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Kids These Days

Kids strive for acceptance from other kids. It means the world to them to fit in. It is of the utmost importance that each child look exactly the same, with their American Eagle jeans, their Hollister hoodie, their Aeropostale tee, and their neon Osirises, or their Ugg Boots, or moccasins or their cool new Nike Shox. Conformity is a sickness, and we must find a cure.

However, you should know that going out of your way to avoid conformity makes you a nonconformist. I consider deliberate nonconformity to be just another form of conformity. Those who avoid modern trends and fads meticulously are hypocritically doing the very thing that they claim to be avoiding, conforming.

My best advice to you is to be who you are. Be who you truly want to be. Do not allow your peers to influence you. You may say you don't care what people think and you are who you are anyway and all that jazz, but are you really? Ask yourself, would you be the person you are today if you were home-schooled and didn't keep up with the trends? If you truly want to wear your Hollister hoodie, by all means do it! But don't specifically wear or not wear it because it's considered "cool" or not. Love who you are. Embrace your individuality. As Irving Wallace once said, “To be one's self, and unafraid whether right or wrong, is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to conformity.”

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