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by Bethany R teacher: Melanie Transue
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Bestfriend 05/31/12
Concussion 05/30/12
Basketball! 05/04/12
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May Freewrite

Have you ever had that one person that you went to with all your problems? All of your secrets? Or just to call and say hello? Is that person always there for you when you need them the most? In my eyes a best friend is someone who you can do the dumbest stuff with and they laugh right along with you. They shouldn’t judge you on how you look or what you’ve done. When people say your past is your past for a reason I agree with that fully. Your best friend shouldn’t judge you on your past they should be looking to the right now and have fun with who they have fun with. I also think that a best friend is that person who acts like your sister more than just a friend.

If I had to choose one person to say that was my best friend that would have to be my grandpa Ruhf. He passed away when I was 3 years old. He and I did everything together since the day he left. When he was still alive we used to go fishing after he got home from work every day. We would go to my uncle’s ponds and stay there till it was just about dark. I was only really little when he was alive but I still think he was my best friend. Even if he was still here to this day I could go to him about anything that was bothering me. He was just one of those people that you could talk to about anything. He and I had so much in common so there was never a dull moment.

The second person that I can honestly call my best friend would Ryleigh. I can say she’s my best friend is because we could be so mad at each other one minute then the next we’ll be laughing about it. She’s always there for me whenever I need her. Whenever I have a bad day she’s the one of the first people I go to and tell her what was wrong. The good thing about having a true best friend would be that they can tell when you’re upset and need to talk. They keep asking what is wrong till you finally give in and finally tell them what is on your mind. She is one of those people that doesn’t judge you on your past or what you say if it’s dumb. I could be having the worst day and she always knows how to make me smile. When you tell her something she just doesn’t answer with one word she tries to help you out the best way she can. If she cannot help you she’ll make sure that someone does. The thing I love the most about having a best friend would be that sometimes they don’t know what to say but you know they were listening. Sometimes that’s all people need is for someone to listen to them and hear what they have to say. I wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t for my family and close friends. They are my life they come before anything. Seeing those people you love happy just makes feel even better about myself.

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April Freewrite

Have you ever had a major concussion? In February of this year I suffered almost the worst injury that I’ve ever had. The feeling that I had for those three months after was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. There was a lot of fatigue. At first I didn’t want to do a single thing but lay in bed with all the lights shut off and the windows blocked. The headaches with the concussion in my opinion were terrible.

A couple days later I went to a doctor up in Sayre. He specializes in sports injuries. He told me what I had to do to get over this as quickly as I could. At first I wanted to get back to playing sports as soon as possible then I realized how bad I really was. I didn’t want to listen to what he said and the worst part about that whole thing would be that having a head injury isn’t something you want to mess around with. It’s not like a bone. You cannot just replace it. That is something that stays with you your whole life. After a few weeks went by, I finally realized that I needed to take it serious because if I did anything wrong I could end up really hurting myself and not being able to go back to the way I was before this happened.

After a month or two went by I wasn’t feeling like anything was getting better. I felt like things were getting worse. I didn’t have the energy to do a lot, I was moody, my hearing was very sensitive, and I just felt like I was being slowed down a lot. I finally went to the doctor and something just wasn’t right. He figured he would try this medicine that would help with the symptoms that I was facing on an everyday basis. The medicine that he prescribed would be Amantadine. After taking this medicine it has taken away about 95% of the symptoms that I was having in the beginning. This whole process took a very long time to get back to the way I was feeling before. It was really hard on my family because I couldn’t really do anything without getting sick because I felt terrible.

Now that I’ve gotten through the hardest things with this concussion getting back to my normal schedule seems easy and a relief that I’m back to my normal self again.

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March Freewrite

If you had to choose two players from the NBA to be on your team who would you choose? Over the past couple years the National Basketball Association has received some very talented basketball players. There are several people that have gone into the NBA, such as Derrick Rose he has been in the pro leagues for three years. For his college he attended Memphis. During his college career he won freshmen of the year. He was selected for one of the Conference USA Freshman of the Year and earned All-Freshman Team honors. Rose was a member of the USA Basketball Junior National Select Team that defeated the World Select Team at the 2007 Nike Hoop Summit held in Memphis, Tennessee.

Another talented NBA star would be Steve Nash. Nash went to college Santa Clara College. Before he finished college he became the Bronco’s all-time leader in career assist. Steve has been in the NBA for 15 years. He was twice named the West Coast Conference Player of the Year. Also Nash became the oldest player in NBA history to record a 20-assist game (37 years, 43 days), beating Lenny Wilkens by a year and 13 days. Also in 2007 he was Named USA Today’s Most Caring Athlete. To this day Steve Nash is the starting point guard. He’s one of the consistent players that the Phoenix Suns have had since 2004 till today. Those were the two players that I feel are very capable of doing alot in their career and in life.



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Febuary Free write

Have you ever wondered if you could choose one season to pick to continue that all year round what would it be? If I could choose any season to be all year round it would be summer. Summer I think is the best season. In the summer there are many things you can do that in any other season. When it comes down to the rest of the season summer is the only season that has the nicest temperatures. There are three things that I look forward to during the summer. Those three things are the beginning to my summer softball tournaments.

Also I look forward to hanging out with all my friends. Finally the last thing I look forward to would be vacation with my family. The whole season of summer just has a warm and relaxing feeling. When summer is finally here and you don't have to worry about getting up for school every morning or getting your homework done. You can just relax and have fun. Even those summer nights when you can have a bonfire with your family and friends.

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Spring is my favorite time of the year!

Do you have a favorite sport? That favorite sport that you like to watch on television? Or that sport that you can enjoy with your family? The sport that my whole family enjoys would be softball. With my family we can either sit down and watch it or we could be out playing it. I think that softball helps us bond with each other and when we have questions about it we just go to each other.

Softball in my family started with my grandpa who was an awesome pitcher. Which after his career was over he taught my aunt's and my mom about the sport. All my aunts played softball growing up and they had what it took to be successful and dedicated to the sport. Now that I love to play softball I now understand how much you have to be dedicated and how much time and effort you must put in. Knowing that you are putting in a great amount of time it will pay off in the end. Also having the drive to want to win and get better and as a whole team. Although some people may think that softball is a girly sport, I personally don’t believe that. I don’t believe that because just like baseball you’re going to get dirty if you want to win. Wanting to win more than the other team puts more drive into why anyone would play a sport.

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