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by Klay M teacher: Melanie Transue
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Miss Transue

9 CP English E-5

6 January 2012


            Pretend you were walking in a carnival. What do you see you see a mirror maze and carousel. Would you want to go in or ride them? If that mirror maze and carousel was the same one from this book I bet you would think twice about going near them. The mirror maze and carousel are connected by age, magic, and appearance.

            The mirror maze and the carousel are both connected because they both deal with age. If you go into the mirror maze or ride the carousel they could make you older or younger.

            Both the mirror maze and carousel belong to the carnival. Each of them are magic because they can change people’s age.

            However if you ride the carousel or walk into the mirror maze you can change. What I mean by change is your appearance will be different from when you first went on or walk in.

The mirror maze and carousel are connected. They are connected by age. They are connected by magic. They are also connected by appearance. I would never go in or ride the carousel if I was you.

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