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by Justine W teacher: Melanie Transue
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He Made The Wrong Choice
Love or a fish? A girl you never talked to or a once in a lifetime chance? Which would you choose? I believe the narrator should have chosen the fish because Sheila was lazy, self-centered and she didn’t even want to be there with the narrator.
“It was her face that bothered me it had on its delightful fullness a very dubious expression” (Wetherell 4). Sheila Mant didn’t want to be with the narrator that night. She meant to leave the narrator once they had gotten to the party. Throughout the entire story she spoke of a young man named Erik Caswell and if you infer you may be able to notice Sheila Mant likes this Erik boy. In the end of the story Sheila left the narrator all by himself at the party and went home with Erik. Proving my statement that Sheila did not even want to be at the party with the narrator.
She is lazy. In the story I don’t think there was even a single moment where Sheila Mant had any initiative at all. “I pried the canoe away from the dock and started paddling upstream. There was an extra paddle in the bow, but Sheila made no move to pick it up.” Now I can understand why Sheila would not try to help in a way because it was suppose to be a date and of course you would think the man should do the work, but Sheila did not even bother to ask if the narrator wanted any help. Sheila spent almost all summer on the float that the narrator’s uncle moored. She watched the crew and narrator all summer long and never did anything but lay there.
“Erik said I have the figure to model, but I thought I should get an education first.” I believe that is quite enough evidence to show that Sheila Mant is self-centered. Sheila only talked about herself the entire time the narrator and herself were in the boat. At one point she ever starts talking about how she wants her hair done for instance “I was thinking about getting my hair styled more swept back? I mean, Ann-Margret? Like hers, only shorter.” Sheila never once asked the narrator about his personality, what he likes: or even why he asked her out on the date all she cared about was herself.
Sheila Mant was lazy, self-centered, and didn’t want to even attend the party with the narrator. The narrator should have chosen the fish, in the end he realized there would be more Sheila Mants but there would never be a chance for him to catch that fish again.

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