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November Freewrite

'Til My Heart Stops Beating

Fall asleep with your headphones
While the worlds on replay
Watch the stars from the rooftop
As they light up the city.

So many questions that spring up
So many answers I don't have
So many voices that ask them
I won't stop 'til they're all dead.

This I learned as a child,
"Always follow your heart"
But reality sets in
It wasn't true from the start.

When you're wearing your heart out
'Til it's bruised and it's bleeding
Seems there's nothing to fight for,
But the drum keeps beating.

-The Heisman Hopefuls

This song is "Til' My Heart Stops Beating" by The Heisman Hopefuls. What do these lyrics mean to you? Do they mean anything to you? To me, these words and the band mean a considerable amount.
The Heisman Hopefuls was a band from Binghamton, New York. Members of the band included Tyler Reed (vocals), Tom Towner (Drums), Patrick Bayer (Bass), and Sam Festa (Guitar). Matt Rucker was an original member of the band. Unfortunately, Matt had to leave the band, but he attended and occasionally accompanied on stage the band at many of their concerts. The life of The Heisman Hopefuls was far too short. The band was born in January of 2009. Just this past October, the band played its final show. This band, though from a small town and hardly known, was one of my favorite bands. Since the band broke up, many members have gone on to start or join other musical groups.
"Til' My Heart Stops Beating" was released in 2011. This song means a great deal to me, as it tells of how even when you're frustrated and confused, don't give up. This song can appeal to anybody. Regardless of your gender or age, this song could speak volumes to you. Anyone can relate to the moral of this song: give your all to what you love.
It was once said by a source unknown that “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” I must agree with this wholeheartedly, as this song and this band have done this for me.

Information about the band and song lyrics I found on their Facebook page:

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