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by Jennifer V teacher: Melanie Transue
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Science 2nd

Mr. Woolcock

13 October, 2011

                                            Mousetrap Racer final write-up

                    To succeed at the task at hand takes failures to learn from; a lot of contemplating and thinking; and working to the best of your ability. The mouse trap racer that me and my partner designed for science class was made with all of those thing. Success is what our mousetrap racer has shown and with much experimenting has proved to be a good car because of the design, best but also worst parts and the overall satisfaction with the car. Our racers performance went really well and I am happy with how it turned out.

                The final design of our project was similar and different from our original design. One thing similar was what we used to construct the car. We used four Cd's for the wheels, the wooden frame, the mousetrap, the lever arm and the fishing line. It was also the same because of the way we wanted it to run. Basically the main design of our original plan was the same as our final design. Although many things were the same there were also many changes we made from our first design such as, how we were planning on setting it off, and the Cd acting as the bumper. We were planning on setting off the Cd with putting a piece of tape around the fishing line when it was all winded up then lifting it up with a pence when we were ready; instead we just simple set the mousetrap off. Also instead of using the Cd to act as a bumper for the final project but to have it bump off the wall then react and keep going. One more change was we made was shortening the lever arm for more speed. Those are the similarities from our first plan to our final plan and some changes we made it make the car successful.

                  There were also some best and worst parts about our racer. The best part would be our finished project. With all of the changes we made our car could consistently complete the course; had good speed; good reaction time to the 90 degree turn and made it into the finish and could also complete the course with two 3in high ramps in the beginning of the course and the end of the course. We were very pleased with the way our car works. The worst parts about our car is that it is a little bit fragile and its not very eye appealing. It's fragile because sometimes our front wheels get locked because of the straws so we must always make sure they aren't locked before racing it. Also the car is bland and could use much creativity and color. I would change how fragile our car is and also would change the non eye appealing look. One more thing I would've done differently is make it more creative. Those are the best/worst parts of our car and what I would've changed.

                       If I could assign myself a grade for this project I would probably give myself somewhere around a 95%. I would give myself this grade because our car is very successful but its not perfect. Our car completed the course multiple times and also completed the course with both ramps in the course. It's also strong and wouldn't break while doing the course. Also it has a lot of speed to finish the course strong. Some weaknesses bout our car is that it’s not very creative and doesn't have any color to it yet. Although that variable is easily changeable. Also even though it has speed to get over the ramps I wish it had more so we wouldn't worry about it getting stuck and losing energy. That is why I would give myself some where around a 95% on this project.

              This project was a fun project but also a great way to help me learn about energy, friction, simple machines, structural component, and design. This project also helped me learn about the science components we first wrote about. I think our car is very successful and I can wait to see how it will do for the finals!

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