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by Mackenzie J teacher: Melanie Transue
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Over the summer I did a lot of things like running and swimming but one of my favorite things to do was showing my cows at 4-H Round up. In early August my two brothers, my sister and I went to Harford to show our cows for the Round up show. I took my red and white Holstein fall calf and my Black and white Holstein summer yearling. My first show that day was with my fall calf, I was really excited and a little nervous to get into the show ring.

In the ring she led like a dream and I was feeling good about her.  When the judge lined up our calves I was in first place I was so happy because that meant she could come back later into the show for the Jr. Champion or reserve Jr. Champion title. My next show was with my summer yearling calf. Her show was right after my read and whites so I had to hurry to get ready on time. In that class I got fourth witch was still pretty good. For the next show I would leave her at home. The last show for me that day was going back in for Jr. Champion. In the ring lining up the judge already chose the Jr. Champion I was still hoping for Reserve Jr. Champion!  The judge signaled my calf into the Reserve Jr. Champion spot. That was the first Reserve Jr. Champion I ever got at a cow show! It was a lot of fun and i couldn’t wait for the next show!

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