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Love Story <3
All this talk about equality. The only thing us people have in common is that we are all going to die period point blank. The song “ Love Story” by Taylor Swift. Although it really doesn’t talk about the death of Romeo and Juliet it is a constant reminder of the love that they shared with one another, but the way it was perceived was completely different from the actual tale.
Although the song was on point with the whole Romeo and Juliet infatuations with each other. They didn’t quite seem to have Juliet or Romeo act like themselves like they did as I read. In the song Taylor said “daddy said stay away from Juliet” well see I remember Juliet’s father saying Romeo was a good kid to all of the people in Verona he was absolutely no harm. Another pet peeve was when Juliet was waiting for Romeo on the balcony. They never had Juliet waiting, he just showed up and BOOM they hit it off from there.
“Love Story” is borderline accurate. It did strongly represent the love between the two, but it was like based off in a high school and then it went to a castle. It was like a dream almost but it actual happened. that’s what made it inaccurate. Another accurate thing was that they both fell in love at first sight.
In conclusion the song was somewhat related to the book Romeo and Juliet. “Love story” by Taylor Swift was a song mainly about love not death.

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