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by Tyler B teacher: Melanie Transue
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November Free Write

What is your favorite class in school? What makes that class fun? What is your favorite thing to do in school?

After being in woodshop for the past three months, I have been working on a clock. I would have finished it a long time ago if I had a longer class, but we only have class for forty minutes and the teacher has to take roll and talk about what we are going to do shop today. That takes about ten minutes so we only have thirty minutes to work on our project. Over the course of the year we work on four different items, but my first one was the clock.

It took quite a while to finish for everyone because every person had to plane and joint all the wood that they got from the garage. After that you had to cut two different pieces of wood because later you would glue them together and have a thick clock. Then you have to sand every piece down to the equal measure. Once you have finished that you have to make a base for your clock along with the four pegs on the bottom that your clock will sit on. This part is important you have to drill press the back of your clock so you can fit the battery back there. Now you will be at the end when you can put a stain on it to change the color of your clock. Once done with that, you put about 3 coats of finish on it to make your clock look shiny. Lastly you get your dial and my was a cards dial, but then you put the dial in along with the battery and put in the nuts and bolts so it is held secure in place. Now you have a well built clock that will last a long time.

Now I am currently working on a stand. It has three shelves and they are all heart shaped shelves.

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