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by Jennifer V teacher: Melanie Transue
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         Your walking down the school hallway; its the middle of the day; kids are rushing to get to lunch and then you notice a girl you don't see hanging out with people very often; a kid runs by and knocks her books out of her hands and everyone starts laughing at her. What would you do? Would you go out of your way to help her or would you let it be and go on your way.


             Its not very often that I see this at Elk Lake but the few times I have I noticed the majority of people go along with the crowd even sometimes I have caught my self being a victim in this scenario. Its hard sometimes when you have the choice to stick up for someone and risk getting picked on yourself or laughing with everyone else. No one may even know the story behind this girl I wrote about in the the beginning. She may have woke up not been able to eat because there was no food in her house. She may be walking around with all her skin covering just so no one knows what goes on at home life. But who would know that. No one. Everyone has a story behind them. If its being the happiest person ever or someone who may want to take their own life from themselves. Everyone has their faults and everyone should keep that in mind when they see someone upset and having a bad day. It could be the difference from seeing them the next day at school or not seeing them there.


             So next time you realize someone that doesn't have as many friends as you or just simply looks upset don't be afraid to say “hey” and invite them to sit with you at lunch. Its so crazy how this simple action could change a whole persons life. Always keep in mind the story of other people and put them in your shoes, think about how you would feel. Keep kindness and love always in your heart and if needed on the tip of your tounge.

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