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March Freewrite

Music! Music! Music! I love music, all kinds of music not just one kind of music.
I use to listen to just rap and music that was loud but I spanded my varity of music.I like Country, Rap, Screamo,some Heavy Metal. I like the music I listen to have some kind of point of writing it.
Like with my favorite song "Aylssa Lies" By Jason Michael Carroll is about a little girl making a new friend at school and the friend just happened to have a secret. The friend named Aylssa was abused at home, she tried covering all the bruises everyday in school. It's about her lying to people telling them lies of what happened. The little girl goes home and tells her dad about it and the dad decides to go to school the next day and do something about it but when they arrived at school the next day they heard that Aylssa died because no one would help her or try to figure out what was wrong.("Daddy, oh daddy tell me why alyssa lies")
I don't like songs that have no meaning behind them at all, they have to have some kind of meaning behind them not just be about random stuff.
I personally think having a meaning to the song makes the song so much better and emotional to the people listening to it.
In conclusion, I love music with meanings behind them. As long as the song has a meaning to it I will like the song no matter what type of music it is.

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