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by Emily F teacher: Melanie Transue
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April Freewrite
RaNdOm tUeSdAy
Sometimes people have inside jokes with their friends. Some you may not understand and some that aren’t funny at all. My good friend Kenzie and I have a day called random Tuesday.
This so called inside joke started at the beginning of the year. Kenzie is a very enthused person and she smiles all the time! One day she was feeling a bit under the weather and I wanted to cheer her up. I thought of one of the most random things and just said it. A smile appeared upon her face and a faint giggle fell out. I was glad I could accomplish happiness.
Even since that day we plan for random Tuesday. 2nd period, in science class, is when we see each other in the morning. That is our reminder on Tuesday that it’s random Tuesday. We exchange notebooks to draw and write silly items on them. We have got many, many laughs out of this nonsense day and it has made our friendship that much weirder. Some of our random lines consists of bunny tongues, Peta Petagrue, purple toes, and P.S.
Next time you hear about an inside joke or make up your own, think of this one and laugh. Even try ours out; I guarantee you will have lots of fun!

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