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Miss Melanie Transue

CP English 9

6 January 2012

Evil? Or not Evil?

Evil or not evil, that is a question!?! Have you ever suspected anything before? Where you ever accused of being evil? In the book Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury Jim Nightshade is so evil. The reasons why people he knows thinks that he’s evil is in which he was born, how reckless he is, and how he is “the dark one.”

First things first…. The circumstances in which Jim is born. In the prologue it states that Jim is born on Halloween. It also states that Jim was born “one minute after midnight” (Bradbury, prologue). You know how the youngest is always the sweet one?!? Well in this instance the youngest is the most evil. Just because he was born on Halloween and how he’s the youngest. Yes but he is evil because he was born on Halloween and he is the youngest.

RECKLESS, RECKLESS YOU THINK THAT IM RECKLESS. Yes other people think that Jim is reckless. There is this part in the book where Jim takes down the lightning rod (Bradbury 42 end of chapter 9) I find this very reckless. In the beginning of chapter 18 Will and Jim find the carousel and they say that “its horses, goats, antelopes, zebras, speared through their spines with brass javelins, hung contorted as in a death rictus, asking mercy with their fright-colored eyes, seeking revenge with their panic-colored teeth” (Bradbury, chapter 18 first paragraph). Mr. Dark is evil. We all know that, well that part in the book where he is looking for Will and Jim in the library. Jim for once thought that is was a good idea to yell and give away their position. Jim pays attention to his surroundings. Yes that is true but the only reason why is because he is curious.

     Dark or light? According to Mr. Halloway Jim is a “Black hat.” We can infer that “black hat” means that he is dark or evil because of his actions (Bradbury, End of chapter 4) Jim does some pretty bad stuff, one of the worse is when he sneaks out at night in the middle of the night. Jim and Will are best friends but, Will is always trying to look out for Jim like for instance when Will is trying to pull Jim off the carousal Jim refuses to let Will do this. Jim gets off the carousal but, only because Will made him (Bradbury, chapter 51)

In conclusion Jim is evil because of when he was born, being reckless and how he is “the dark one”















Work cited

Bradbury, Ray. Something Wicked This Way Comes. New York, NY: William Morrow, 1962.


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