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Article posted May 26, 2012 at 10:18 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 917


They ask you to be yourself; but then they judge you.

Point blank. That is exactly what society has become. Do you want to know why our generation is depressed? Because we've been told by society that we're not good enough. We've been told how to dress, act & what is considered attractive & if we don't do what society thinks is considered "cool" then we get judged to the point where we start to feel not good enough, and that what cause most of the depression in teenagers.

“It’s hard to find yourself in a world so centered around perfection, when in reality imperfection is what defines us. In our time if you're not drops dead gorgeous then you don’t matter as much.”

It is estimated that there are eight million people suffer from an eating disorder, that’s two in every hundred. Society has made us think that if we aren’t a size zero that we won’t matter. 95% of all eating disorder are teenagers between the ages of 12-25. At least 80% of all 13 years olds have tried to lose weight. (SCDMH). We’ve been telling people that in order to be beautiful you have to be skinny, and that’s wrong. Everybody is beautiful, no matter how much you weigh or how you look. Beauty is what matters inside, but not everybody knows that. Ever since we were born we’ve been judge by everybody.

What have we become? We are society; we're the monster that has told people for years what to do in order to "fit in". We have cause the percentage of eating disorders to go up. We’re making the world we live in a terrible place to live. Why is it so bad to be different? Why can’t we just be our self? In order for society to change, we must change.

"Eating Disorder Statistics." 2003 Retraining Grant Program. Web. 30 May 2012. <[LINK]>.

Article posted May 26, 2012 at 10:18 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 917

Article posted May 17, 2012 at 08:44 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 259

Shon K.

March Free write

Dogs are mans best friend but some are better and more loyal. I decided to write my March free write about Pit bulls and how people always think badly about them. When really Pit bulls are not bad dogs it’s really all about the breeder the owner and how you raise them.

The breeder has a lot to do with how a Pit becomes. If you breed a Pit bull to be bad then you’re not doing good for yourself your just making the dog look bad when really you’re the one to blame. Pit bulls always get a bad rap when there one of the sweetest dog’s.

When you own a Pit bull or any dog for a matter of fact you should not raise them to be bad to fight. You should raise a dog to be a good companion like a buddy or a friend. Not someone who will fight or even end up dead. Not only will you end up in jail for dog fighting but its cruelty to animals and it’s wrong. And if you really wanted to own a dog you would never treat and animal like that.

If you raise a Pit bull puppy from the time it’s young till the time it’s older and you don’t fight them or play ruff you can have a great Pit bull on your hands. If you raise then to be a killer and fight and be tuff then you might have to worry. Pit bulls get a bad rep when you treat them bad like any dog its not just how you raise a Pit it’s mainly just based on how you raise any dog and how you treat any dog. A Pitt bull is no different than a lab or a German shepherd.

So in conclusion know that Pit bulls are not as bad as everyone thinks they are. Pit bulls are sweet and very kind. Raise them to be good and kind and you will have the most amazing dog ever.

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Article posted May 10, 2012 at 05:34 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 500

March Free Write

Richard P


How to Start a Dead Car Battery


Has your car battery ever died?  Have you ever been unable to start your car?  Have you ever been able to start a dead car battery?  Knowing how to start a dead car battery is good to know.  Here are the steps to start a dead car battery:


1.      Open the hood of your car.

2.      Grab jumper cables (smart to keep a pair in the trunk).

3.      Call somebody with a good battery.

4.      Open the hood of the car with the charged battery.

5.      Hook red cable to the weak battery positive post.

6.      Hook up the red cable to the running battery positive post.

7.      Hook black cable to the weak battery negative post.

8.      Hook black cable to the running battery negative post or engine block.

9.      Try starting the dead car battery.

10.  If it starts remove cables in reverse order.


Keep the car running to recharge the alternator and battery.  Batteries always tend to die at times when you really need your car.  It doesn’t take long to fix the problem if you are prepared.  Now, you know how to start a dead car battery.  Don’t forget to keep a pair of jumper cables in your trunk.

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Article posted May 9, 2012 at 04:43 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 326


Dear Freshmen

Hello new freshmen be prepared for the beginning of your high school career. Your experiences will be good if you apply what you will learn and know.  This experience will be new and possibly scary if you don’t look at it positively. I am writing to you to give you advice on how to do your best in this new experience of being a Freshman.

Being a Freshman can be a hard challenge if you don’t apply yourself you have to use all the skills you know and all the ones you will learn from the wonderful ninth grade teachers. The biggest skills you will have to use to be able to be successful are and open mind. You will learn many things so you will have to except them even if you are not use to them. For example DGP with Miss. Transue you will have different marks and new concepts when diagramming sentences. You will have to have good note taking skills as well especially for Mr. Woolcock the chemistry concepts can be hard. Mr. Woolcock lets you take these notes and use them during test so it will be in your best interest to take advantage of them.

Also being a Freshman is new fun and exciting. you will have opportunities you never had before like the peprallys. They are a lot of fun they allow you to get away for 1 or 2 class periods. They also have games like move the mountain where they pit grades versus each other. You also have a new and improved field day with bouncy house boxing and so much more.

Finally make sure to have fun and look at it with a positive attitude. Most of all make your Freshman year the best because Miss transue thinks Freshman are the best. Lastly remember it may seem hard but you will get through it easily if you work hard, apply yourself, and take notes.

Good luck

    Travis Tucker


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Article posted May 9, 2012 at 01:26 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 241

March free Write

What month is your favorite month? Do you have a favorite month? Is March your favorite month to? March is one of my favorite months and least favorite months. I like March because it is my birthday month but I don’t like it because there normally isn’t much snow in March and it’s too cold and wet to do too much riding.

I like March because it is my birthday month and we always have a big party with my family. Also I like March because the ice normally melts on our pond and I can start to fish and kayak. March is a very bipolar month because one year you could get a foot of snow and the next there might not get any snow and a foot of rain. Also March is about the last month that we normally get snow so it starts to get warmer every day and it starts to get sunny. That’s why I like March now here’s why I don’t like March.

If it wasn’t for my birthday being in March then I would hate the month because I like to snowboard and March can either make the snowboarding season a month longer or a month shorter. When we get a warm march like this year then the snow melts and the mountains can't make any snow because it's too hot. Also March is almost always to warm and it melts the ice on the ponds and then you can't go ice fishing. In March there really isn't much to do but go to school eat and sleep so March is most definitely one of the worst months. Also you can't ride atvs to much because it to cold most of the time and because it so wet and it gets a little old getting muddy every time you go out for a ride.

In conclusion those are the reasons why I don't really like March. The only reason I like it at all is because it is my birthday month.

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Article posted May 8, 2012 at 01:31 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 86

March free write

You Were There

By: Emily Robinson

When tears fell from my eyes

You were there to brush them away

When i was lost in confusion 

You were there to say that everything would be okay

When I stood before you fallng apart 

You were there to lend your heart

When I fellt like  no one could understand 

You were there to take my hand

When no one else was left to care 

You were there

I chose to write about the poem because it explains exactly how my bestfriend is. You know that one bestfriend who never fails to make you smile. That one person you can spend all day with and never get bored. My bestfriend's name is Mark. He knows everything about me and I tell him everything. I trust him more then anyone. hes always there for me no matter what and i treat him the same way. My bestfriend means the world to me.  I met my bestfriend hunting. He lives about fourty-five minutes away and his parents and mine are very good friends. The one day my dad asked  me to go hunting and i agreed. Mark and his dad came up to, and we started talking and got to know each other. Ever since that day we have been bestfriends. Now every time his family comes up i get to see him. we video chat all the time to cetch up and talk. We laugh together, cry together and no matter what we are there for each other. It's always fun to learn new things about him and where he lives because he lives in the city and I live in the country. Together we are unstopable. Everyone deserves to have a best friend like my best friend. My best friend means the world to me!


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Article posted May 4, 2012 at 02:05 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 123

Bikes and workers?

When you see a bike do you think about what kind of worker your bike is? Did you pay a lot of money for your bike? Do you think it translate into being a hard worker? This blog I am only comparing four bike company’s and how they work in my head.

Eastern bikes are to me hard working bikes. They are great for getting work done. They also are very reliable. They are like a big corporation because they keep makeing better and better things.

Hoffman bikes are like a part time worker. They work great for a little bit but then they just want to stop. They did some good bikes but the they just stoped. Some workers in real life are just the same way.

2 Hip bike is like the boss of bosses. It cost a lot barely gets out and it rides in style.

DK bikes are like all your workers that want to move up in the chain of their company. They do all they can and try to do more. Most people will try their best and they will keep trying till they succeed. They just keep trying to dominate the other companies.

In my eyes these bikes are like the workers in life and I picked theses bike company’s because they are the easiest ones to compare I think. Thats how they keep the company going and how real life is like bikes.

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March Freewrite

If you had to choose two players from the NBA to be on your team who would you choose? Over the past couple years the National Basketball Association has received some very talented basketball players. There are several people that have gone into the NBA, such as Derrick Rose he has been in the pro leagues for three years. For his college he attended Memphis. During his college career he won freshmen of the year. He was selected for one of the Conference USA Freshman of the Year and earned All-Freshman Team honors. Rose was a member of the USA Basketball Junior National Select Team that defeated the World Select Team at the 2007 Nike Hoop Summit held in Memphis, Tennessee.

Another talented NBA star would be Steve Nash. Nash went to college Santa Clara College. Before he finished college he became the Bronco’s all-time leader in career assist. Steve has been in the NBA for 15 years. He was twice named the West Coast Conference Player of the Year. Also Nash became the oldest player in NBA history to record a 20-assist game (37 years, 43 days), beating Lenny Wilkens by a year and 13 days. Also in 2007 he was Named USA Today’s Most Caring Athlete. To this day Steve Nash is the starting point guard. He’s one of the consistent players that the Phoenix Suns have had since 2004 till today. Those were the two players that I feel are very capable of doing alot in their career and in life.



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March Free Write

I’m writing this poem to tell about how you should never give up if you really love or have faith in something. I think everyone should always have faith and never give up because being positive is always good so I hope you all enjoy my poem.

Never Back Down

By: Julia Doyle

Never back down

Never give up

Love friendship

Nothing is ever worth

Giving up on


Can always do what

Ever you want

Giving up does

Not make

Things better

If anything it makes it harder

Why do we give up

The ones who don’t

Give up are strong

Were not feeble minded

Were not weak I can show you

I can prove to you that

I am no the weak

I can show you

I’m not the feeble


I’m strong and tough

And I know where

I stand

I won’t ever back down

I won’t ever give up

I know there’s time’s

When we all feel

Like running

But we don’t we stand there

And say

I’m stronger then you think

I’m not backing


I’m not letting

You take me

Away from my

Dreams I know I can

Make it

I know backing down

And giving up

Is not where I stand in

My life

I’m not one

To back down

I’m one to stand

Up and fight

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March Free Write

Richard P



            Are you counting the days until school is out?  Are you having trouble concentrating in classes?  Would you rather be outside in the sun?  If so, it sounds like you are ready for school to get out for the summer.


            I am so ready for school to end. There are lots of reasons I want school to finally end. I think a lot of kids my age would agree with some of my reasons. Some of the reasons would are no more homework everyday.  No work that you have to make sure you get done for certain classes. There are no more projects you have to do and get done on a certain deadline. 


            Plus, when school ends in the summer you don’t have to worry about keeping your grades up anymore.  You don’t have to worry about bombing a test.  You don’t have to be worried about not being able to study for an exam or finals.


            Another bonus is that you do not have to get up so early in the morning to go to school all day.  You do not have to switch plans around or just try to make plans on the weekends.  You don’t have to go to bed at a decent time because you don’t have to wake up to go to school.


            If you go on a trip out of town where you are going to miss school, you don’t have to make up all of the back work that you missed.  Another great thing is that you do not have to worry about being bored everyday.


            I think most kids and teachers feel the exact same way because the end of school is getting so close.  Are you ready for summer?  I know I am.  

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March Freewrite

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? While you were there; what would you do? Why would you go there? If I could go anywhere I would go to Australia.

I would go to Australia for a lot of reasons. The first thing I would do when I got there is flush a toilet. I know this sounds bizarre but the reason I would do this is because the water would go down the opposite way. This is due to how the earth rotates. If I went to Australia I would go and see the animals. The animals in Australia are different and unique to the rest of the world. The animals are different because Australia has been separated away from the rest of the world and this caused them to evolve differently. The next thing that I would do is go swimming in the ocean. Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef. This would be amazing to see because there are tons of different types of fish there. The last reason I would go to Australia is because of the accent the people have. While I was there I would try to pick up the accent because I have always wanted to learn an Australian accent.

Australia would be an amazing place to go. I would go to flush a toilet, see the animals and fish, and to hear the accent. These are the reasons why I would go to Australia.

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March Free Write

Ryan K

How you ever have been told that you couldn’t go to work because of and injury? Well I have and it is not fun. The thing that stinks about not doing the job you like is you sit there on your weekend at home doing nothing. let me tell you that is the worse part I couldn’t to go out on the nice days and hang out with friends. I just had to sit there and watch TV. Also when I heard my fire department had a call I was in the happit of grapping my gear and take off over to the station but I had to tell my self that I couldn’t go because of I was injured and I couldn’t go.

After about 2 weeks I was able to return to school and get the missing work that I missed but I was still unable to return to the fire department and I was getting ancy I had to do something I couldn’t sit there any longer. After a few days I went to the eye doctor and then he told me that I was able to return to work I was a free man. I could do anything that night I was sitting there and I notice that we had a call of a crash and then I did what I was trained to do.

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March Freewrite

Let me put everyone on blast here for a second. Girls, you want a nice boy with long flipy hair, a nice body, sense of humor, and for him to be nice to you, yet you walk all around summer with your butt half way out of your shorts. You flirt with other guys, and expect them to be nice, and understand yet you don't let them do it? When you act like that no one will respect you. You complain about them all the time so why on earth would they bother to stick around? I understand where you are coming from sometimes, but really catch a grip.

Boys, you want a good girl who's pretty, likes to have fun, and that would do anything to make you happy, but you treat them like complete crap. You want someone who will put a smile on your face even when you're mad. You say what they want to hear, and not even how you really feel. After you do that so many times no girl is going to want to date you. How do you ever expect to get a girl friend like that?

Girls are dumb, guys are dumb. Boys are flirts, girls are flirts. Girls are players, guys are players. Everyone is going to get their heart broken if you act like this. It's a part of life, and the bad thing is all of you are exactly the same.

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Free Writing March

       Do you like loud music? What about screamo? Have you ever heard of The Devil Wears Prada?


The Devil Wears Prada is a screamo band and one of my favorite bands to listen to. They lyrics always have a meaning and the meaning is never pointless. Whenever they cover a song they make it sound so much then the original version of the song. For example they redid a rap song by Big Tymers called ‘Still Fly’. I liked rap music more then screamo until I heard this song. For some reason it just sounds so much better this way.


This year I’m hoping to get tickets to warped tour so I can see them and other bands also. Incase you don’t know what warped tour is I will tell you. Warped tour is a huge concert that consists of a whole bunch of bands. Some bands that I’m hoping to see there are The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP), Black Veil Brides (BvB), Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH), A Day To Remember (ADTR), Asking Alexandria (AA), and many more. Hopefully you guys will listen to some of these bands, especially The Devil Wears Prada, and understand why I like there music so much.

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March Freewrite

Have you ever thought about what you want to do when you’re older? What’s your favorite thing to do? When I get older I want to be a Registered Nurse. I want to be a registered nurse because something that I love to do is help people. I love to help people because I know that I’ve changed there lives.

Also that I have helped them in some way. I would like to be a Registered Nurse because I love children and seeing children grow. Something’s that you need to know about being a good and well educated Registered Nurse is either a two year associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) (Education) or a four year Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) (Education).

You also need a high school diploma. One thing I would like about being a Registered Nurse is that I would always be interacting with other people of all ages. I like this because it gives you a chance to get to know your patients and everyone around them. Something’s they would do with a patient would be to monitor the results of treatment to see if the medical problems has been taken care or and to make sure that the patient is satisfied.

Another thing they would do is maintain records, such as the patient’s charts, and supervise licensed practical nurses and other health support staff. I want to be a Registered Nurse because it seems so interesting and like a job I would be good at, and enjoy at the same time.

All my information came from CareeCrusing.com

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March Free Write.

Summer all most here! School will be ending soon! Vacation times oh most here, soon I’ll be packing my suitcases and putting them in the car and off to the beach. This year we plan on going to North Carolina, Holden beach. My sister myself and are friends make a trip to the beach every year, no parents no worries! On vacation we have a blast. Its about a 12-14 hour drive to North Carolina and when we arrive everyone’s showing there true colors, lol. First we get to unpack all are stuff then off to the market to buy food! After that its about dark and were walking off the back porch and into the sand! At night the beach is a beautiful calm place, a place to relax after a long drive.

At night there’s crabs crawling crossed the sand and fish jumping in the water. The tide gets higher and higher as the night fades away, waves crashing into your body some so strong they sweep you out and remove the sand from under your feet. Summer seems to fly by as each day goes by and you’re enjoying yourself and then it hits schools going to be here any week! Time to pack up and go home again! The summer doesn’t last long but its only a matter of time before it comes again!

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March freewrite

All of the branches of the U.S. army are good and have many brave soldiers in them but i think the marines are the best and this is why.I think that Marines are the best branch of the military. Because they are the first ones there and they are the best trained in the military. If we have a mission that needs to be done that cannot be done by regular soldiers, they bring in the Marines to do the job.

If the military is confronted with a hard operation, they send in the Marines. Unless they need a small force then they call in the Navy Seals. I still say that the Marines are the best because when they hit they hit hard and they leave no one left which is their job.

I also say that the Marines are the best because they are the best trained. Some of the training that they do is hard enough to kill you if you are not physically and mentally strong enough. Therefore only the best of the best become Marines and that is why I think that the Marines is the best branch of the military.

They also have alot of branches in the marines like the snipers and the regular infantry soldiers. I think that this is important because they have the best snipers in the world and their infantry men have to be the best of the best.

Some of the shots that the snipers have to do to become a marine sniper are unbelieveable shots. And some of the training that the infantry men have to do is enough to kill a man. Lastly, to become a marine the men have to go through some of the hardest training in some of the academies that they have for our military.

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March Free Write

Brittany S.

Have you ever loved someone more than yourself? Then perhaps you should read this poem. It is about the one who changed everything in a crazy world.


Turning and running is what happened.

Running and screaming is what I heard.

Screaming is what came out of everyone but one.

But one was the one who cared.

The one that cared is gone and can’t ever, ever come back.

That one can’t ever come back, he is gone.

He is gone because he was there when I really needed him.

I really needed him because I was scared.

I was scared because I wasn’t at home.

I wasn’t at home because I was alone.

I was alone because I couldn’t be around people.

I couldn’t be around people because I was mad.

I was mad because I wasn’t allowed to be around the one who cared.

I wasn’t allowed to be near him because he was trouble.

He was trouble because he defended people when being picked on.

He defended them because he was once one of them.

He was one of them because once he was going through a rough time.

He went through a rough time because he was misunderstood.

He was misunderstood because he looked scary.

He looked scary because he was dark and wore makeup.

He wore makeup because he wanted to be an actor~super bad.

He wanted to be an actor because his father was one but died in a show.

He died because he was accidentally shot with a gun.

He was shot because a guard switched the gun by mistake.

The mistake killed the emotion of the caring guy.

The guy that cared is the one I loved.

I loved him because he listened.

He listened when I needed someone to.

I needed someone to listen because I was in a dark fearful place full of pain and agony and I will write this single message a hundred times until someone listens.

“Keep hold of the one you love and tell them that every day because you may not be able to tell them again.”

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Now most of you probably knew that Albert Einstien was greatest scientist of the 20th century but did you know that on March 20, 1916 Einstein published his theory of relativity.I think this would be relevant to those who don’t really know much about this great scientist.

Albert Einstein was born at Ulm, Wurttemberg Germany March 14th 1879. Not only is this the month he published his theory of relativity, it’s also the month of his birth! Anyways, Einstein was not a very impressing child; one of his teachers even went and said that he wouldn’t amount to anything. Can you believe he said that Einstein not amount to anything? He went on to graduate from Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich to be trained as a teacher in physics and mathematics.

To get to the main point of this free write, Einstein became one of the most renowned scientists in the history of science. He destroyed Newtonian physics. After he published his theories of relativity, he became an overnight worldwide sensation. He won the Nobel Prize for physics. His teacher in school was wrong! He became more than that teacher would ever have dreamed of.

In conclusion, Albert Einstein was one of the most intellectual men who ever walked the earth. I read some where he is the father of modern physics. If that doesn’t prove his mean school teacher wrong, I don’t know what will.

"Albert Einstein - Biography." Albert Einstein. Nobel Lectures, Physics 1901-1921. The Nobel Foundation, 20 Mar. 2012. Web. 20 Mar. 2012. <4. [LINK]>.

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March Freewrite

written by me

Ever thought what it would be like to be alone, lost, and hopeless?

Having a ticking timb-bomb in your hand. If you dont mind? Would you bury my corps in the sand..

Watch as the boat sinks in the middle of the ocean.

Watch as the captain takes his last breath.

Watch as this poor ship drowns in this ocean.

All the sorrow with its madness.

A recipe for forgiveness?

Lying flat on the ground of the sea.

Watching the last of his air vanishes as it hits the ocean’s surface.

Leaving nothing but water.

Given up waiting for his savior.

Given up on hope.

Given up on his dreams.

Watch as the sharks swim toward the wreck.

Watch as they turn towards the lonesome captian.

Watch as the sharks rip my body apart.

The blood going through the water.

Like food dye in your glass.

Watch as the chunks of his flesh get swallowed by the blood thirsty sharks.

Watch as no one will realize that he is lost at sea.

Swimming with the fishes..

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March Freewrite.

It's March! Its also almost Summer! Your sunburned and the temperatures all the way up to 90 degress. When I think of the month March I think of Summer because its already Spring time! I can not wait till the Summer because first of this year were getting out of school really early. Last year we didnt get out till later in the year. Its been warm but it really hasnt been that hot. In the summer it is really hot which I like. On days when its really hot I could go jump in the lake, or go in the pool. Also, I have a summer job in the summer. Over the summer I have a summer job mowing a cemetary. I like it because it gives you something to do and a good workout because some parts of it you mow with a push mower.

Do you like the beach? I love the beach! Hopefully this summer I get to go to the beach again like I did last summer. I absoultly love the beach. Last year I learned how to boogy board and I also love that. The only bad thing about the beach is getting sunburn, really bad!

I'm glad that its almost summer because then in the summer I wont have to get up everyday to go to school. Also, we only have like 26 days of school left!

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Have you ever wondered about having a 16th birthday party? I had always wished that my parents would throw me a 16th birthday and everything and my wish came true? My birthday is April 25th and I will be 16 and I can’t wait till May 5th that’s when my birthday party is.

My Birthday party will be at a park and I get to see all my family and cousins. I get to invite 2 friends to my birthday party. I also will be getting an I pod for my birthday which I’m so excited about. I always wanted and I pod and I will be getting money from my aunts and uncles because they won’t know what to get me. One of my family members has the same birthday as me. We are going to have cake and ice cream and other good stuff and I can’t wait because my mom keeps telling me about. It sounds like it’s going to be fun. My mom also has my birthday party planed out and everything and she always tells me in the car that a lot of my family is coming and that my grandmother is coming and I was so excited when she told me all this. I also get to do anything I want to on my birthday party because it’s my day. For my next thing about my birthday party is that we have to be there early before everyone to set up for the birthday party. For my next thing about my birthday party is that I get to hang out with all my family which I can’t wait because it’s going to be so fun. I also can’t wait for my birthday party because I’m going to have my mom make banana cream pie for my birthday. Which is really good and plus cake and I’m going to be so excited because it’s going to be so much fun.

                My birthday party is also going to be at the Wyalusing Park behind the dandy mini mart and its a little play ground for the little kids and there’s also a ballpark there to play baseball and my aunts and uncles and older cousins and sometimes the little kids try to play baseball. Which is funny because they really don’t know how to play baseball but they try?

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March FreeWrite:The Problem With This...Homework Thing.

Think of something you spend time on on a daily basis. Did you think of homework? For my FreeWrite I chose to write about online homework. In the 21st century, with technology becoming more advanced and  popular, some teachers like to assign blogs on the internet. Though this may seem like a wonderful creative idea, it can be very inconveinient (and sometimes painful) for the students.

Firstly, not all students have access to a computer. While it may be assumed that EVERYONE has the internet, that is simply not true. With the absence of internet, they are told to do it during study halls. Some students don't have study halls. Also, when there are studyhalls, it's hard to do all the work because you have other things you have to get done. Sometimes there isn't even a computer. Since it's something everyone has to do, teachers should consider from everyone's position. This problem could be solved if the school provided ipads,but sadly we don't have that privilage.  

Another reason why online homework is not the best idea in the world is because, in my opinion, it is not the best way to learn. Typing a quick blog about anything on your mind doesn't really prepare us for class. I would learn more from reading or writing. Honestly, this blog stuff bores me to death. Then, you read other students attempt at a blog, and find that they tried almost as hard as you did. Which would be next to nothing. Blogging is something people do in their free time, not schoolwork. In short, I think the teachers have a little higher veiw of blogging then the students do. Of course, it just schoolwork and it doesn't really matter what they think. It's worth considering though since they are the ones that have to complete it.

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March Free write

Click! Splash! Ribbit! For my March free write I am going to write about the dirt roads. The dirt roads are quite interesting. On the dirt roads there are many pot holes. When you hit a pot hole with your car it scrapes the bottom of it.

There are also ditches on the side of the road, some ditches have a water flow in them. If you go into a ditch with your car you will get stuck, and have to get help from someone especially if you have a smaller car.

Also on the dirt roads there are a lot of little rocks. When you are driving down the road, the rocks fly up and chip your car.

Even though dirt roads mess up your car they are very exciting. These dirt roads are home to many things. There are houses on the roads, and many creatures live on the roads. There are small and big animals. There are little animals such as frogs, squirrels, rabbits, and worms. There are also bigger animals for example deer, bear, and turkey. While you are driving down the dirt roads you can see all the different animals.

You can also see many pretty colors. In the fall all the leaves on the trees turn different colors and they fall off of the trees onto the road. In the fall you see red, orange, yellow, and brown. In the summer while driving down the dirt roads you see gorgeous bright colors in the summer. You see green, purple, pink, yellow, orange, blue, and red. When you drive down the dirt roads, you experience many different things for example colors, animals, and driving obstacles.

Podcast Play
Podcast Download

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I wrote this poem because not only do I love to write but its nice to care about people. When I wrote about this poem I though about how it's nice having people care for you sometimes. It's not always bad its good it's actually a good feeling. I hope you enjoy my poem.

Care for You

May I say your

Beauty fills the room

With longing

And love and joy

And Happiness

May I love you

For a thousand miles


May I care for you

Till the night sky goes a blur

May I hold you till my arms can’t bear

May I tell you how sweet you are

May I whisper sweet nothings in your ear

The love you bring

It makes me feel so free

The joy you make me have

The little things in life

I feel when you’re near me

May I say you’re as radiant as

The sun in the early morning

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March Free Write

Courtney C


                Have you ever got a phone call or email saying that you won $10,000? Do you ever dream about winning $10,000? What would you do if you were the one to get that call?

                Well I was the one to get that call. I filled in an on-line survey to win $10,000. It was for a teenager magazine agency. The agency said I could pick up the money at the Steam Town Mall in Scranton, Pa.  My mom is going with me along with my friends, Emily and Jenny, to pick up the $10,000. The people from the magazine will be there to take my picture, which will be in the magazine at a later date.

                I meet the magazine agency at the food court. They hand me one-hundred $100 bills. When they give me the money I will take the money and go buy a pool for my family. Everyone in my family swims and would enjoy a pool.

                The pool will be an in-ground, and it will be 3ft to 8ft deep. There will lights in the pool for night swimming, and it will also be heated. My family will be able to have pool parties with friends. My dad and I have wanted a pool for a long time. I wanted a pool for our house because so I do not have to keep asking my mom and dad to go to the lake to swim. My dad wants a pool to do some exercise.

This is my fake idea. I hope you enjoyed sharing this dream with me!  I really would buy a pool for my family if I could!

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Are there special people in your life? People that you couldn’t live without? People that may not really be your family but you still consider them that? Friendship is something that can be very rare. You never know who your real friends are or who is just pretending to be. When you do find people that you can trust it’s important to hold on to them and never betray their trust. If you end up betraying someone’s trust there’s a chance that you can never get it back. How can you have a really good and healthy friendship with no trust? Its simple, you can’t.

Your friends are not only the people that you can trust, but also the people that you like to be around and have a good time with. I know that all of my friends have a couple huge things in common. They can all make me laugh. And they also know how to make me feel better when something’s wrong. Though friends are special, there’s a huge difference between friends and best friends. Friends know you. But best friends know you even more. Best friends are the ones that can always tell when there’s something wrong no matter how hard you try to hide it. Best friends also know how to help you when you have a problem. They’re always there for you no matter what time it is, and you should be able to trust you more than anything.

If you’re a best friend then you can also be classified as family to me.

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March freewrite.

You may think of March as the beginning of spring and the snow is almost gone, well March has a different meaning to me. MARCH MADNESS!!!

March madness is what I think of when someone talks about the March season. This is when the three collage basketball divisions play amongst themselves to see who the best team in each division is. The TV program I watch only focuses on division one. These are the largest schools spread throughout the US. What really surprised me was that Syracuse lost to Ohio State. I was hoping this would happen but didn’t really think that it would. I was tired of Syracuse always winning & wanted to see someone else beat them.

Now it is down the the last four, one from each region of the US. It is The Ohio State University from the east, University of Kentucky representing the south, University of Louisville for the wast, & last but not least University of Kansas for the Midwest. UK is playing LOUIS at six o nine P.M. On Mar. thirty first while OHIOST will play KANSAS at eight fourty nine P.M. On Mar. thirty first. Then the winners from those two games will go on to play on Apr. second at nine o clock P.M.

This is what the March season means to me. I can't wait to see who wins the semi-finals & the finals.

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March Free Write.

"Look at that body, I WORKOUT!" Yeaaah that's right! I've been workin out, I'm toned and I know it! I feel really good this month because I have been doing daily workouts to tone muscle and burn fat. I've been using workout tapes. I think they really work! 

My friends laugh at me, but when I'm done with the six week workout cycle, and I look really good, they'll see! My friends tell me that I have "baby muscles" which is good because I used to have no muscles at all! Soon I will have "big girl" muscles! The cycle is called Slim in 6. It is a set of videos which train you and help you learn ways to keep yourself fit. I have become very toned and have burned a little fat so far. I am on week four right now. Weeks one, two, and three were not that hard, but week four has been very challenging! Weeks four, five, and six are called burn it up, and I sure know why! Even though it is hard to push myself to work out I know that it will be worth it in the end. There is also a short ab workout tape which will help burn fat and tone muscle in the mid section. It is definitly strengthening!

In conclusion working out can be a fun, effective experience. Hopefully I get great results from this six week workout. I would definitly recommend it to anyone who thinks they want to workout.

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“Lies, lies, lies” that’s all you hear in high school. Who cheated on who, who goes to what parties, who did what and got caught, who does drugs, who’s dating who, who’s ugly and who’s hot. It seems as if all our generation of teenagers does these days is judge people and put people down. People now a days make it seem like lying is a piece of cake when really it’s a big deal. You can’t just lie to people because when you do, sooner or later no one will have any trust in you at all. Telling the truth will get you much farther in life if you don’t lie. Some people lie to get out of situations they can’t handle, others lie because they can’t handle the truth, but most people lie because they can’t face that they’ve made a mistake.

In high school, all people do is judge others. It is a part of life to be judgmental, but in our school some people take it a little too far. If you don’t dress nicely, if you don’t match correctly or if you don’t have brand name clothing on someone will say something to someone else about what you’re wearing. They’ll say something to someone else but they won’t say it to you because all people do at our school is talk behind each other’s backs.

Another thing people do in high school is start rumors. Little do some people know rumors could ruin someone’s life. When you intentionally make up a lie about someone it’s very wrong, but when you know that it will affect their life you shouldn’t even consider doing it. One day they’ll learn that it’s wrong and it could really hurt someone.

In conclusion, high school stinks. You can never impress anyone, and nothing is ever good enough, but you can never give up and always believe in yourself.

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Little Elves Don't Actually Exist, So Why Write About Them?

March Freewrite

                         There was once a happy little elf who liked to sing and dance. He lived in a hollow tree with all his animal friends. Every day was a happy one filled with merriment and fun. He never had any concerns, nothing but joy. One day, a shy young badger moved into the hollow tree. He was new, and very self-conscious, so he kept to himself and didn’t interact much. The little elf did not like to see the poor badger alone, so he invited him to join in his games and happiness. The badger agreed, and made many new friends. Everyone had the best day of their lives. And the little elf-

“No, no, no. That’s ridiculous. No one would ever read such an awful story. Terrible.”

                       The man pulled the piece of paper out from his typewriter, crunched the story into a tight ball, and threw it in the direction of the waste basket. It missed and landed on the floor next to the bin. Sighing, he stood up, kicked his chair aside, and strode over to where his paper lay on the floor. Picking it up, he pulled a lighter out of his pocket, lit it on fire, and dropped it. He watched as the flame devoured the paper, leaving a small pile of smoldering ashes in the basket.

                      He then put on his jacket, laced up his work boots, and went to pick up his daughter for the weekend from his ex-wife's house.

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Who here is Irish? People from Ireland are! Do you know if you are Irish or not? St. Patrick's Day is all about people who are Irish. I'm not Irish too much but I am. I'm about twelve percent Irish. It's fun waking up in the morning.

My mom usually buys a little gift for me my little brother and my two older sisters. One year we got a cup that when you put it in the freezer the outside liquid freezes up. When you put a drink in it, it will keep your drink cold. People who aren't Irish don't care for St. Patrick's Day. Irish people have parades and they celebrate.

St. Patrick's Day is on the seventeeth of March. Some years I forget when it is because I'm not too much of Irish so I don't pay attention. People celebrate St. Patricks Day is because he drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

People from Ireland have a special dance that they do. I would like to learn that someday. St. Patrick's Day is all about people who are Irish. I'm not Irish too much but I am.

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March Freewrite

Ball's hitting off of the bats, the sound of the ball when it hits your golve, that weird feeling at your first time up to bat. The smell of that fresh spring air it must mean that softabll is starting soon. It's the middle of march so that means softball season is underway and should be in full swing. I love the game, I've been playing for about  six to seven years by now. I normally play in the outfeild.

I half to say its a hard position to play but since I've been playing for a while I basically have it down. This game is my life I love it, I can't wait to get out on the feild and hit that ball out of the park. That might not happen but I can sure as heck try my hardest at the sport  I love.

This year I moved up to the varsity team. I might not be in the starting line up, but I'm there if Coach needs me. I do start if we play JV games that's always fun. I have told my sister and mom, and even friends this but I love being a part of the team over here at Elk Lake.

Last year as a eigth grader I had fun being at the junoir high level. This year the teams are alot better, we have faster pitchers. I still come in to every game with a focused and ready to play mind. I can't wait to see what our team does this year. We can go far and wont stop until we get something great out of it. Ladies lets get out on that field and play some softball!!!:)

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March Free Write

If I had 3 million dollars what would I do with it? Has that thought ever run through your mind? It has for me.  Emily made a blog about what she would do with 3 million dollars. Here’s what I would do with 3 million dollars.

First I would take about some of the money and put it into savings.

Second I would buy a car.

Third I would help my parents with any debt they have.

Fourth I would give some money to charity.

Fifth I would take my family on vacation to anywhere they would want to go.

Sixth I would go to some of the places where there are starving and homeless children and adults and help them.

Seventh I would also help out any of my other family members who are having money problems.

Eighth I would redo my whole house.

Ninth I would go and do all the adventurous things I’ve always wanted to do.

Lastly I would just simply go shopping.

I wish that I could win or get 3 million dollars. The chances of that are very slim.  I would make sure the money went to good use. After reading this I hope you decide what you would do with 3 million dollars. Thanks for reading!


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March Freewrite

Once upon a time I lost all of my socks. No matter how good I hid them, they would disappear in the middle of the night. In my opinion, the worst part is that even the socks off my very feet disappear. I've gone through all of the possible explanations and the only one that makes sense is that little elves are stealing my socks.

I decided that I would stay up ALL night and watch my sock drawer, but stay lying down so the elves don't know I'm awake. It seemed to be forever before I heard the window in my bathroom creek open. I waited patiently for the creature to enter my bedroom. Not even two seconds later I saw a little creature scurry across my floor and under my bed. Slowly, I looked under my bed, and alas, it was only a mouse that had scurried in.

Now, I again lay waiting for the elves to enter my home. I just lay, doing nothing and began to drift off into a deep sleep. The next few minutes were kind of weird. I heard someone laughing. The laugh just happened to be coming from my sock drawer. It was now or never! I ran to my sock drawer and picked the little caped creature off of my socks and, as I thought, it was an elf! I looked that little freak in the face and told him, "IF YOU STEAL MY SOCKS ONE MORE TIME I'M GONNA LIGHT YOUR CAPE ON FIRE!" Now, it's been ten years and my socks are sitting safely in my drawer, never to be touched by that two inch tall, little caped man.

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March Free Write

Have you ever been truly afraid for the future after you are long gone? Have you ever been extremely annoyed with someone for opening a blog as a question? (Yes)As I am currently writing, or rather typing these words on a digital page surrounded by the rowdiest of the rowdy crowd that is barely reaching my own notice from the very corners of my fidgeting eyes, a peculiar feeling is washing over me. From warm feelings of human socializing? Ch, who are you talking to? Personally, I find simple joys in serene solitude alone with my meditative thoughts. However, at this moment I'm finding my peace in Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and Queen, so it isn't that difficult to conceive from such information that it bothers the me that the majority of my generation are inspired mostly by the dribbling, unoriginal, cliche, and mind numbing rubbish that pours out of the aluminum speakers in the car. 

A prime example of my exasperation derives from wat had happened to me this Tuesday. I was joking round with an old friend at a track meet who is also in chorus with me, and playfully poking fun at her because a few months ago she was completely oblivious to Bob Dylan's existence. However, this brought on, with the group I was joking around with, knowledge that I could live without. About five others had not one single clue who he was, whih lead to a baffled and slightly incoherant rant on my part, but at the time I do believe I justified my stunned state rather eloquently saying 'Bob Dyaln....BOB DYLAN?! You mean to tell me that you've never hear of Bob Dylan? Greatest song writer of all time? Nominated for the Nobel Prie in Literature (my dream to win by the way) because his lyrics are more poetry than anything else? The man who was named the voice of an entire generation? No? His music is infinitely  better...well infintely doesn't even cover it , it is more like insurmountably better to the point where if his lyrics went to battle with the (add profanity) played on the radio, just hearing who they will have to triumph over will compell them to combust into flame and be left to float upon the earth's crust, forgotten and loathed by those unsuspecting people with allergies.' (Okay, cards on the table. I didn't quite say it like that, but there was quite a bit of irritated arm flourishes) to which only one of the group could reply with, 'The music on the radio is NOT crap.' At this point I just let it be. Twas always my greatest flaw that when something put me out a smidge more than normal things usually do, a tongue of silver will metamorphosize into a mouth comparable to a certain object that is round nad porcelain, if you catch my drift.

That story though, brings me to my point, (this is going to be rushed on account of how overdo this blog is, sorry Miss Transue)  I am truly disgusted and worried about the future. Yes, I know I am quite vocal about my love for Bob Dylan and this one instance isn't worthy of getting all worked up, but this isn't the first time it's happened. It as just the most recent of many examples. Not only does it show how people will willingly trade stimulating and meaningfull lyrics aside for occasionally amusing bass beats, but it shows how cultured kids are these days. It doesn't extend to just music either, people just completely lack of just knowledge in general. Sadly, the only examples I could give would offend some in my grade, but I really just want to rip my hair out sometimes.

I adore old music, from Arcangelo Corelli to The Doors or Vivaldi to the Stones, I just love it. So one could understand that ones complete lack of mental enlightenment from not listening to such things, kind of puts me off.(I mean it is one thing not to like an artist, but to have NEVER heard of them...) Though this may lead to an anxiety of something that I do believe is completely rational. Especially since what ids are exposed to these days is just...garbage.






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March Freewrite

I'm sure you've read many cliche blogs about music, and this one isn't any different. This post, however, is more about the lyrics of songs. When one listens to music, they should take time to listen to not just the catchy melody, but also the lyrics. Songs can be just as insightful and intriguing as any other piece of literature.

One song that has (in my opinion) beautiful lyrics is "A Walk Through Hell" by Say Anything. This song always makes me happy. It is a song about a man who is so in love, he proclaims how he would truly do anything for this girl. The narrator tells of how he would climb mountains and slay beasts and, of course, walk through hell for her. He said "[I'd walk] Through hell for you. Let the torturing ensue. My soul is useless without you."

Another great song is "Anne Braden" by Flobots. This song tells about racism, ignorance, and lack of tolerance in our country in the past and present. It tells of a woman who saw hatred and racism and loathed it. In the song, a man asks her "Why is a nice, Southern lady makin' trouble for the governor?" She responds "I guess I'm not your type of lady, and I guess I'm not your type of Southerner. But before you call me traitor, well it's plain as just to say, I was a child in Mississippi, but I'm ashamed of it today."

The third song that I love which I will share with you is "What Sarah Said" by Death Cab For Cutie. This song provides a story of a man who is stuck in the waiting room of a hospital. He explains, "There's no comfort in a waiting room, just nervous pacing bracing for bad news." He tells about how he was told by a girl named Sarah that "love is watching someone die." These words make him think, and he asks "So who's going to watch you die?" This song is kind of sad. However, anybody who has been in a similar position, waiting in a hospital fearing the words the doctor will whisper to you, can relate and will love this song.

Next time you listen to the radio or your iPod, don't just sing along thoughtlessly. Listen to the words. Think about it. You may find that the song offers more than just a beat to dance to.

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March freewrite

Swimming. Family. Cook outs. During summer we get out of school. I think is better to be out of school during the summer. You won’t have to sit inside and do work when it’s hot out there. It’s warm outside that you can wear summer time clothes.

You can go to the pool and go swimming. You can get sun burn or tan from too much sun. You can hang with friends can do a lot of things. You can go to cook outs. You can party with friends. You can go the beach. Ride four wheelers if you have any.

I like to hang with friends and go swimming. Eat a lot of popsicles. Drink a lot of water and juice. During summer I like to play outside in the dark and play man hunt with friends. We visit a lot of family during summer that we don’t really see that much. When we go visit them we most likely go swimming. We always have family cook outs. We don’t really see them because where in school and the parents work. That is why I like summer.

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IT'S MARCH! 2012........!

Just think.. last year it was like snowing and stuff......and it was cold and yucky...

March 19th 2012--I can hear the peepers, and i don't even know what peepers are. I hear them everywhere. When I was little I use to go outside at night and try to catch them, but I could never find them...They keep me up all night. I can also keep my windows open at night and not freeze to death in the morning!:) Speaking of morning, I no longer have to wear winter jackets:)

I'd much rather have nice mornings..I wake up better:D Did you notice.. How in the summer.. your not so lazy and chubby?;) It's amazing...In the winter your like a lazy bear..but in the summer your like a wild tiger(; I looooove warm weather because you can wear nice light clothes and not worry about dressing up like a eskimo. Colder weather is known to make you depressed because your not around happy stuff, like the nice sunshine:)

Last night was the first thunder and lightning storm of the year! I stayed up until 12:00 watching the lightning out my window.I love lightning and thunder storms. Big ones.

I havent got to wear any shorts yet though. I like Indie styles like Indie clothes. I also like the way Indians use to live.. My family has alot of Indian in them. I'm so happy that winter is over and the warm weather is finally coming back. I might go back to Florida for half or the entire summer, I want to meet people there and make new friends..(:

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March Freewrite

 Imagine a world where there was snow all over. The sparkling white crystals fill the ground. Imagine the children outside playing in the snow laughing and haveing a great time. They are building snowman and have snowball finghts. This happens in March. March is the time of year when there is snow all over the ground and the kids are out playing in the snow, but this year that wasn't the case. When people think of March they think of a lot of snow days, playing in the snow, and haveing sledding/snowboarding parties. This year that didn't happen.

One thing you look forward to when it hits March is the snow. Snow means no school. No school means that you can sleep in. When kids and teenanger get more sleep they are happier. Kids enjoy no school for many reasons. They like to play out in the snow and just be away from school. Teenagers like haveing no school because then they can sleep in and hang out with friends (if the roads and weather are good).

Another reason you look forward to March is because its fin to play in the snow. No matter who you are and what age you are you are never to old to play in the snow. My uncle will spend the entire day on the tractor to make a path to sled, snowboard, or tube down. Then when it starts to get dark we get the whole family together and some friends of the family to come and we have a party. Not only the kids are sledding though even the adults are.

A third reason to look forward to March is for the parties. When you have a bunch of snow what else is better than making an awesome path to have a party? When my family has the snowboarding party we start the path at the top of my hill and connect it to the one that my uncle makes. It is so much fun. The best part is that you can start from our hill or at the top of their hill.

Unfortanately this March we had bearly any snow so we couldn't have this nice time. Hopefully next year there will be enough or any snow during the winter to have time off of school, time to play in the snow, and time to have parties.

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March Freewrite

In the wonderful month of March so much goes on around us, but the best part is the warm weather. The weather is beautiful, and it feels like summer is on its way. The sun is shining, leaves are growing, and the grass is turning green. Everything about this warm weather is fantastic.

Warm weather means a lot of things get to be put away! No more hats and gloves or bundling up to go outside. This warm weather means shorts and tanning! In my opinion I feel that sweating is so much better than shivering, and that is why this weather is great! Along with tanning we get to go outside and be active. We also get to go for walks, swim, and just be outside in general without freezing; which is AMAZING!

Along with this beautiful weather it means soon school will be out, and you will go on vacations. Though it is a blast everyone will also miss the friends you wont see over the summer break. We’ll all say farewell and when we come back we’ll all be tan and have crazy stories to tell one another.

March means that warmth is coming our way and we will soon have no work, no worries, and no problems. All we’ll have is the sunshine on our shoulders, and that makes me happy.

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Timothy Crego

March Free Write

4-Wheeler: A Gift or a Lot of Work

What kind of four-wheeler do you prefer? The kind of four-wheeler that I want is a Suzuki 450. It’s not a regular quad. It’s a racing quad, and I am going to ask my dad for one. I am going to see if my dad thinks that I deserve one for passing ninth grade. I’ll ask him, “If I pass the grade, will you buy me a Suzuki 450? I hope he says, “Ok,” because I really want this four-wheeler.

If he says, “No,” I will just get a job for the summer and save up for the four- wheeler myself, and then buy it. That way, the four-wheeler will be mine; not my dad’s, and not my mom’s. It will be just mine. Like my dad always says, “Hard work pays off. “ I hope my dad thinks the work I’ve done in ninth grade is enough to get it. It would be a lot easier than working at Burger King.

The reason why I really want this four-wheeler is because I will be able to catch up to my friends that have dirt bikes. Another one of my friends has a Yamaha Raptor 350. We go riding at the cabin, and our utility four-wheeler doesn’t have the performance to go 60 to 80 mph. Who knows, maybe my dad planned it that way.

I hope I get the four-wheeler by passing ninth grade. It will save me a lot of money and I won’t have to get a job. Wish me luck. Chances are, my dad will make me buy my own four-wheeler.

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Ever feel the person you love is changing you? Making you someone you're not? Making you someone you never wanted to be?


Not That Girl

- By Me, Natalie Newhart


I don’t want to be that girl

I’m the one you know will love you regardless

Not the one you don’t tell the whole truth too,

Not the one you tell you miss but you don’t

I’m the one with no one else but you,

I’m the one, who misses you after a few hours,

I’m the one who would give anything to kiss you.

I’m watching you turn me into that girl,

The one who knows you’re too busy for her but keeps trying.

The one who waits for your texts,

The one who wishes for a call,

The one you asks you where you are, and who you’re with,

Because I know your ex has been floating around.

You see? I’m not that girl,

I’m the one who doesn’t care you don’t text right back,

The one who isn’t waiting for a call

The one who knows you’re logically busy

The one who likes that you’re with your friends

The one who doesn’t hold you back

Not the one keeping you planted here

I’m missing how we used to be

You and I, you and me,

I wish you still seemed excited when I said

“I love you”

But you don’t, only sometime,

I feel you don’t want me anymore

And I’m scared it’s true,

Because it’s like there’s nothing left of me

Without you

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March Free Write

Even though winter is my favorite season in the year, I also like summer. You can do so many more things than in the fall or spring because you have a break from school for two months. Your free to do almost anything you want, like going on vacation or riding dirt bikes with your friends. Summer is also fun because theres a few sports I enjoy more than the sports our school offers. Not only can you race dirt bikes or go swimming whenever you want, but you can also do many other activites like going to a water park or taking a jog through the woods.

The nicest thing about summer is the vacation you get from school for two months. It may not seam like a long time off of school, but two months give you a decent amount of time to do some of the things you want to do. Most people choose the take a vacation during the summer. There are many vacations to choose from. Many people choose to go the beach, but you can also travel the world, visit family members or other amazing sites, or whatever else you can think of. Even though there are many families who choose the beach, there's usually a family member who doesn't like something about the beach. Even if you're that family member, there's a lot of other things to do while you're there. You can find a friend and hang out with him/her for the vacation. Usually families visit stores and resteraunt when they go on vacation, so you can always appreciate this if you cant find a friend to hang out with.

This is why I like summer more than the fall and the spring. Not only are there many more activities you can do but its also a great time to go on vacation while your out of school for two months.

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“Please Ollie, don’t be so formal! You may look like you’re living in the past, but you don’t have to talk like it.”

Living in the past? He thought about his clothing- and yes, they did seem like they were from an era long gone… but what was so bad about that?  Never mind that, he had much more pressing matters to worry about than outdated fashion.

"I can't help it, that's how I was raised- but never mind that.  Why did you call me Ollie?"  It pained him a little to repeat the pet name given to him by a girl he had just met.

"I give all my younger family members cute nicknames.  It's my unofficial job."

How dull can her life be if she has an unoffical job of giving people pet names?  I had heard that she was unpopular and was difficult to work with... but is it really this bad?  "...I'm sorry, but did you just say 'family members'?  And does that include me?"

"Of course!  All the Vocaloids are my family members- and you have officialy taken the prize of 'most adorable cousin' from Piko."

Oliver smiled nerviously.  Oh joy.  I'm cuter than the robot boy who wears a dress.  ...I have to get rid of her before her wierdness rubs off on me.  "Look, Sonika, about the welcoming..."

"Did I do a good job?  I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomftorable, it's only my first time.  I promise-"

"Miss Sonika, you did a fine job.  Much better than most of the others.  But that's not what I was going to say.  I was going to ask you why you do this."

"That's actually a very interesting story.  A few years back, when Meiko was released, Leon and Lola decided to invite her over to a little party.  I don't know what they did, but it was so fun that they decided to try to do something similar for all the new Vocaloids released from all the companies.  Over the years, it's become a chore to some of us, which is one of the reasons why we take turns... but I didn't feel that way today Ollie."

"That is a very sweet story... as for this meeting being exciting to you: I figured as such.  Your bubbliness seemed much more genuine than anyone else's, and you actually made an effort to have a conversation with me.  Barring some sort of unforseen circumstances, I think we could be really good friends."

She smiled.  "That was my goal Ollie."

And thus ended the first meeting of Oliver and Sonika.  True to their hopes, they are quickly becoming good friends, and hopefully will sing a duet together in the near future.

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March Free write

Fallout Background

“War. War never changes. Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage. In the year 2077, after millennia of armed conflict, the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation. But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter of human history. For man had succeeded in destroying the world - but war, war never changes. In the early days, thousands were spared the horrors of the holocaust by taking refuge in enormous underground shelters, known as vaults. But when they emerged, they had only the hell of the wastes to greet them - all except those in Vault 101. For on the fateful day, when fire rained from the sky, the giant steel door of Vault 101 slid closed... and never reopened. It was here you were born. It is here you will die. Because, in Vault 101: no one ever enters, and no one ever leaves.”

What you just read was the opening cut scene/quote from an amazing game, a game that I believe to be one of the best games to have ever been made by Bethesda Studios and released in the year of 2008. The name of this amazing game is none other than Fallout 3. The game starts out by telling this quote in a cut scene (short video during the game play). You might be asking how this could have been possible. The game talks about a great war that had happened before the player (you) was born. The year in the game is 2077 when the bombs were dropped, but the explosion of the bombs had caused a time elapse which combined the future with the past, the technology is from the right year (2077) but the music, the clothing, the cars, and even the houses are from the 1950’s.

The Great War was a giant war between the U.S and China. The U.S was about to end the war because they were defeating the Chinese. What the U.S didn’t know was that China was working on nuclear bombs. Before the U.S could defeat the Chinese, they dropped the bombs on America. Little did the Chinese know was that the size of the bombs had more power than they anticipated, when they dropped the bombs on the U.S they had dropped about seven nuclear bombs, but the bombs had so much power that it “blew up” the entire planet. It didn’t really blow it up just wiped out almost all of humanity on the planet. The animals had gotten bigger and more deadly than they were before the bombs had been dropped. Now humanity must fight for survival and build its way back up to “working” condition.

Before and a little while during the dropping of the bombs, humanity had entered vaults to survive the bomb dropping, this was only if they were able reserve a space in a vault. As the quote says how they went into the vaults to live in until the bombs had all dropped, even though there was only seven bombs there had been over a bunch of explosions. The quote doesn’t tell that in order to survive the holocaust you would have to reserve a spot in one of the vaults. The vaults were very big but not big enough to hold all of humanity. Loved ones, complete strangers, no matter who they were to anyone else, if they couldn’t get a reserved spot, then they were not let in, they were left out in the nuclear fire that rained from the sky. They were either killed or they were changed into what is called a ghoul (a person that had encountered a certain amount of radiation to make their skin peel off of their body, and their voices changed, they look like zombies but can actually be quite civil). They were the survivors of the outside world; they were able to survive because they had found shelter before they were completely destroyed by the radiation, but the radiation slowly eats away at their brains and they slowly become what are called a feral ghoul, once they have gone “feral” they lose their ability to reason with anyone and will attack anything that is not another feral ghoul or a regular ghoul on site.

If you were not able to get a reserved spot in one of the few vaults, or if you were unable to survive the radiation by finding shelter but still becoming a ghoul, then your shadow could have been burned into the concrete of the ground or a wall in the position that the blast from the bomb killed you in. So the world of Fallout 3 is a very dangerous place to explore, but what you basically just read was only a brief summary of what had happened in the game. If you would like to know more about the game Fallout 3, then I highly recommend that you buy it and play it. It is one of the most fun filled, challenging, and probably one of the scariest games that Bethesda Studios had ever created and it is in my opinion one of the best games ever. I hope you enjoyed reading about a brief look at the background of the game Fallout 3.

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Nothing ends nicely. that’s why it ends.take life as it is and love it while it lasts.

~ Tom Cruise. In the poem it described each and every detail of her pet and how it was dead. It was just awful. She passed out and ended up in haven, no one will know why. That is why Nothing ends nicely. That's why it ends, is a great quote for this poem.

Sorrow filled deep within his eyes.

It was an atrocious, monstrous, terrible sight.

Maggots, roaches were there where he lies.

I felt so alone, so depressed, and the need to fight.

Jackson! Jackson! I cried out to him.

His fur was so soft, and gentle with a touch of blood red as paint.

Clouds rolled in and the sun was dim.

My head was spinning with confusion my eyes were closing I started to faint.

I held on to him as tight as I could.

Woke up in a bright white room.

Where am I, I began to scream as I usually would.

No one would answer I felt doomed.

As a voice echoed towards me it faded.

I was confused because there was no one around.

I suddenly saw a figure that was darkly shaded.

I was to scared so I stared at the ground.

I then mumbled to him asking where I was and the man said what rhymes with seven.

I had the sudden urge to say heaven.

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We Need Music!

Without music there wouldn’t be life. It would be like an apple tree in the summer with no apples on it. It would be like the world without sunshine. Without music in our life there wouldn’t be “life”. In my life I listen to many different kinds and styles of music.

Right now at this point in my life one of my favorite songs is called “A Little Too Much” by Natasha Betingfeild. I would recommend this song to anyone! It’s a really great song and Natasha Betingfeild has a really great voice. Also the lyrics in the song are very strong and meaningful which is what I look for in a song.

Another song that I really enjoy listening to is called “All About Us” by He is We ft. Owl City. I really like this song because once again the lyrics are very touching.  It’s a cute song about two people who are dancing and feel like it’s their time to shine and everybody in the room is watching them and “every heart in the room will melt.”. I like this song because it is really adorable.


One more song that I suggest everybody to listen to is the song called “It’s Your Life” by Francesca Battistelli. I like this song because it is very up lifting and inspiring. “To live the way you believe, this is your opportunity, to let your life be one that lights the way.” These lyrics show encouraging reasons of why your life is important and the choices you make will affect you for the rest of your life. 


In conclusion these are some songs that I do suggest and recommend anyone and everyone to listen to. Life without music is like a school without students; there wouldn’t be anything. 


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March Freewrite

Music! Music! Music! I love music, all kinds of music not just one kind of music.

I use to listen to just rap and music that was loud but I spanded my varity of music.I like Country, Rap, Screamo,some Heavy Metal. I like the music I listen to have some kind of point of writing it.

Like with my favorite song "Aylssa Lies" By Jason Michael Carroll is about a little girl making a new friend at school and the friend just happened to have a secret. The friend named Aylssa was abused at home, she tried covering all the bruises everyday in school. It's about her lying to people telling them lies of what happened. The little girl goes home and tells her dad about it and the dad decides to go to school the next day and do something about it but when they arrived at school the next day they heard that Aylssa died because no one would help her or try to figure out what was wrong.("Daddy, oh daddy tell me why alyssa lies")

I don't like songs that have no meaning behind them at all, they have to have some kind of meaning behind them not just be about random stuff.

I personally think having a meaning to the song makes the song so much better and emotional to the people listening to it.

In conclusion, I love music with meanings behind them. As long as the song has a meaning to it I will like the song no matter what type of music it is.

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 On My Way

It isn't going to be easy. There are going to be days where life just sucks, but you're going to get through this cause I'm going to help you and so is everyone who loves you and accepts you for who you are.” ~Kurt Hummel

            “Glee” aired its winter finale on February twenty-first. It was titled On My Way and it was very good: except for the fact that it was such a humongous cliffhanger. Sebastian is finally done with his disgusting, evil, conniving ways: though for all of the wrong reasons. All because of David Karofsky’s attempted suicide. 

            David’s new school finds out how he’s gay and they paint disturbing words on his gym locker at school. This extremely mean boy named Nick is the one who told the whole entire school. What’s even worse is poor Dave’s Facebook which says the most terrible things about him. During this whole fiasco ‘Klaine’ (Kurt + Blaine) is in the McKinley High auditorium and my dear Blaine is singing a song to get ready for Regionals along with the whole lot of the New Directions. He sings ‘Cough Syrup’ to Kurt while Dave is just in his room getting dressed up into a suit and laying on his bed sobbing his heart out. When that commercial break arrived oh my Gaga…I could not breathe I was so scared. 

            Sebastian hears all about Dave and he just is so remorseful to all the names he’s called him and how he told him he could never get a guy. He has a deep realization about how mean he is and he dedicates the Warbler’s Regional performance to Dave. Plus the Warblers have a bucket for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Charity.

            I just loved the Warbler's Regional performance.  It was my favorite performance of Regionals.  I even favored their performance over New Directions which is extremely rare for me.  My favorite song had to be Glad You Came originally performed by The Wanted.  Then there was The Troubletones amazing performance of Stronger originally performed by Kelly Clarkson.  The episode was just very good all together.

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Did you know that March is music in your school month? If it isn’t already obvious, I am very musically involved. Along with listening to music, playing music, and writing poems, I like to write songs. To stay with the theme of music, my March free write is going to be one of the new songs I recently have written. This will only be the lyrics since I have problems recording to the blog.


Just Another Love Song

An Original song


That time in the woods, and you held my hand

That look in your eyes

“I hope this moment never ends”

So we raced, these essential moments fly

This song in my head that I just keep singing all the time



It’s just another love song to add to the list

So why do I keep singing it over and over and over again?

‘Cause I hope you know that I can’t get you off my mind

You’re like a melody that I keep singing all the time

It’s just another love song, and I can’t stop sing it


It’s been awhile, since you’ve came around

My lonely heart wishes you would come pick me up off the ground

I’ll wait, forever it seems till you will see

It may be over but it isn’t over for me


It’s just another love song to add to the list

So why do I keep singing it over and over and over again?

‘Cause I hope you know, that I can’t get you off my mind

You’re like a melody that I keep singing all the time

It’s just another love song, and I can’t stop singing it


You’re stuck in my head

The things that you said

They play like a melody

That just keeps getting stuck in my head

I just can’t stop singing it


It’s just another love song to add to the list

So why do I keep singing it over and over and over again?

‘Cause I hope you know, that I can’t get you off my mind

You’re like a melody that I keep singing all the time

It’s just another love song, and I can’t stop singing it


                To celebrate music in your school in March, write your own song. You might be surprised with your own ability. I hope everybody has a wonderful music filled March.  


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March Freewrite

What branch of the military is your favorite? Do you like being on the ground, in the air, or underwater?

The USAF (United States Air Force) is my favorite branch of the military. I think flying an F-16 would be a lot of fun. The reason I like the Air Force the best is because I think they are important.


The army and national guard are usually just stationed around the U.S. unless of a natural disaster, when the national guard would help out which would be ok, but in other branches you get to go overseas and see the world.


The coast guard is part of the military that protects the ocean. They are stationed in the U.S. to protect and guard the ocean or who might be coming.


The marines are our first line of defense in war, so if we get in a war the marines are the first ones sent out. I wouldn't want to be in that branch because in war they are first sent out and shot at.


The navy is always underwater and in an enclosed space. I know the navy is usually the toughest people in the military, but being underwater, I think, wouldn't be a whole lot of fun and plus you can't explore.


I think the Air Force is the best because you have to fly and even though that might make you sick like on a submarine. In an airplane though you have to focus more on what your doing when in a sub some people just sit for the ride waiting to get to the destination. The Air Force I think is the most helpful too. They support ground forces and tell where the enemy is. They also fight other enemy planes who are trying to do the same thing we do, give the enemy our position.

That is why I think the Air Force is the best branch of the military. "I know all this because my uncle told me about all the branches of the military".


Comment and tell me what your favorite branch of the military is?!?

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March Freewrite

Do you have a friend that you know you absolutely could not live without? I know I do. I have this friend, and her name is Breanna. However, I call her Breeseff! Bre is an amazing person. She is really funny, and even though she does not act it sometimes she is really smart too.

If you are ever having a bad day, go to Bre and she will make it all better. She knows how to make you laugh and smile and have a better day. Having the worst day of your life? Breeseff will make you not have a care in the world. You will forget why you were having such a terrible day.

Next year she plans on playing field hockey with me. I know that will make me enjoy the fall sports season all that much more. I know she is going to be a great field hockey player. If she ever needs help with her skills I plan on being there with a helping hand.

If I ever wanted to be someone else for a day I would want to be her. She makes so many people happy every day. Not only that, she is such an upbeat person. She rarely ever has a bad day. Even if she does she does not ever take her frustration out on anyone. I love when I make people smile, and Bre does it every day. Breeseff is the best friend anyone could ever have. I am so thankful for having a friend like Bre.


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March freewrite

Have you ever had a friend so obsessed with something. Extremely obsessed they couldn't go a week without having it. I have a friend like that and his name is Merrick. Merrick is obsessed with Shamrock Shakes.

If Merrick wanted to he could be the spokes person for Shamrock Shakes he loves them that much. One day at school he was freaking out because he didnt have a Shamrock Shake at all this week. He had to go to the nurse becuase he kind of had a mental break down. He forced the nurse to take him to Mcdonalds so he could get his Shamrock Shake.

Sadly for him that day Mcdonalds was out of Shamrock Shakes. He freaked out and yelled at the person at the register and told them to go order the stuff and make him one now. The lady couldn't do that. Merrick resolved the problem by beating up the lady. He may have gotten arrested but he said it was worth it because he finaly got his Shamrock Shake. He was no longer allowed in that Mcdonalds anymore. He returned to school after his parents picked him up from the police station.

From this they learned to make sure he never goes without a Shamrock Shake again or he will possibly have a melt down again. In the months after that his parents forgot at least two weeks in the month of march. Now he is not allowed in three Mcdonalds in the state of Pennsylvania and from that his parents learned a valuable lesson, which was to just make him them at home.

Merrick lived happily ever after with his Shamrock Shakes.

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March Freewrite

Have you ever thought about a movie or book and try to match your friends and family into the spots of the characters? Have you ever tried to do so? I certainly have.Now im going to match my friends on this blog.The movie I chose is Cinderella. I chose this movie because its a movie I loved when I was a kid. Im also more familular with the movie.

Cinderella- Bonnie

I chose Bonnie as cinderella because she is always cleaning and sometimes seems to be a little over reacting.She also needs to find her "Prince" and be happy.

Step Mother- Justine

I chose Justine because she seems to take charge and be bossy at times. Anyone agree?

Sister 1- Makenna

I chose Makenna to be Sister 1 because she's shy but she seems to be funny. I would also put Miss. TRansue in thius place because shes "funny" some times.

Mouse- Jesse

I chose Jesse as the Mouse because he is funny. hed also be a good person to help out when you needed him.

Prince- Chris

I chose Chris to be the Prince because he seems to be a heart breaker. I mean heartbreaker by he seems to attrack girls.

Sister 2- Jessica

I chose her because she is a little slow sometimes.

This is who I would choose to take the places in Cinderella.Do you agree with me? Now you try to put your real life friends in this story. What story would you choose?

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March Freewrite

One day long ago there was a very noble shark named Portable Shark. He didn't know what to do with his life so one day he decided to go on an adventure to a far away land. This far away land was called Canada. From what he saw in the movies Portable Shark thought Canada looked amazing, and had lots of fish to eat. This place would be perfect for him.

Portable Shark was soon off to this country ready to take on any danger. All of the sudden while Portable Shark was swimming at full speed a sheep fell into his way. The sheep started wiggling everywhere and making awkward noises.

"Baaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaaaaaa", went the sheep as it fell to the ocean floor. Portable Shark had no time to waste, but he couldn't just leave the sheep to die. He dove down to the bottom, and caught the sheep right before he hit the bottom. As fast as he possibly could Portable Shark swam to the surface. The sheep gasped for air. "Thank you", quietly said the sheep.

Portable Shark couldn't wait any longer to know what happened so he asked. "The sheep confused said, "Don't you know about the sheep smuggling business". Portable Shark had never heard of this before.

"The Canadians smuggle us to places in Africa for a lot of money". Portable Shark did not want to be smuggled to someplace in Africa. He turned around leaving the sheep, and Canada behind him. The only question is where would he go now.

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March Freewrite:

      The season has finally come! Track and Field has started up. The pain and agony has began once again. We have start back up on eating healthy, trying as hard as you can, and never giving up. This is what makes up the sport Track and Field.

      Nobody ever likes to eat healthy all of the time, but our coach says we have to. He says thats what will make us stay fit. Not everybody will follow that rule though. During the night, you always are in the mood for a nice cookie, or a piece of chocolate cake. When thats in your house, you usually say...."just one won't hurt me." I know that is what I always say. Then the next day you just work harder to get rid of what you ate the night before. Also you need some of the fats that are in those unhealthy foods, so don't just give up on those tasty treats.

       "You gotta run to the wall and push it each time you get to it." Our coach says that all of the time. When ever we get to our strongest point we are supposed to try even harder to get even better. For jumping, the wall is when you hit your farthest jump. When you hit that jump you feel like you'll never get a better jump, but you just keep pushing and then one day you finally get it. When you break "your wall" you feel so accomplished knowing that you just broke your own goal. Maybe our coach was right saying to "go to the wall and push it!"

You're supposed to never give up, but sometimes you can't be to harsh. Track is about having fun and being involved to keep in shape. Sometimes our coach pushes a little to hard though. I hate when we can't have fun because we're supposed to never give up and push on and on.

Those are some things that happen during track. Eating healthy, trying as hard as you can, and never giving up. That is what goes on during the fun/tortureous season of track and field!

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March Free

ZOOOOOOOOM!! There goes a four wheeler. There goes a Z400 with J. Bender on it. Then there goes a 450 Es with Z. Van Winkle on it. Then there goes a kfx400 putting down the road with W. Warner on it.

Four wheelers

Honda are the best


Because in a race a Honda will win any day


My UTILITY four wheeler


Will beat a SPORT four wheeler


Any day of the week


Although J. Bender did put up a fight


I beat him on the home stretch……..


But, only by a few inches


We basically left W. Warner


On the kfx 400 in the dust


At the starting line.


Then all three of us had a wheelie contest




W. Warner won that challenge.


Then all three of us had a jumping contest




J. Bender took first with that challenge.


That is why Honda four wheelers are the best


Although J. Bender and W. Warner did win a few


Honda are still the best at racing. 


And that is how the cookie crumbles!!  




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The smoke is rolling. The engines are running. The month of March is the long awaited time for farmers. The farmers have the hardest life because they work countless hours, equipment breakdown and the crops should be planted.

First of all one reason why their life is the hardest because they work countless hours. They work on somedays for sixteen to eighteen hours a day. They do all this in the field and in the barn taking care of animals. This leaves them little time to sleep. Also, they have to watch the cattle to see if a calf is being born. The calf needs lots of attention in the twelve hour period where they can contract diseases.

Another reason why it is hard to make it as a farmer is equipment breaks down. On top of all the hours the cost and labor it takes to fix all the equipment they barely get by. The equipment takes a beating in the rough fields were the farmers spend most of their time. The time they spend in the field usually from May to September depending on the weather.

Finally the last reason why farmers have the hardest life is all the crops have to be planted. The crops farmers plant help the animals that they take care of. The crops they plant are oats, corn, alfalfa and many other types of crops. These crops will get sprayed with different chemicals to help them grow and make a healthy animal someday.

In conclusion farmers have the hardest life because the countless hours they spend in the barn and in the field, all the equipment that breaks down and all of the crops that have to be planted. That is why farmers have the hardest life.

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March Freewrite

Have you ever been so bored on your weekends you just want to kill yourself? For my March free write I’m going to tell you some things to do on those boring weekends. XD

For one please don’t kill yourself that be a pretty bad thing to do, and yah don’t do that BAD! Okay time to get real, for one thing you can call a friend up see what they are up to for the day or even the whole weekend. See if you can make a plan to meet them somewhere or see what time to go over their house.

Next, you can ask your parents if there is anything to do around the house maybe (just kidding)

But really, see if you can go on a walk and maybe even go on a nature hunt to see if you can find anything under rocks like let’s see like a salamander or maybe a snake but please don’t pick up the snake if you don’t know what kind it is.-.-

Last, thing you can do is maybe work on some of your homework for a day (only if it’s Sunday. If not follow the first two ideas I gave you. If you're absent or something try to make up some of it you missed or just didn’t do because you forgot it.

I hope you like my ideas for one boring weekend XD

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March Freewrite 

Do you like to read? Do you read just for fun? What’s your favorite book? I never enjoyed reading the only time I ever read is for school when I have to. A few weeks ago I went to my brother’s karate tournament in Lancaster. When we were there I saw this book and it looked so interesting. It was about these three little girls who were disabled and there life I ended up buying it just because. I started reading it and couldn’t put it down it was the best book I had ever read. I read the whole book in a day. 


The book was called Life is a Gift it was based off of a true story. The three little girls were never able to walk, talk, crawl, or eat. These little girls were just like my best friend Lauren's little sister Megan. The oldest little girl was born and lived a very happy life she was in and out of the hospital her whole life but was always giggling. She went to preschool when she was four and mad many friends. When she turned seven she got very sick and was in the hospital for quit a long time and one day she passed away. There was also another little girl who was born before the oldest child past away she was also disable she had all the same complications as her sister. She was a quiet and laid back baby and loved any attention you would give her. The youngest little girl was born after the oldest died she also had complication like her other two sisters. Even though these young girls had problems that no one could fix they were very special. Having or knowing a special needs child will change your life forever you will never look at life the same.

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Haley T March Free Write


Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

The play, Romeo and Juliet, is almost every girl's fantasy relationship. Almost all girls want someone to fall in love at first sight, be so confident that the relationship will last, and someone who will treat them like a queen.

Romeo is a guy that is really smooth and knows all the right words to say. He is the type of guy who will bring his girl some flowers for no apparent reason at all.  He's the type who will throw pebbles at her window because he can't stand to be away from her.  He's the type of guy who wants nothing more than his girl's attention. He is also very confident that his relationship will last. He's confident because never before has he seen true beauty until this night. He's even willing to marry Juliet after they've known each other for like 3 hours (: Every girl wants a guy like that. Every girl wants her prince charming.

Juliet is the type of girl who does all that her parents tell her to. She is the type of girl who has probably never been in love before she met Romeo. Juliet is smart, beautiful, wise, and mature. She will do anything to make her parents happy. I guess everything changed after she met Romeo. I can't imagine what happens in the end, since they all die anyway:P

I really like reading this play, instead of just hearing bits and pieces. The language is easier to understand because of the side notes even if the author is trying to be cool... she’s really not. I mean come on! Homie? Romeo's Peep's? Who says that?

I hope you enjoyed my review on Romeo and Juliet(:

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