked about herself only. In the story it says “There was an extra paddle in the bow, but Shelia made no move to pick it up.” Shelia would rather do something for herself than anyone else’s.

            Some people may think that the narrator made a good decision by choosing the girl over the fish. They may think this because at least she took the time out of her life to give the narrator a chance and go out on a date with him. Also while they were on the date she also dances with the narrator a couple of times. Although Shelia Mant did take the time to go on a date with him and took the time to dance with him on the date she didn’t do it for him. Shelia Mant went on the date for herself not for him. The whole time while they were on the date she talked about herself. Although there is reasons that the narrator made a good decision about choosing the girl over the fish there are more on why it was a bad decision.

            In the end the narrator realized just like there are other fish in the sea there would be other Shelia Mants in his life but none like the one he almost had. The narrator also realized that although there would be many girls like Shelia Mant in his life he would never get the chance to catch a fish like the one that he had almost caught with Shelia. Also Shelia left the narrator in the end anyways and the narrator realized that he deserved better than her. In the short story it says “but the memory of that loss bass haunted me all summer and haunts me still.” The narrator made a bad decision because he knew there would never be a fish like the one he saw that day.

            Now think of a time you’ve made a decision you regret making. Think of a time you’ve made a decision you don’t regret making. Shelia Mant was a prep and the narrator deserved better. The narrator also realized that in the end she left him in the end. The narrator made a bad decision by choosing the girl over the big bass.






Works Cited:

Wetherell, W. D. "The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant" Pathways: Literature for Readers and Writers. Logan, IO: Perfection Learning, 2008. 4-10. Print.


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Article posted October 19, 2011 at 05:28 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 59

A dog named BOY!!!

   Have you ever felt that feeling of satisfaction in your heart.  The feeling like you've done something special for someone and you couldn't ask for more.  That was the feeling I felt when I found Boy!  During the summer my sister and I just got a new four-wheeler and decied to take it for a ride around the block. 

    On the ride we saw a adorable black dog wagging his tail and in need of a friend.  He looked lonley and helpless; so we decied to take him home knowing dad would not approve.  We fed its hungry stomach and brought it inside.  Then when my dad got home I had no clue what to do.  I told him exactly what happened and hoped for the best response which is what I got! We were allowed to keep him! 

   Boy fit him so we called him Boy.  He's the funniest dog ever; one day he ran all the way up to the school while my dad was at work and went into the cafateria.  Although he gets himself into trouble he has a great sense of humor and is the friendliest and happiest dog in the whole wide world.  The day I found Boy was the best day ever and it all happened with the feeling of making a change in my heart.

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Science 2nd

Mr. Woolcock

13 October, 2011

                                            Mousetrap Racer final write-up

                    To succeed at the task at hand takes failures to learn from; a lot of contemplating and thinking; and working to the best of your ability. The mouse trap racer that me and my partner designed for science class was made with all of those thing. Success is what our mousetrap racer has shown and with much experimenting has proved to be a good car because of the design, best but also worst parts and the overall satisfaction with the car. Our racers performance went really well and I am happy with how it turned out.

                The final design of our project was similar and different from our original design. One thing similar was what we used to construct the car. We used four Cd's for the wheels, the wooden frame, the mousetrap, the lever arm and the fishing line. It was also the same because of the way we wanted it to run. Basically the main design of our original plan was the same as our final design. Although many things were the same there were also many changes we made from our first design such as, how we were planning on setting it off, and the Cd acting as the bumper. We were planning on setting off the Cd with putting a piece of tape around the fishing line when it was all winded up then lifting it up with a pence when we were ready; instead we just simple set the mousetrap off. Also instead of using the Cd to act as a bumper for the final project but to have it bump off the wall then react and keep going. One more change was we made was shortening the lever arm for more speed. Those are the similarities from our first plan to our final plan and some changes we made it make the car successful.

                  There were also some best and worst parts about our racer. The best part would be our finished project. With all of the changes we made our car could consistently complete the course; had good speed; good reaction time to the 90 degree turn and made it into the finish and could also complete the course with two 3in high ramps in the beginning of the course and the end of the course. We were very pleased with the way our car works. The worst parts about our car is that it is a little bit fragile and its not very eye appealing. It's fragile because sometimes our front wheels get locked because of the straws so we must always make sure they aren't locked before racing it. Also the car is bland and could use much creativity and color. I would change how fragile our car is and also would change the non eye appealing look. One more thing I would've done differently is make it more creative. Those are the best/worst parts of our car and what I would've changed.

                       If I could assign myself a grade for this project I would probably give myself somewhere around a 95%. I would give myself this grade because our car is very successful but its not perfect. Our car completed the course multiple times and also completed the course with both ramps in the course. It's also strong and wouldn't break while doing the course. Also it has a lot of speed to finish the course strong. Some weaknesses bout our car is that it’s not very creative and doesn't have any color to it yet. Although that variable is easily changeable. Also even though it has speed to get over the ramps I wish it had more so we wouldn't worry about it getting stuck and losing energy. That is why I would give myself some where around a 95% on this project.

              This project was a fun project but also a great way to help me learn about energy, friction, simple machines, structural component, and design. This project also helped me learn about the science components we first wrote about. I think our car is very successful and I can wait to see how it will do for the finals!

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 Pay attention to me!

       Pets are a great thing to have and can always keep you good company no matter what.  They can always put a smile on your face when you’re in a bad mood and are"a man’s best friend."  Dogs are one of the greatest and friendliest pets to have.  Dogs would definitely make the best domestic animal because they are very friendly, always protective, and super cute! 

    You're at home cooking a nice Christmas dinner for your whole family with the quiet of the snow and the fire burning makes the house a comfortable setting in the country.  You’re at home bustling around getting last minute groceries and lose the most important ingredient trying to cross the busy walk way in the city!  This is a perfect example of why raising a family in rural setting is a better choice than in the city.  The rural area is a better place to raise a family in because there is less chance of getting into trouble, it’s a great area to grow up in, and its more open and quiet than other places.


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   A life lesson I learned from the short novel "The Djinn Who Lives Between Night and Day" by Bruce Holland Rogers is that some people may have a bad reputation but can still do good for people. 

   This theme applies to this short story because Tayab had a bad reputation for getting people into trouble and tricking them into situations they didn't want to be in.  For example Tayab lied to the woman telling her he would return her children to life.  Also Al-faq tricked the husband telling him his wife and children were dead but he would return them back to life.  Although he lied to the husband he then sent a villager to the sea to care for him. 

   This theme applies to my life because sometimes people with bad reputations and that do bad things can also make good happen.  The lies they tell will lead to the better in the future.  That is how this theme applies to my life.


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September Free write:

   Maria, Krysten, Liz, Alayna, Em, Lainey, Abby, Kellie, and Cassy.  These are the ones who have gone through the same pain I have gone through.  The ones who have encouraged me and told me to work harder when you feel like quitting. The ones who have always been there for me; from the start to the end. The ones who have fought the battles with me and been there to catch me when I fail at my own battles.  These girls are my sister’s god had forgotten to give me; inspirations; shoulders to lean on; these girls are my team. 

    Without my team there wouldn't be the never ending laughs, the never ending runs, the tears we have shed together, the inside jokes, the races we have struggled through together, and the races we have succeed in together.  Without my team there wouldn't anything.  My team has a bond that no one could ever break.  We know each other better than we know ourselves.  The insane and crazy times we have spent together are unforgettable.  They are the best times and memories of my life. 

    Each and every one of these girls (my team mates) have taught me such valuable life lessons.  For example Maria has taught me that winning isn't everything but being a team and winning and losing together is.  Another example is Abby and Emily.  They have taught me that I only have one life and to live that life to the fullest; to be the best I can be.  These girls are one of the rarest treasures on Earth.  This is my team and I feel so honored to be a part of this amazing team.  Maria, Krysten, Liz, Alayna, Em, Lainey, Abby, Kellie, and Cassy.  This is my team.



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   A Visual Representation of Me:

   Hey everyone my name is Jenny and last summer I  went to Keuka lake with my family and learned how to one water ski!  I decorated my binder for English class and this is what it consist of. 

    The first thing I have on my binder is my quote.  My quote is "Love is bigger than any tidal wave or fear."~Bethany Hamilton.  I found this quote from watching the movie Soul Surfer this summer. I choose this quote because I think its very persevering and affects my life in a lot of ways.  I also liked this quote because when life gets hard I can always  turn to this quote.

   The picture that I choose to represent me and my personality is the sun.  I choose this to represent my personality because I look at my self as being a bright person.  Even on my gloomiest days I want to always try to be happy and put a smile on my face.  I choose the sun as being a bright person because I think I am a colorful and bright person. 

   For the picture that I choose for a positive reading experience is the stories Precious Moments.  I have had a positive reading experience with Precious Moments because when I was little my mom would read me bed time stories from the book and they tought me many lessons in life.  Even today those life lessons come into play in my life.  That is why I choose Precious Moments for my positive reading experience.

   The picture that I choose for something I like is the dancer on my binder. I choose the dancer because dance has a big impact on my life. I have danced since I was a little girl and I love dancing to this day just as much!  Also the moves help me express my feeling in my own way and dance is a life style for me.  That is why I choose the dancer for the picture of something I like.

    The picture that I choose just because is a picture of my family and I at Ocean City Maryland.  I choose this picture because everyone in my family is the biggest inspiration in my life.  I love my family with all of my heart.  Another reason I decided to put this picture on my binder is because I love the relaxing beach.  That is why I choose a picture of my family and I at the beach!

   I hope you all enjoyed reading about my amazing binder and I love running with my cross country team!





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