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We Need Music!

Without music there wouldn’t be life. It would be like an apple tree in the summer with no apples on it. It would be like the world without sunshine. Without music in our life there wouldn’t be “life”. In my life I listen to many different kinds and styles of music.

Right now at this point in my life one of my favorite songs is called “A Little Too Much” by Natasha Betingfeild. I would recommend this song to anyone! It’s a really great song and Natasha Betingfeild has a really great voice. Also the lyrics in the song are very strong and meaningful which is what I look for in a song.

Another song that I really enjoy listening to is called “All About Us” by He is We ft. Owl City. I really like this song because once again the lyrics are very touching.  It’s a cute song about two people who are dancing and feel like it’s their time to shine and everybody in the room is watching them and “every heart in the room will melt.”. I like this song because it is really adorable.


One more song that I suggest everybody to listen to is the song called “It’s Your Life” by Francesca Battistelli. I like this song because it is very up lifting and inspiring. “To live the way you believe, this is your opportunity, to let your life be one that lights the way.” These lyrics show encouraging reasons of why your life is important and the choices you make will affect you for the rest of your life. 


In conclusion these are some songs that I do suggest and recommend anyone and everyone to listen to. Life without music is like a school without students; there wouldn’t be anything. 


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