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by Haley S teacher: Melanie Transue
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Dear Freshmen,

I bet that sounds good. Freshman. You're finally officially in high school. Are you stoked for the pep rallies, and homecoming, better field days and talent shows? You certainly should be. Events like these are much better in high school! Anyway, I'm not writing to you to tell you all the fun you'll have, because I'm sure you know, high school will come with fun things and very not fun things.

Be successful. That's all I can say. This is where it REALLY starts to count. I mean, it counted all before, but this is where it really matters. Colleges look at grades starting in 9th grade. Start getting serious.

Befriend your teachers. Everything is better when you get along with them. Participate in Mr. Woolcock's labs. Have fun, but don't be dumb. He's a nice guy, but don't push him. Mrs. Farr is a very serious and hard working woman, but she is NOT mean in any sense of the word. She is one of the nicest people I know, so don't go into her classrom with any falsehoods in your head that she is anything but that. Her class is not hard to excel in. Just do your work. Don't eat Mr. Hein's food. Don't question or abuse his doll, his dead guy's head, rasta banana, or any of his other toys. DO ALL BLOGS for Miss Transue. When she asks a question open for the whole class to answer, and nobody answers, answer it. If you've already answered several, get the person next to you to answer it. If not, you'll most likely end up with an extra quiz or homework or something. You may or may not have the following teachers, but I will throw in a word of advice for them too, because I had them. Mrs. Host is one of the kindest, sweetest women ever. Do NOT take advantage of her. It took awhile for me to get used to Mr. Delano's methods of teaching. They differ from Mr. Rez's. You'll get used to it. He will make fun of you at some point in the year, I assure you this. He is joking and means well. Don't call him by his first name or any nick name other than Del. He doesn't take well to that kind of thing. If you're in band, you'll have Coop. Mr. Cooper is a very fun guy. He may seem a little strict, but he isn't. Just don't be dumb. Make sure you at least know how to play a scale. Put forth effort and GO TO SECTIONALS. Apply this to all of your teachers: if you don't like them, don't associate with them any more than necessary, and certainly do not aggravate them.

Start getting serious, pay mind to your grades, and get to know your teachers. I also suggest you get involved with a sport, club or activity of some sort. They just make it a little more fun. Participate in spirit week and stuff. High school comes with a lot of junk that REALLY sucks, so I suggest you have a good time with the "fun" parts of it. Have a great year, and I wish the best to you,


P.S. Freshman are HIGHLY discriminated against by all upper classmen. Just get used to it. It isn't changing. In a year, you'll be doing the same thing to the Class of 2017!

Have a good year, make it worth it!

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