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by Curtis S teacher: Melanie Transue
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Febuary Free write.

Do you like sports?Do you play sports?Do you know anyone that plays a sport?There are all diffrent kinds of sports. There is baseball, football, hockey and, basetball to name a few .

Baseball is great sport because alot of people play the sport . Also because you play it in the summer and spring time when it is warm . Another reason is because nine guys get to play at one time and you can play for like 6 months straight.You can also have have alot of fun if you pitch because the game is pretty much in your hands then.

Football is a fantastic sport because it is really physical .You also get a choice of playing offense or defense defense is better because you ge to tackle people. If you play offence you get more chances to score touchdowns also you usally get noticed more if you are the quarterback since he plays on the offensive side of the ball.

Hockey is also a great sport . Hockey is a really skilled and physical sport. You can get into fist fights with people . Also you have to play as team.

Basketball is also a really skilled sport . It is a high action sport . If your tall you can dunk and if your tall it really helps .

In conclusion, those are some examples of sports and what they are about.

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