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by Allyssa H teacher: Melanie Transue
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You are having a bad day. You trudge to your room and plop on your bed. “Nothing can make this day any better” you think to yourself. Little did you know that a CD waits to sing to you exactly what you feel, comfort you.  Now your troubles are gone.

Since there are so many genres of music, it’s easy to find a song that explains exactly how you feel. When you finally do find that song, you feel like you’re not alone, it feels as though all of your troubles are gone. One of the best things about music is that it comes in so many forms. Not only will the perfect song sing about your exact situation, but it will also express those words with background music that portrays how you feel as well.

Music helps to release emotions that tend to be bottled up. When things feel stressful or upsetting, one of the best solutions is blasting your favorite song and dancing around like nobody is watching. Sing your heart out. Music is always the answer.

Another way that music helps to release those emotions can come from the form of writing songs. Singing or playing exactly how you feel for yourself is also very stress-relieving. As a singer/ song-writer myself, I know how helpful writing songs can be for stress.

Next time you are trudging around trying to forget about the terrible day you had, I highly suggest music as an easy fix. Music really is the ultimate answer.


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