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by Justine W teacher: Melanie Transue
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You are just a tiny unborn baby. Your mother isn’t even through with her first trimester. You don’t even have fingernails yet. You can’t wait for the nine months to be over. You plan to do everything possible once you are born. Two days later your mother gets an abortion. I know that I make abortion seem like a bad thing but in many ways abortion is actually a good thing. With a new high percentage of rape and teenage pregnancy abortion should actually be considered a good thing.
In 2011 alone over 5000 women were impregnated in New York, but they were not impregnated through normal circumstances; they were raped. I know this may be a bit opinionated, but I would not want to have a child that would always be a reminder of what happened to me. Many women after they are raped would rather forget what happened so with abortion a woman would not have to go through the rest of their life knowing that their child was conceived because they were raped. I know some of you reading this are probably saying “It’s a human being it does not matter in which way it was conceived.” It is true that it’s a human being, but a woman should not have to give birth to the constant memory of what happened to her.
Teen pregnancy has sky rocketed in the last 15 years. In almost every school in the United States there is at least one pregnant teenage girl. Many of these teenage girls will quit school to raise the child which might jeopardize their future. But other teenage girls get abortions and they can proceed in life and not quit school. Yes some girls do not quit school to raise the child but if the mother still goes to school she will not be able to care for her own child as much as she would like. Teenage pregnancy may be considered “cool” now with all of the TV shows supporting pregnant teenage girls but just to get on TV in no reason to have a child so young. In many cases parents may stop supporting their teenage daughter and many people in the young girls environment may shun her and make her an outcast.
As you can see abortion isn’t quite as terrible as people make it out to be. Think about these two scenarios and choose which you are. Pro-life? Pro-choice?

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