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by Christopher C teacher: Melanie Transue
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May Freewrite

Look in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its SuperBlaise. Not only could he fly though he also had super strength and could pick up almost anything! Lastly he had amazing speed.
One day SuperBlaise was flying in Pennsylvania when a Curtis appeared. SuperBlaise saw the criminal holding a puppy hostage. SuperBlaise knew he needed to save this puppy from its crazy kidnapper.
Within seconds SuperBlaise was standing in front of Curtis and his victim. “Release that puppy now”, SuperBlaise commanded.
Curtis then proceeded to say, “Or what?”
SuperBlaise would not be talked to in this tone of voice. He grabbed Curtis by the britches and threw him into a lake. Curtis Stood back up, and yelled, “Now I’m wet!” Poor Curtis ran away crying, and went home to play with his stuffed pink unicorn. Now Curtis made up his mind he wasn’t going to be evil anymore. He would live at his house with his mom, and his puppy Steve.
Then at the end of all this SuperBlaise was the best superhero. This was because he destroyed all the evil in the world. It was official he was the greatest superhero ever, even better than Superman.
Later on that evening SuperBlaise found out that the puppy really was Curtis’. SuperBlaise and Curtis lived a peacefully happily ever after.

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