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by Justine W teacher: Melanie Transue
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Just For Fun!! 09/11
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Run along behind them, pretending you're something so grand.
You dyed your hair bleach blonde and got yourself some spray-on tan.
Now you're all set; you're walking in their shoes.
Now you're perfect; you're popular too.
Everybody else is eyeing you up with amusement, like you've only seen in your dreams.
But let me tell you something, sweetheart; popularity is not what it seems.
Those girls look so put-together, they're just a bunch of fakes.
But you still want to be them, and you'll do whatever it takes.
They're talking to you now, telling you about that party later on.
But in reality, they won't miss you once you're gone.
Turns out, that party is nothing more than the joke of the night.
But you're too oblivious to the fact that nothing is alright.
They're plotting against you, plotting to tear you apart.
The ultimate plan amongst them is to break your innocent heart.
First things first, innocence must go.
"Don't worry," they say, pushing you towards him. "Nobody will ever know."
Now you're up in that bedroom, wondering what you should do.
He's lying there waiting, but you're unsure of how to.
So you let him lead, as he takes away everything you've ever had.
Who knew something so amazingly right could be so devastatingly bad?
It's all over now, and he's starting to walk away.
Down the stairs, into the crowd, and to the music your head sways.
He's with his friends, as you try to find yours.
You can't wait to tell them what happened up on the second floor.
Now everybody sees you, and the whispering floats to your ears.
You look around helplessly, eyes forming a flood of tears.
Your friends are laughing at you, and you ask them why.
They promised nobody would know, but apparently that was a lie.
You're just an innocent little girl, even if your innocence is gone.
You wanted everything to be right, but now it's all wrong.
So you run away from them, from him, from the world.
You run away as if you're still that innocent little girl.
Tears stream your face, you're crying at it hurts.
Surely, nothing can get any worse.
Then you lock eyes with a boy you never even met.
And for one single moment, you actually forget.
He walks you home, and the moon lights the sky.
Innocent little girl, how does it feel to live a lie?
So you tell him your story, just as he's about to leave.
Hoping so desperately that he will believe.
He pulls you into an embrace, holding you close.
Remember innocent little girl, this was what you chose.
Don't be a follower, just be yourself.
Who cares about everybody else?

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