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by Natalie N teacher: Melanie Transue
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Article posted May 23, 2012 at 04:25 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 463

Dear Freshy,

                I’d refer to you as your real name if I was there, but hey I’m not. This year you’ll be given and told to do things you’ve yet to learn. Some of it is difficult and some of it is just plain funny. You’ll do AIDS packets and watch someone get flour blown up in their face. Some of you will learn something from Civics, some. Trust me half the kids in there are asleep or just plain not paying attention. It’s a simple class, really it is. You’re going to have the fun of this here blog site. I mean this is just fantastic. Plus, you’ll get to read some barely comprehendible story about these two kids falling in love. Spoiler alert – they both die.  Also, whoever you are lucky to have for math, pay some attention. That math stuff it’s really just not my thing. Pay attention and you won’t be taking Algebra twice.

                Now we move on to discussing the actual teachers. Mr. Hein is just silly and awesome. If you actually show some sort of effort in his class, he’ll like you. If you don’t, well you’ll fail. Mr. Woolcock is the classic scientist. He likes to have experiments and make sweet stuff. The notes are helpful. Take them. Miss Transue is quite the character. You will have the joy of English and writing. Get to her class on time and make use of the point “English has more than one answer”. Also, Mrs. Farr is our lovely health teacher. She is a really awesome lady if you actually do something in her class. Mainly the best advice for all the teachers is to do their work. You will pass then. If you don’t, you’ll enjoy them in the year coming.

Love and Happiness,

Natalie Nicole

Article posted May 23, 2012 at 04:25 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 463

Article posted May 22, 2012 at 01:47 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 84

May Free Write


Ever look to the night sky and see those glowing stars? The ones that are always there? Do you ever see yourself in them?


Stars are just Blemishes on the sky,

Little glowing mistakes in our eyes,

Like the little imperfections of ourselves,

Why do we dwell? Why do we curse ourselves to hell?

We need to see the love within, how we hold such beauty,

I’ve had to see this, hold it to my mind,

Tell me myself, it isn’t a lie,

I mean that’s beyond my skies.

You see, we are just the sweet night sky,

And we focus on our glowing mistakes,

But just like those sweet stars, they will be gone one day.

So let them go, they’ll die out.

Never let something so small get you down.

You are not all those astronomers say you are,

You are so much more, So much better.

They are too far away, too far gone from your word they don’t know.

They don’t see those blemishes no longer grow.

So let them go, and tell those astronomers they’re wrong.

They’re so wrong.

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Article posted May 8, 2012 at 04:45 PM GMT0 • comment (4) • Reads 146

Sing out 

“Hurtful words, from my enemies of the last five years, what’s it like to die alone?” Escape the Fate wrote a song called “Not Good Enough for the Truth in Cliché”. This song intertwines an almost modern version of Romeo & Juliet. They loosely take details from the traditional Shakespeare play and they do accurately use Juliet’s name in the song.

The song actually is written as if Romeo had written it. He is speaking about his dear Juliet. They are mainly portrayed as a daring couple. “Sitting in this room playing Russian roulette, Finger on the trigger to my dear Juliet…” This like shows how they are risky kids. Romeo and Juliet were a risk taking pair who would (and did) die for each other.

When using Romeo and Juliet as a base for this song, they do that pretty well. The whole song mainly speaks of how he is without his Juliet. “This blood on my hands is something I cannot forget, something I cannot forget.” ‘Romeo’ finds it his fault she died, because he had to leave. It strays with some details making it a bit inaccurate, but for the most part this song is about Romeo & Juliet.

Many songs have used Romeo and Juliet and odd ways, but this song uses them quite accurately.  This song is a divine tale of a pair of risk-taking kids in love. “Not Good Enough for the Truth in Cliché” is a lovely modern day collaboration of Shakespeare and Escape the Fate.

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Article posted April 12, 2012 at 06:42 PM GMT0 • comment (4) • Reads 225

April Freewrite


Have you ever felt like you have to live up to certain peoples standereds? That you're not good enough? That society is trying to make you who you're not? 


I can be perfect just like society wants,

Lose half my weight, and stick out my chest,

But not too far that would be ‘whore’ like. 

I’ll hold up my chin, and say whatever people want to hear.

Oh, I’ll seem unfazed by the harsh words, and rude games.

I’ll tell everyone I’m perfect. I mean, if I was ‘perfect’,

My hair would be long and soft and blonde, right?

I’d have curves here, not there, thin it there, and give that some curve,

Between starving and smiling I don’t know what else to do,

I mean my clothes will follow all the latest trends,

And my music? Only everything everyone listens too,

I’ll sing every word to a song that degrades everyone, and then go say everyone’s perfect too, but I won’t mean it.

It’ll look like I do because I’ll be that good little girl to the mature world,

And a party hard (but not too hard) to all my friends.

My parents will be proud, and I won’t be rich but we’ll have money.

I’ll have the cool parents and be the perfect daughter.

I’ll have the cutest guy, and we’ll be so in love, because he’ll be so sweet and so great.

And my parents and friends and everyone else will love him like they love me. 

I’ll get A’s and be valedictorian; I’ll be everyone’s best friend and the head cheerleader or something.

I’ll be perfect, beyond all societies’ expectations.

If societies perfect was possible then most would strive for it.

More than the ones that already do.

But it’s not perfect; let me share something between me and you.

These 167 pounds of short, plump catastrophe always dreamt of perfection.

Of being the girl I can never be, the one the boys would drool over and the girls would envy.

The one with that perfect body, with a bright smile, and great hair.

My skin you say? If I were perfect these blemishes would never come about, 

But imperfection is all I’m about.

With my small legs and belly that refuses to leave,

I’m imperfection, and I don’t have it that easy.

Battling Depression, Anxiety, and the horror of not being good enough,

You know what it feels like to not be good enough?

To pluck and tuck, and scrub and wax, and shave and suck,

To be everything I’m not, everything I never dreamed to be.

This is what society does; I know this because society ruined me.

My paranoia is off the charts.

Whisper I dare you, and I convince myself you were discussing me.

My bad posture, my short legs, my belly, my skin, my imperfections.

Because everyone talks about everyone else’s.

To hide the point they hate their own.

I want to walk up to my enemy and tell her how much I wish I had her legs.

Because we hate what we can’t have.

For we can’t be the most perfect to get the guy.

To get the job, to get the friends, to get the attention…

To reach complete and total perfection.

It’s sick, day dreaming about being someone else,

Knowing you can’t change you, you’re stuck in this body.

And society feeds this pain.

This never ending game and never ending shame.

The never ending, I hate myself,

And these walls lined with mirrors make me realize it more.

This makes me want to never walk through that door.

Don’t call me pretty, or cute, or lovely, or anything.

Only call me by what I know me to be.

Imperfect and ugly.

Because your words won’t even be worth it.

I won’t believe it, because society told me not too.

Be this girl! The one in the swimsuit on the magazine!

The one who is so perfect.

She screams: BE LIKE ME, BE LIKE ME.

You see? I grew up hating this body.

Till I was 13 I wouldn’t show my legs, I thought they were too big, too ugly to be seen.

I’d cover my body, jeans and baggy sweatshirt, just so no one would have to see me,

Because I couldn’t even look at me.

So, thank you society, for making a monster of me.

But I’m not the normal monster; I don’t go after anyone but myself,

Because that’s all society taught me.

I am no princess, so I was young when I convinced myself I’d never get my prince,

And as I grew it sunk in.

Imperfect is what society made me.

Depression and hatred is what it gave me.


This monster in the mirror is all that’s left of me.

Please, don’t end up like me.

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Article posted March 15, 2012 at 05:06 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 117

Ever feel the person you love is changing you? Making you someone you're not? Making you someone you never wanted to be?


Not That Girl

- By Me, Natalie Newhart


I don’t want to be that girl

I’m the one you know will love you regardless

Not the one you don’t tell the whole truth too,

Not the one you tell you miss but you don’t

I’m the one with no one else but you,

I’m the one, who misses you after a few hours,

I’m the one who would give anything to kiss you.

I’m watching you turn me into that girl,

The one who knows you’re too busy for her but keeps trying.

The one who waits for your texts,

The one who wishes for a call,

The one you asks you where you are, and who you’re with,

Because I know your ex has been floating around.

You see? I’m not that girl,

I’m the one who doesn’t care you don’t text right back,

The one who isn’t waiting for a call

The one who knows you’re logically busy

The one who likes that you’re with your friends

The one who doesn’t hold you back

Not the one keeping you planted here

I’m missing how we used to be

You and I, you and me,

I wish you still seemed excited when I said

“I love you”

But you don’t, only sometime,

I feel you don’t want me anymore

And I’m scared it’s true,

Because it’s like there’s nothing left of me

Without you

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Article posted March 7, 2012 at 04:45 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 96

Music and life seem to blend quite well sometimes, like in the way people are like instruments. All my beautiful sisters remind me of the lovely string instruments that make such sweet sound.

Leah – Ukulele, very happy and different. They are cheery sounding and different. Leah isn’t like everyone you know and she’s always smiling. She is very happy and very lovely just like a ukulele

Lauren –Electric Guitar, Very loud and very chaotic but, sort of soothing sometimes. They make music that makes you move. Lauren likes to party and can be crazy, but also can be calm and soothing.

Abby – Violin, Unique sound. It can be calming and sweet, but also dramatic and fierce. Abby is lovely and sweet, but she can easily become vivid. 

Jessa – Acoustic Guitar, Quite mellow, but also unique in its sound. It also can be cheery and just nice to be around, like my sister. Jessa is unique, and amazing to be around. Her mellow happy vibe will have anyone listening and happy to be there.

 You see, everyone is an instrument in some way. Leah is a ukulele, Lauren is an electric guitar, Abby is a violin, and Jessa is an acoustic Guitar. All sisters and interments just as beautiful as the other.

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Article posted February 9, 2012 at 06:16 PM GMT0 • comment (3) • Reads 72

                 A humanist would criticize the song “Ain’t no rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant because the it points out all peoples bad qualities and has no good morals.

                In all the verses it takes situations of bad people. How they do things that are ‘wicked’. He encounters a sex workers and thieves. This song doesn’t show punishment for the bad, but says it’s just how people are. “I saw a preacher man in cuffs, He'd taken money from the church, He'd stuff his bank account with righteous Dollar bills” this line is the only proof of punishment for the bad.

                Also, it shows no good morals. It mainly brings up all the bad ones. Thievery and prostitution are both part of what would be considered some of the worst things to do. The song mainly states people will do wrong and nothing can be done about it. In the song, after telling of all the bad morale people it states “Because I know we're all the same, Oh yes we all seek out to satisfy those thrills” Saying no one has good morals.

                Thus why a humanist would dislike the song “Ain’t no rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant.

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Article posted February 1, 2012 at 04:36 PM GMT0 • comment (5) • Reads 135

Free Speak

What I Am Saying:

Its howls summon me,

Always following me,

Its long bony finger seems to beckon me in,

Like a child's tale of something evil,

I can't resist it, curiously I follow it,

Wanting to know what it holds.

It then swallows, spinning me in terror,

Thrusting me down the cave of its throat,

In a blur of darkness and light,

Like if Alice in Wonderland,

But now it’s a horror story,

Its stomach drowning me,

Choking me with silence, for a moment my heart stops,

Then I open my eyes to a dark space with huddled children,

They seem to have been called by it too,

Swallowed and dying in the bowels of this monster,

This unseen unheard, unforgotten beast,

Only the brave and strong escape,

Others become smothered in it,

Some seemed consumed by the walls,

Some actually try to fight it,

But some have already slipped away.

This monster swallows our souls, our minds.

Our only hopes and our lives,

And if we do escape we are never the same.

It leaves scars, and it makes us insane.

It's something we shun, though sometimes,

It's something we crave.

They call this monster Loneliness,

It grows every day.

Consuming people whole,

Please, try, to run away.

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Article posted January 20, 2012 at 05:21 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 108

February Free Write


Once there was a story. This story was so extraordinary it was spread out across the world, and not one person disliked this story. Children would beg for it before bed, and adults sat around with their drinks and slurred it in hushed voices. Anyone could tell you this story. It came in many shapes, sizes, and colors both happy and sad but mainly with joyful endings. It would ring through the rafters of any bar or restaurant. The world was so beautiful with this story in it.

                Then sadly one day the story went missing. The people couldn’t understand why it would leave them. They searched high and low, through all forests and under every rock. They went in the highest trees to the deepest of oceans, but they never found the story. It had left them alone and they went quiet. Not knowing what else to say without the story the world grew dark, and silent as a sleeping child. The world went from joyous and colorful to bleak and grey. No one laughed and children would stay awake wanting something to slip them into sleep.

                Months went by and no one was really happy. They had given up the search to find they’re dear story. A boy so small and so innocent hadn’t given up yet. He thought to himself ‘If I were a story, where would I hide?’ and then he looked into the place no one else bothered to look. He looked deep within his heart. When he realized what he found, he let it soar from his tongue. The story erupted threw the world after everyone realized what the boy had found. It had been sleeping deep in everyone’s hearts dreaming of the day it returned. Now, everything started to grow light and color again.

                Then the world went back to being alive and beautiful. The story went singing everywhere from everyone. Everyone held it close to them and they promised never to let it go. They refused to ever lose it again. The story never had a name and the darling boy who had found the story named it.

                The story’s called Love maybe you heard it before.

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Miss Transue

9CP English E-5

12 January 2012

Like Father, Like Son 

When you think of a father and son you think of two guys strongly connected. The saying “Like father like son” comes to mind. They would talk of life, they would do things together, and they will show emotion towards each other. This was not the case with Will and his father's relationship in the beginning of the novel, ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ by Ray Bradbury, but towards the end of the book it started to adjust. Will and his father's connection grew throughout the book because they began to talk about life, they would interact, and they would show emotion towards each other.


Will and his father didn't talk very much towards the beginning of the book. His father was at the library most of the time, so Will didn't spend a lot of time with him. They only talked at the library and Jim was almost always present. When the carnival arrived and Will and Jim became a target Will was finally able to talk to his father. His father and him began having long talks. One starting with "'Dad, Am I a good person?' "I Think so, I know so, yes'" (Bradbury 134) they did not stop at discussing just books anymore they actually discussed life. That broke boundaries for them. They did not have to hold back from actually talking now they were comfortable. Though some would say the two talked quite a bit. On Will and Jim's weekly adventures to the library they would converse with Will's father. They would discuss which books to get or what kind of books they would read. The father knew what books his son read, so it is possible to say that he knows his son well, but that is incorrect. Will's father is mainly being a good librarian not a good father. That is mainly the only conversation the two would have.


Before the carnival had arrived, Will and his father rarely saw each other. His father was constantly working at the library, and Will was always running about with Jim or in school. After the Carnival arrived and the two started talking and they began to do certain things together. "... and sat up in the sill, same size, same weight... and sat one instant longer, eyes bright with each other and wet with love." (Bradbury 139) They had climbed a ladder together and sat resting much the same, like father like son. It is possible to say that they did interact before. When in the library or just randomly, but that wasn’t true. They did not interact like a father should with his son. Also, after that night on the ladder their connection improved. They had actually done something together, and enjoyed it highly. They were not afraid to interact anymore.


With little talking and interaction it is simple to conclude the two really do not show emotion towards each other. Their slightly awkward relationship could not handle it. However, when Will and his father started talking and interacting that changed. The carnival had caused them to grow closer. In a dire attempt to stop his father Will yelled '"Oh, Dad, Dad, I don't care how old you are, ever! I don't care what, I don't care anything! Oh Dad!" he cried, weeping "I love you!"' (Bradbury 256) This proved that their relationship had evolved and they could actually connect on a different level. Some may think it can be normal for two men not be emotional towards each other. They might not be that emotional, but they are father and son. It should be able to said simply and with out complaint with family. Luckily they had grown to be able to say it. Before they would have cringed away from the words. They were no longer two unfamiliar people, but a father and son. 


Will and his father’s relationship blossomed remarkable throughout the book. They went from being awkward and foreign to loving and together. They would discuss life, they actually would do things, and they were willing to show each other they cared. It is pretty remarkable how much they had changed. Think of someone you wish you were closer with and get close to them. It could change you for the best.

Works Cited

Bradbury, Ray. Something Wicked This Way Comes. New York, NY: William Morrow, 1962.



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