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Article posted May 30, 2012 at 08:51 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 329

April Freewrite

Have you ever had a major concussion? In February of this year I suffered almost the worst injury that I’ve ever had. The feeling that I had for those three months after was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. There was a lot of fatigue. At first I didn’t want to do a single thing but lay in bed with all the lights shut off and the windows blocked. The headaches with the concussion in my opinion were terrible.

A couple days later I went to a doctor up in Sayre. He specializes in sports injuries. He told me what I had to do to get over this as quickly as I could. At first I wanted to get back to playing sports as soon as possible then I realized how bad I really was. I didn’t want to listen to what he said and the worst part about that whole thing would be that having a head injury isn’t something you want to mess around with. It’s not like a bone. You cannot just replace it. That is something that stays with you your whole life. After a few weeks went by, I finally realized that I needed to take it serious because if I did anything wrong I could end up really hurting myself and not being able to go back to the way I was before this happened.

After a month or two went by I wasn’t feeling like anything was getting better. I felt like things were getting worse. I didn’t have the energy to do a lot, I was moody, my hearing was very sensitive, and I just felt like I was being slowed down a lot. I finally went to the doctor and something just wasn’t right. He figured he would try this medicine that would help with the symptoms that I was facing on an everyday basis. The medicine that he prescribed would be Amantadine. After taking this medicine it has taken away about 95% of the symptoms that I was having in the beginning. This whole process took a very long time to get back to the way I was feeling before. It was really hard on my family because I couldn’t really do anything without getting sick because I felt terrible.

Now that I’ve gotten through the hardest things with this concussion getting back to my normal schedule seems easy and a relief that I’m back to my normal self again.

Article posted May 30, 2012 at 08:51 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 329

Article posted May 24, 2012 at 01:01 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 447

April Freewrite

In a world where there is one big ocean and no land lives a sea turtle. This turtle goes by the name of Tommy the Turtle.

Tommy the Turtle is a very bad turtle, and only comes out at night. He goes to parties, and clubs just to say he was there. He's so bad that sometimes he even drinks Kelp Juice.

Although he’s constantly running from the Sea Clam Cops he always has time to visit the local turtle orphanage. The cops however knew this, and they decided this is where they would finally catch this criminal.

Tommy the Turtle was holding his favorite orphan turtle when the police swam up. They had the orphanage surrounded. They had Water speakers and told Tommy that if he didn't surrender immediately they would throw rocks at the orphanage endangering the life’s of all the orphan turtles.

Tommy had no choice. He swam out of the front door with his hands in the air. He didn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison though. So he pulled out a sea shell he had in his pocket. The cops saw this, and got nervous so they all threw there rocks at Tommy the Turtle. The rocks just bounced off his shell though! Tommy swam away as fast as he could to his hideout. Tommy the Turtle would live to see another day of being bad.

The Sea Clam Cops would chase after Tommy for the rest of his life. They would never catch him however, because he is Tommy the Turtle.

Kelp drinking problems? Call the DrukenKelp hotline at 1-800-GetOffKelp.

Article posted May 24, 2012 at 01:01 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 447

Article posted May 23, 2012 at 01:21 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 392

April Free Write

Richard P

Stuff I Learned About Myself This Year

          Did you ever look around you and see that you are kind of alone even among people you know?  Do you ever wonder why?  Is it the choices that you made? This year I learned that the choices I’ve made have separated me from my closest friends in some ways.  I have stayed in school, stayed out of juvenile court, and am able to have fun without getting into trouble.

          Staying in school has not been easy.  A lot of my closest friends have quit school.  They have jobs.  Some of their jobs are better than others.  Some of my closest friends quit school and got in trouble with the law.  They are not working good jobs because of the choices they made about quitting school.  There are a lot of opportunities you can have with a high school diploma.  You will miss them if you do not have one.

          I have never been to juvenile court, but I know people who have.  It is probably something I would not like to try.  It is the closest you can get to jail without actually going.  The only thing stopping you from actually going to jail is your age.  You can go to jail if you are under 18, but it depends on how your court hearing goes.  I found out that what you do when you are young impacts your life very strongly when you become an adult. You can’t get a job if you are a convicted felon or were in jail for most of your teenage years.  When you go for a job interview they will look at your record.  They will not want someone who has been in jail for their entire teenage life.

          I have learned that to have fun does not always mean getting into trouble.  School is a very important thing to have in life because it will impact your life very strongly. 

In conclusion, I have tried to make the right choices about staying in school and staying out of trouble.  It is not always easy, but it is the right thing to do.  I have to rethink getting into trouble almost every day.  So remember to make the right choices.  It will make your life a lot better.

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Article posted May 10, 2012 at 12:20 AM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 124

April Freewrite

The ocean is a big place. The ocean is home to the world’s largest creatures. The Whale. There are many whales in the sea but I’m going to tell you a story about the unluckiest whale ever.

There once was a blue whale that seemed like an ordinary whale. He was always an average whale but he never had good luck until one day when he couldn’t of been unluckier.

One day this blue whale was swimming and all of a sudden he got ran over by a pirate ship. Now this didn’t kill the whale but the pirates had a bunch of bees on the ship. One of the bees escaped and stung the whale. The only problem with this is that this is the only whale that is allergic to bees. After he got stung; the whale thought “Could this get any worse?” He knew it was going to. Then all of a sudden a man-eating shark came out from the abyss and jumped over the ship trying to get a tasty pirate. Instead he ended up jumping over the whole boat and biting the whale. Luckily the shark hated the taste of whale and went back to trying to eat the pirates. The pirates didn’t want to be eaten so they started shooting at the shark and one of the shots hit the whale. The whale washed up on a beach dead an hour later. The news papers made a huge story about how unlucky this whale was. This story was read by millions of people and nobody was happy about the whale’s death.

Now you know the story of the unluckiest whale ever, and how he died.

Article posted May 10, 2012 at 12:20 AM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 124

Article posted May 9, 2012 at 04:28 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 73

April Freewrite

Were you ever worried you were going to fail? How about thinking that you couldn’t pass for the year? This is how I feel about me and my 9th grade year.

Will I fail?

Will I be here for another year?

Why can’t I do one thing without staying on topic?

I want to pass.

I want to move on with my friends.

I don’t want to get stuck back with the eighth graders.

Will I pass?

Will I try my best to pass?

Will I just not try?

Will I just give up?

Will I take summer school?

Will I take home school next year?

I don’t want to fail.

I don’t want to take summer school.

I don’t want to take home school.

I guess I’ll just wait and see.

Article posted May 9, 2012 at 04:28 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 73

Article posted May 9, 2012 at 12:50 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 93

Life: April Freewrite

Life can be tough but there is always a way through it... Friends are good to have in life so you have someone to fall back on when you’re sad or lonely they know how to cheer you up or they know what to say to make everything right for at least a few hours. So when all else fails turn to a friend that you can trust enough to tell them everything. Some people say it’s better to tell your parents what happens not always parents don’t understand how teenagers feel they sit there and they try to listen but when they try to give you advise it doesn’t help it just makes things worse .

You want a place that you could just run away and get away from life for awhile be by yourself where no one can bother you. At times there will be people that you feel you can’t trust and you feel alone but truth is no one is alone that is just an emotion that is hard to control sometimes friends can help with that , and sometimes it doesn’t. when you do feel alone or afraid write or draw how you feel it always helps and you never know something you draw or write may turn out to be a master piece that someone really likes!! Live your life as it is its going to get better someday and if it doesn’t learn how to cope in a positive way.

Article posted May 9, 2012 at 12:50 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 93

Article posted May 9, 2012 at 12:49 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 391

April Free Write

Even though there are a few plus sides to school, most of the sides are negative. You do get to see all of your friends and are given a good education, but I would rather hang out with my friends a couple of times a week than sitting in just one class for about 45 minutes while taking notes.

Since there are many students who probably couldn't see their friends on a weekday, it is nice for them to go to school and see them. Even though you're only supposed to talk to your friends during lunch, you can still talk to them during many other parts of the day such as before school, after school, on the bus, or in between classes.

Even though the education is pretty boring, it still is very helpful. Without a good education you probably won't go very far in life. Even if you don't want or need your education for the rest of your life, it is still nice to be able to know things when it comes to solving a math problem or reading something important. There are many other plus sides to a good education.

Even though there are some times in the day to hang out with your friends during school, I would much rather hang out with them outside of school. There are many places you can choose to hang out at. A few examples are the movies, you or your friends house, or in town. These are only a few examples. You can hang out with your friends wherever you want. You could even hang out by the school if you wanted to.

Even if you are limited to the places you can hang out at, you are still given more time to choose from. At school you only get about six hours out of the total school day. Even though you get only get six hours, you don't have nearly that much time to actually hang out with your friends. When it comes to weekends, you get all day and all night to be with your friends without school getting in the way.

Even though there are a few plus sides to school, most of it is pretty negative. You are given a good education, but it would be much easier to hang out with your friends outside of school. Even though there are some times during the school day you can hang out, you are given much more time on the weekends.

Article posted May 9, 2012 at 12:49 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 391

Article posted May 8, 2012 at 04:29 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 169

April Freewrite

RaNdOm tUeSdAy

Sometimes people have inside jokes with their friends. Some you may not understand and some that aren’t funny at all. My good friend Kenzie and I have a day called random Tuesday.

This so called inside joke started at the beginning of the year. Kenzie is a very enthused person and she smiles all the time! One day she was feeling a bit under the weather and I wanted to cheer her up. I thought of one of the most random things and just said it. A smile appeared upon her face and a faint giggle fell out. I was glad I could accomplish happiness.

Even since that day we plan for random Tuesday. 2nd period, in science class, is when we see each other in the morning. That is our reminder on Tuesday that it’s random Tuesday. We exchange notebooks to draw and write silly items on them. We have got many, many laughs out of this nonsense day and it has made our friendship that much weirder. Some of our random lines consists of bunny tongues, Peta Petagrue, purple toes, and P.S.

Next time you hear about an inside joke or make up your own, think of this one and laugh. Even try ours out; I guarantee you will have lots of fun!

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Article posted May 7, 2012 at 03:03 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 123


April Free write

Xbox 360/Ps3

Which do you think is better, Dr. Pepper, or Pepsi? How about dogs or cats? What about gaming consoles? There is a huge argument going on between Play station 3 (ps3) players and Xbox 360 players about which console is the better. Well for my March free write I will put in my opinion about why the argument should end.

I myself am a player of the Xbox 360, and my friend Kyle has both of the consoles, he has carefully played them both and he has told me that they aren’t that different from each other. Sure they both have different things about them that some people like and others don’t, but other than that they are practically the same.

Kyle has told me that the game play is basically the same for most games, there are some games that have different controls but they still have the same game play. I’ve been told by many ps3 players that the graphics are way better on ps3 then they are on Xbox 360, I myself do not believe that but then again I have not played a ps3. Since Kyle has both of the consoles he has seen how the graphics are on both and has told me that they also are basically the same, no better, no worse. Other ps3 players will probably say different and say they are better but in Kyle’s eyes they look the same, although the only time they would really look better then the Xbox graphics is if you are playing the ps3 on an HD TV.

Now about the online game play, there is the Play Station Network (PSN) for the Play Station, and there is Xbox live for the Xbox 360. Again both players of both consoles will say that one is better than the other. It is true that you do not have to pay for PSN and you do have to pay for Xbox live. Although you will have to pay to play on Xbox, there is the possibility that PSN is able to get hacked and shut down. Xbox can’t get hacked because everyone has their own profiles and it would take a long time for someone to hack every profile. Ps3 is able to be hacked but it isn’t an easy process and doest get hacked a whole lot.

So both Xbox 360 and Ps3 both have good things about them and also there are bad things about them, but I hope that the argument between the players will end and all of us gamers whether its Xbox or Ps3 can just be happy and play. Thanks for reading :)

Article posted May 7, 2012 at 03:03 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 123

Article posted May 4, 2012 at 06:42 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 93

April Free write

Have you ever gotten bored with lame graphics? Maybe even using the same big game controller? I'm going to tell you about different games I like to play on the PS3 (way better) and how the Xbox is not as good.

Okay so for my April free write I am going to be talking about all the games I like to play on the PS3. And why the ps3 is way better than the Xbox.

First I will start off with the games I like to play the army games along with fighting and action games. For an example for all of them, for fighting I like playing UFC, street fighter and a lot more.

For the army games I’m going to have to say I like playing MW3, Black ops. Also Army of Two only because you get to shoot people and get into competitive games with friends and also make a lot more friends online if you’re good at the game.

The last category of mine is also action for them I would have to say dark sector and assassin creed and also dark blade that is because you get to fight creatures and use special weapons and everything else and also get special powers.

Now for what I was saying earlier about how the ps3 is way better than the Xbox that is my opinion because first off you get internet for free you don’t have to pay for anything and you also have better graphics and can play your games in HD now who doesn’t want to play their games in HD common people.

Those are my favorite game choices and why I think Xbox is way better than the PS3 thank you for listening. =)

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Article posted May 4, 2012 at 04:44 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 137

You are having a bad day. You trudge to your room and plop on your bed. “Nothing can make this day any better” you think to yourself. Little did you know that a CD waits to sing to you exactly what you feel, comfort you.  Now your troubles are gone.

Since there are so many genres of music, it’s easy to find a song that explains exactly how you feel. When you finally do find that song, you feel like you’re not alone, it feels as though all of your troubles are gone. One of the best things about music is that it comes in so many forms. Not only will the perfect song sing about your exact situation, but it will also express those words with background music that portrays how you feel as well.

Music helps to release emotions that tend to be bottled up. When things feel stressful or upsetting, one of the best solutions is blasting your favorite song and dancing around like nobody is watching. Sing your heart out. Music is always the answer.

Another way that music helps to release those emotions can come from the form of writing songs. Singing or playing exactly how you feel for yourself is also very stress-relieving. As a singer/ song-writer myself, I know how helpful writing songs can be for stress.

Next time you are trudging around trying to forget about the terrible day you had, I highly suggest music as an easy fix. Music really is the ultimate answer.


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Article posted May 4, 2012 at 04:43 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 595

 April Freewrite

Pick Up The Phone

          Have you been blamed for something that isn’t your fault and you didn’t even do it?  Has one of your best friends or boyfriend/girlfriend blame you for everything?  Have you ever felt like the world was against you?

Why won't you believe me?

These words,

Coming out of my mouth.

I promise it's the truth.

Why would I lie to you?

You out of all people.

Just let me explain.

It's not meant to end this way.

It can’t be over.

You promised you’d never say goodbye to me.

Why would you break your promise?

I can’t go on without you.

What will make you pick up the phone?

I don’t wanna lose you,

Not like this.

I can’t fathom why you’d think I was capable of something like that.

I would never do anything like that.

SO please, if you would,

Just pick up,

The phone.

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Article posted May 4, 2012 at 02:29 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 101

April Freewrite

Do you like music? Do you like good music? Have you ever heard of Rise Agaisnst?

Rise Against is not only a band, it's a way of life. They teach us many things. One thing they teach us is not to treat each other wrong, just because they are different. In the song "Hero of War" it says "we beat him with guns and batons, not just once but again and again." This song teaches us not to be wrong to a person just because os their differences.

Also, Rise Against has a lot of things about love too. The song "Savior" by Rise Against is a song not only about love, but life as well. The song says "It kills me not to know this, but I've all but just forgotten what the color of her eyes were, and her scars and how she got them." this song says a lot about people and life. It also says that he cared about her, but he had to let her go. In the song he cared for her a lot and now he had to let her go because he loved her.

Finally, Rise Against tells us not to just hold in our feelings. In the song "Strength to Go on," it says "Let us open up our hearts without fear for anything." This song shows that no matter what people say or do, we gotta let our feelings show. Also, when it mentions that, it says that people are going to judge you. You could do anything to stop it but people will judge you.

That is how Rise Against is great.

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April FreeWrite

The problem is I don’t know what’s wrong. How can I fix when I have no clue about what’s wrong? Can you shed some light on what is wrong? Can you help me? Help me find the problem between us? What is this emptiness that is between us? Is it tearing us apart or is it just tearing me apart? What am I suppose to do? Just sit here and hope that something comes to you? Someone comes and helps me?

But in reality all I want is you to help me. That’s all I want is for you to help me to finger out what is wrong and tell me how I can make the wrong into right. Can you help me their? Can you find the thing that I need most. Can you help me through this? Will you be there at the end for me? Will you be their waiting for me? Or will you just walk away and leave me behind. To sit here and think of what I possibly did wrong? I can tell you now I have no clue what when wrong or what I did wrong. So I will ask you now please for me can you help me? Can you pull me through this like I use to with you? Will you still be there when I need you the most?

O please o please be their just for me. Just wait for me I find my way all I ask is you just wait. Can you do that for me? Sit down and wait till I make it out so I can see you again. In the same light that I seen you in before. Like when you were always their for me and wouldn’t abounded me. You never abandon me before not like an old car that wouldn’t move in the dead of night. So please don’t leave me. I don’t want to be that car that makes you walk into town for gas. So yet again I ask you can you shed just a sliver of light on which I wrong you? I really have no clue how I did. But if you want to leave me and get on the bus and don’t look back and you just leave I will understand because I wrong you to many times so if u just leave without a good bye I will understand. But will you know that I do love you . Please remember that and don’t forget me that’s only if you leave.

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Article posted May 1, 2012 at 06:03 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 87

April Free write

For my April free write I am going to share a poem that I wrote myself. The poem is called Stay strong

Stay Strong

Things will get better

I promise they will

Keep being positive

And the hole in your heart will fill

I know it’s not easy

Going through all of this

It feels like it will never end

But it’s the big picture you’re starting to miss

A lot of people have tragedies

Happen to them in their life

I know it seems like you’ve had more

You might just be right

It all happened in such a short time

Keep your head up

I know you’ll be just fine

You think it’s not fair

And you think you can’t cope

But god is testing you

And keeping this all in notes

The fact that your being

So strong and believing

That everything always happens for a reason

Means that of course, you’re passing his test

Just keep looking forward

And trying your best.

That is the poem I wrote and decided to share for my April free write.

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Every night I lie in bed. Closing my eyes I replay the album of memories I have with you.

Looking back to every summer I spent with you. Your smile. Sitting on the porch without a word. The silence we exchanged watching the hummingbirds. Watching the sports channel while you explained every move to me. The way you would read the newspaper everyday. In the same order. Back to front. Reading on the couch together. Our conversations that would last for hours.

It was never hello or how are you doing… it was always a welcoming question about my horses. My poppy took great interest in my riding. To this day I still laugh over the day my grandma and grandpa came to pick me up from my lesson. Riding a spooky pony named Skittles. In the viewing room behind the glass they stood. As I looped the ring again the tap against the window had me in the dirt. He didn’t know better… all he wanted was for me to see he was there. I was 9 years old, and it still seems like yesterday.

My poppy is my hero. It was the little things he did that ment the most to me. Our relationship wasn’t like most. It was different. He was, and still is my inspiration everyday. To be the best I can be in everything I do.

I cherish the time I spent with him. Though, I regret the time I could have been there but wasn’t . He was on hospice for 3 years. In those three years I witnessed the changes his body developed. The changes in his mental and emotional health. The change from week to week for 3 years. We all knew the time would be here soon. The doctors were amazed by how long he had lived with his conditions. He battled with the terrible disease COPD for a good portion of his life.

It wasn’t until this year that he became really sick. It was the hardest for me to walk into the house. I felt as though my eyes were going to burst with tears at any moment. Biting my tongue to keep in in. I didn’t want him to se me crying. My poppy was slowly slipping away. Our conversations no longer existed, and he lost interest in reading the newspaper.

Then it came to the point where he could no longer leave his bed. It killed me inside to see him in this state of depression. He was in pain, and there was nothing I could do to help him. His memory became a blur, and he didn’t want company.

I began spending every day I could sitting in a chair beside him. We did not say a word. It was the silence we shared that spoke the conversation. The look in his eyes ate away at my heart.

It was March 31st . The day I will never forget. The memory I will always have. I was reading my book beside him when he began to speak to me. He used all the breathe he had in his lungs to tell me how much he loved me. How proud he was of me, and that I was going to go places. He told me he would always be with me no matter where I am, or what I do. He told me not to cry because it would be ok. Also, to remember him as healthy. Not laying in a bed without ability to move.

That night he woke, and wasn’t there all the way. He rambled on about me. He was talking about the blue ribbons I was going to win in the show with my pony Blaze. I know he loves me. Those were the last words he said. Those words were about me. I know I was in his thoughts that night. That’s what means the most to me.

It was April 2nd. Monday morning. He passed. One journey had ended and another began. He is now in heaven where he can run, dance, and fill his lungs with air.

I am so relieved to know he is no longer in pain. I have a guardian angel. I will always love him. Remembering every moment I spent in his presence. His voice. And those words he said to me. He is and always will be my hero.

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April Free write

Text talk

In today’s society many people use texting as their main source of communication.  Texting can be confusing for beginners. For example it takes time to get use to typing on a small keyboard. Not only is that hard but many people come up with their own acronyms for words so that they type faster. I will be giving you a list of commonly used acronyms.

1.       LOL means laugh out loud.

2.       BRB means be right back.

3.       ROFL means roll on floor laughing.

4.       IDK means I don’t know.

5.       IDC means I don’t care

6.       JK means just kidding.

7.       BTW means oh by the way.

8.       TTYL means talk to you later.

9.       AKA means also known as.

10.   FYI means for your info.

11.   B4 means before.

12.   BTW means by the way.

13.   CUL means see you later.

14.   F2F means face to face.

15.   IYKWIM means if you know what I mean.

Now that you know some acronyms, you can text without being confused.

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April FreeWrite

Have you ever thought about people in different city's/countries? I never did until I went on vacation. I went to a lot of different islands and met a lot of nice people. If you haven't been out of the United States I would recommend it. The oceans are clear blue and so pretty. You can see your shadow right in the water it is amazing.

Another thing is that people are a lot nicer then they are in the United States. They were all so outgoing and kind. It was extremely warm and nice. The only thing I didn't like is that some of the people were really poor. When you see people that are like that you start to think how lucky you are. How you have a house and food. How you can go to school. How you can have anything you want. You start wondering how you have it so good. Why those nice loving people have it so bad.

I think everyone should realize what they have. They should be proud of what they have. People should realize that what they have is better than some people ever have. This is just something to think about before you say your life is bad. It could be a lot worse.

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April Freewrite

                             April is a time of spring right???? In order to celebrate spring you need a good spring poem. One of my most favorate poets are Robert Frost. Robert Frost is one of my favorate poets because he is like the poet of all time. Robert Frost is the best poets because all of his poems make sence because they all relate to life.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim

Because it was grassy and wanted wear,

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I marked the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.


I believe that this poem is an inspreation to all human kind. I believe this because this poem tells how one traveler took road that not ever one was taking because he wanted to be different. In life ever one needs to be their own person and not follow the crowd because then you aren't you your just some follower. If you be a follower than your going to get into the wrong crowd. Meaning your so called friends are going to be the "bad apples" in life. You might end up in things like drugs and  other things. People need to relize that you need to be your own person. What I would like you to do is after you finish reading the rest of this blog I want you to do something that is like all you and on one told you to do it just do something amazaing. I hope that you learned sometihng in this bolg. Also I would like to end this blog by saying that you need to me your own person and to just be your self. if yuor so called friends are your ture friends then they will except you for how your are not who you aren't or pretending to be. Good luck with your mission!!


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April Freewrite

I'm not sure if this is just me but, I don't understand the point in spreading rumors about sommeone else. I've had plenty of rumors spread about me this past year. There are so many kids who commit suicide over things as childish as rumors. I mean, do people not realize this when they spread the rumor? Do they not think about the effect that it could have on the person?

I believe that people need to realize that there's more to a person than you think you may know. Rumors are spread daily and are spread by usually a person who knows nothing about the victim other than their name and appearance. It honestly makes me sick to think that someone could spread such horrible things about someone that they don't even know, or worse, someone that they once call their best friend.

Another thing about rumors that gets to me is the reasons that people spread the rumor. Most of the reasons are over things like, oh that's my friend not yours, or I like him and so do you so I don't like you. It's absolutely rediculous and disgusting. It seems that the most kids talk about anymore is eachother.

Many of rumors that I hear anymore are about very immature things. They range from, this person has this std, to this girl is pregnant with this guy's child. People thought that rumors were bad when they were things such as someone kissed someone else. Rumors have gone completely out of control and I think people should really stop worrying about other people's lives and worry about their own. This probably sounds like the biggest rant ever but I could honestly care less. I just think that people should think before they spread a rumor. Just think, this little lie could cause this person to commit suicide. It's not that difficult to stop and think.

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Free Writing- April

Have you ever done something that was against the rules? Perhaps try to protect something or maybe believe that a certain something could protect your sanity? That is exactly what Colonel Jay Kopelman, in From Baghdad with Love, did. He kept a puppy, even though it was against the rules, because he wanted to protect it and believed that this puppy could protect his sanity.

Colonel Jay Kopelman kept this puppy, against Marine regulation, because he wanted to protect it. He wanted to protect Lava because he always portrayed an innocence that the Colonel couldn’t resist. It also hurt the Colonel when he saw a pack of stray dogs eating a dead body of battle, and imagined that Lava could become one of them. That one day, Lava would lose his innocent boot lace biting habits and trade them in to become a ruthless creature that was struggling to survive in the war zones, if Kopelman left him behind. So, he took Lava in and took care of him, hoping that he would be preserving the cute puppy’s innocence and protecting him from the cruel war outside.

Another reason why Kopelman kept Lava was because he believed the puppy could protect his sanity. He believed this because Lava kept his mind off all the death and destruction of the war. Such as he states in Chapter 1 pg 7 “I liked not caring about getting home or staying alive or feeling warped as a human being-just him wiggling around in my hands, wiping all the grime off my face.” Which means Kopelman was happy that he had something to take care of, something to distract him from all the bad things that may happen. Such as the Colonel dieing or going insane from the violence and despair of the war.

Therefore, that is Colonel Jay Kopelman kept this puppy, even though it was against Marine regulation. He kept this puppy because he wanted to protect it’s innocence and believed that the puppy would protect his sanity.     

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                                 April Free Write



              Do you know what May 1st is? Its May Day! One of my most favorite days to celebrate! May day is when you pick many different kinds of may flowers for somebody special in your life. It can be your grandma or grandpa, sister or brother, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, teacher, priest, or anyone in your life that means a lot to you. May day is a also a good way of telling someone how much they mean to you!


              The next best part about May day is what you do with the flowers you have picked for a important person in your life. After the first part about May day is complete you must put them on their door step and make them look very pretty but you must very quiet and sneaky about it so that they don't know who put the flowers there. Next you ring the door bell and quickly and quietly sneak away! The point of this is to surprise this person with may flowers! Everybody likes surprises. Also these flowers will definitely make this person smile witch it always feels nice to make somebody's day.


            When I was little my family and I would always celebrate May 1st. We would always go on a really long walk just to find the most interesting and prettiest flowers. After that we would always take them to my grandma and grandpa and my aunt and uncle. They always loved the little surprise of flowers on their door step from somebody.


          In conclusion I suggest everybody to be involved in May day. It is a good way to make someone feel special and important. And maybe even you will receive some May flowers from someone who thinks you mean a lot to them!

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April Freewrite

Do you have true friends? What do you think a true friend is? Is it someone who listens to you or is it just someone who comes to your parties? I have some amazing friends who are always there to just say hey!


© Bea Williams

Friends are far, friends are near,

Friends will be there to lend an ear,

They listen, laugh, and care,

But most of all, they're always there,

Through thick and thin, up and down,

Your true friends are always around,

For treats, hugs and real big smiles,

They'll travel to you from several miles,

They'll always be there to hold you tight,

Anytime, no matter if it's day or night,

You really know when your friends are sincere,

When they always show up to lend their ear.

To me a friend is someone who always wants to know how you are doing, or someone who is there to just say it's oing to be ok! My friends are just that.I have some of the most amazing friends in the world there always there to just say hey or how are you doing. My friends mean te world to me. When i'm sick there always talking to me and telling me its going to be ok. To me my friends are as true as friends can get!

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April free write

I have a friend named kelly. Kelly has a problem. Her problem is she likes to creep people. She likes to watch people through their windows and she likes to creep their facebook. One time I was at my house and went to open my window and there she was behind the bush creeping on me. I couldn't believe it I thought she only creeped strangers not her friends. I told her if she continued it I would call the cops and get her help for her problem. She said, " I don't need help I can control my problem."

I said, "Okay but you do it again I'm getting you help." Months went by and she seemed to control her problem. I found out by my other friend that she has been creeping people on facebook now. I took it upon my own and called to get her help. She agreed to get help and now she is creep free and lives a normal daily life and can go on facebook without creeping and I can look out my window without her hiding in the bush looking in my window.

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I can still remember

The words and what they meant

As we etched them with our fingers

In years of wet cement

The days blurred into each other

Though everything seemed clear

We cruised along at half speed

But then we shifted gears

We ran like vampires from a thousand burning suns

But even then we should have stayed

But we ran away

Now all my friends are gone

Maybe we've outgrown all the things that we once loved


But what are we running from?

A show of hands from those in this audience of one

Where have they gone?

Identities assume us

As nine and five add up

Synchronizing watches

To the seconds that we lost

I looked up and saw you

I know that you saw me

We froze but for a moment

In empathy

I brought down the sky for you but all you did was shrug

You gave my emptiness a name

But you ran away

Now all my friends are gone

Maybe we've outgrown all the things that we once loved


But what are we running from?

A show of hands from those in this audience of one

Where have they gone?

We're all ok, until the day we're not

The surface shines, while the inside rots

We raced the sunset and we almost won

We slammed the brakes, but the wheels went on

We ran away

Now all my friends are gone

Maybe we've outgrown all the things that we once loved


But what are we running from?

A show of hands from those in this audience of one

Where have they gone?

This song is called "Audience of One" by Rise Against. Like most songs, this one is open to much interpretation. I’m going to explain to you what story, or message I get from this one. Now from what I can get from it, this song is about growing up, and apart from your friends. An example of this is the one line from the song is,”now all my friends are gone. Maybe we've outgrown all the things that we once loved”. It’s saying that he’s growing up, and all of his friends have left.

You could also get the message that they’re running away from everything. The one line in the song says that “Runaway, but what are we running from?” Maybe they’re running from problems, or avoiding them? Another line is “We ran away!” That obviously means that they’re running away from something.

The third and final message I got from this song is that just because someone or something appears happy and content, does not always mean that they are. I found this in the line “we’re all ok, until the day we're not. The surface shines, while the inside rots.” The part that says “The surface shines, while the inside rots.” Could mean that the appearance of a person looks happy and such, but in all actuality they are really sad.

Those are the messages I get from the song "Audience of One" by Rise Against. They are growing up and leaving your friends behind, running away from your problems, and just because someone looks happy doesn’t mean they are.

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April Free Write

Mari H

When My Baby Brother die

Did you ever have a little brother pass away on his birthday? Did your mom ever tell you about your baby brother passing away on his birthday? My mom knew that she lost him. She was the one to tell the doctor that she lost him.

I was not born yet but my sister was four years old when she found out that her little brother die on April 30, 1994. It’s so hard when that time of the year comes around. I miss him so much and I wish he could be here with me. I know that he is in my heart and he is looking down on me right now. Some time I wish he was here.

The some days that I wish that he was here is on his birthday but I know that I can’t get what I want. On his birthday I just feel like crying because it hurts so much and I love him. It’s so sad when my mom tells me all about because it hurts my mom because she wanted to have Galen H. I love him and I feel bad for my mom because she has to be in this pain for her whole life. I wish that I could be there for her today but I can’t because I have to be in school. You don’t know how hard it is to think about him and not cry.

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March Freewrite

Easter is coming up and all the desserts are so good. Have you ever wondered how to make banana cream pie? I did.

I’m going to tell you how to make banana cream pie step by step. So the 1st thing you do is the ingredients for the custard. First thing is 2cups(475ml)whole milk. 2nd thing to do is 6 large eggs. The 3rd thing is 107 g (1/2 cup packed) light brown sugar, pressed through a sieve. The fourth thing to put in it is 38 g (1/3cup) cornstarch, sifted. The 5th thing is 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon. The 6th thing is 1/8 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg. The seventh thing to put in it is a pinch of salt. The eighth thing to put in it is 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract. 9th thing is 3 tablespoons (42 g) cold, unsalted butter, cut into bits. 10th thing is 3 ripe but firm bananas.The last thing is 1 9-inch single pie crust, fully baked and cooled.

Now for the topping the first thing you need is 1 cup (238 ml) cold heavy cream. The next thing is 2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar, sifted. The 3rd thing is 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract and the last thing for the topping is 2 tablespoons sour cream.That’s how you make banana cream pie which I really like. Have you ever wondered how banana cream pie was made? I always liked banana cream pie since 4th grade. On the way to get my tonsils out was the first time I ever had banana cream pie. It’s so good that I hope my parents would make it for me for Easter and my birthday party.

Conclusion: I like banana cream pie because it’s so delicious, but it could upset your stomach if you eat a lot of it.

Courtney B

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Ryan K

April Free Write

Ryan k

April free

Have you ever ignored advice from your parents? Using safety equipment is a good idea when doing dangerous sports. Here is what happened to me. My friend and I were outside having an air soft war. I came around the corner and turned to see where he was. Next thing I know, a bb hit me in the eye. All I saw out my right eye was red from the blood.

The next day I went to two doctors to look at my eye. They told me to do nothing over the weekend except rest. After a week of rest, doctor visits, and steroids I was finally able to come back to school. After about 2 weeks I finally saw fully out of my right eye. Then a few days later I was able to go back to work and do anything. I was happy I would not have to sit at home and do nothing. I was free. I still have my vision. Still, I have to be very careful about what I do because I still have a good chance that it could start bleeding again.

If I learned anything from this experience it is, wear your safety gear. It will help and stop you from getting shot in the eye and save you from not seeing and pain. Another thing I learned from this experience don’t give your friend a loader air gun. Tell him that he is bad at shooting because it might end up like me. Also don’t ignore your parents because they know what they are talking about

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Courtney C.

April Free Write

Bomb Threats  in Pittsburgh



         If you ever had a brother or sister away at college thought everything was ok. If you were going to college beware of bomb threats.    


           Did you know there are 99 bomb threats in Pittsburgh? By the time you read this there will probably be over 100 bomb threats. They have all been at the University of Pittsburgh.

The bomb threats started happening February 13, 2012. Many people had to be evacuated several times. The bomb threats have been happening all hours of the night. Some dorms had to be evacuated at 4 a.m. in the morning. It takes several hours to evacuate and clear each building. They bring dogs in to sniff the dorm to evacuate ever dorm.

This is not only school buildings and libraries; students are also living in dorms that have been evacuated. All of the students that are being evacuated need a place to go.


            Pitt is a 132 acre campus. It is a city in itself. There are 34,000 students and 12,000 employees. It has been hard for the FBI, Pitt police, and the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force to catch the person making the threats.

This is where I got my information if you are interested in checking it out http://pittnews.com/


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There is always someone in our life that we look up to. For some of us, like me, it's a secret. 

That One Girl


You're so inspiring

the way you write

the way you read

you're everything I want to be

each day you walk into school

with an I don't care attitude

I know underneath that beautiful smile

and your not so perfect skin

is a battle scarred heart

with guards barring the entrance

so you don't let anyone in

you're so different from the status quo

underneath that's my goal

people say I have the looks

the body

the brains

but inside I'm dieing to get away

life isn't easy

you've told me that before

it wasn't easy

the day he walked out that door

we haven't found someone to replace him yet

but we're still trying to mend our hearts

every once in a while

I can't help but fall apart

I've seen you fall apart some days

but everyone has those days

you get up

brush yourself off

and move on the next day

or so it seems

I know on the inside you're dieing too

that's the thing about you

you're so guarded

but you're so brave

I don't know how you put on

that beautiful smile every day


I'm always dieing inside

and on the outside

I cry

you're so inspiring

one day I hope you find someone

someone who makes you soar so high

that there will never be another low

in your life

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April freewrite

April is known for many things. I think that April Fools Day is the best part of April because it is so fun. There are many old April fools jokes that you can say like your shoe is untied. Over the years there has been many more that have been made that are really good too.

Some of the jokes that people play on this day are a little immature but are funny as long as you do them on the right people. Also some of the jokes that people do can hurt people and are only funny for the person that does them.

I think that April fools day should be about fun for everyone and not just for the person playing the joke. I think that people should play the jokes that are funny but do not hurt other people in the process. There is many things that you can buy to help in April fools jokes. Like the fake chicken or the snakes in the nut can.

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April Free Write

Imagine being flung into a darkened pool against your will, knowing full well you cannot swim, while being surrounded by a darkness that gives off only a slight eeie greenish glow, while a respectable sie piece of lead is tightly positioned upon your feet. The drowning, downing into delicate lungs that are dangling for one last defiant, delightful gasp of air. A feeling one is not accustomed to. Certainly not I. Perhaps a time long but not so long ago, their as a man by the name of Poe who embraced the macabre dread he so artfully mastered. Perhaps he felt nothing more but the abominable  emotion. All it did was eat away at his true nightmarish horrors until it grew into something greater and more deadly, a newly formed species of parasites feeling the wanderlust that ails so many complex minded individuals, until it could only grasp at what it could. His reality. Perhaps it was so great, the torment of his reality with so many loved ones being consumed with consumption it crippled him, or perhaps he took it as a sign from the cruel heavens up above to wield a quill that came from his garments and exclaim with dignity you would think one with his life would not have, ‘Enough!’ and conquer his demons that dug down deep with a flourish of his weapon, tearing down all blocks from these monstrous emotions and relieving them some from his own mind while releasing them on into the world.

This blog in particular, was not suppose to have any real meaning, or substance about it at all. However, now that I’m in a rather peculiar mood, I feel it right to write a peculiar blog, for fun, and for practice for myself. Practicing what? you may ask. The fun of this for me is not to tell you. We’ll make a guessing game of it I suppose.


We have all felt the drowning sensation, but sensation isn’t really the correct term for it, nor is it a rush. If I would to choose a single word for it, it would be a vibe, for you can feel it course throughout your entire body as it were reverberating throughout the core of what makes your feelings rational and threatens to overthrow it. For over a year and half now, with my weakened lungs, there has been treading with great effort in the inky pool. I do not drown, but I do struggle. I am not sad, quite the contrary. However, I’m completely and utterly dissatisfied. Not from being in the state that the pool brings me into being, being in this state actually leads to much opportunity and promise for an individual such as myself and it would be ungrateful to think of it any other way. No, it is the green eerie light that taunts my conscious and unconscious so viciously. In an impossible way, it shows nothing but tells all. There are things behind the darkness or that lurk in the black forces that encompass you, the green light makes you feel the vastness of it all, but it’s the position that I’m currently in just shows a block of black, that beckons but wants to be rid of me. That’s actually the alluring thing about it though.

Though my objective was to befuddle you and create a slight air of mystery, there was an actual point behind all of this wrapped within layers and layers of riddles and metaphor. The emotion itself that I’m talking about should not be a challenge at all to guess, but what I’m trying to get at with it, that’s the real challenge to uncover.


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April Free Write

"She Was Sixteen"

By: Julia Doyle

I wrote this poem because there’s a song called, "Sixteen" and it made me think. I came up with this because all I know to the words of the song is, "She was sixteen." I thought I would try and write something like it and more inspired.

"She Was Sixteen"

By: Julia Doyle

She was sixteen

Filled with dreams

Had a mind of her

Own that nobody

Could stop

She knew what

She wanted

She knew were

She was going

She was just sixteen

But had it all planned


She was


Ready for anything

She had spunk

And flare

She had her wild thoughts

She was outgoing and

Care free

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April free write

Have you ever wanted to see a movie really bad? Ever been extremely excited to see that movie that everytime the previews come on you can't help but get super excited? I can't wait to see the movie The Lucky One. 

The Lucky One is about a guy named Logan who is fighting in the war and one day he see something laying on the ground he walks over to pick it up and when he does the building behind him blows up. Logan believes it is fate that he found this picture and that this picture of a girl saved his life. Logan made a vow that when he got out of the army he would go and find the girl and thank her for saving his life. The movie then turns into a love story and he offers to work for her and her family. 

This movie is also a book and the man who wrote the book and also wrote The Notebook and Dear John. those movies were very good so this movie should also be very good also! My bestfriend and I are going to see it for my birthday.

The Lucky One is the movie I am just dying to see.

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April free write. What 's you're favorate sport? Do you play a spring sport? Do you play baseball? Basketball is over, which means that it's baseball season.

I have played in the outfield for the past three years. However, now I play third base. I enjoy playing third, but their are some drawbacks. For instance they don't hit the ball to you a lot so sometimes it's boring, however when they do you better be paying close attention because they hit the ball very fast & usually right at your head. Our team played Mountain View high school at their field. Some kid hit one right at me, I was expecting it to be a grounder at me, but it hit a lip and almost took my head off.

Right now we aren't doing so good, we are one and five. We would’ve beaten Lackawanna Trail. We where ahead five to one, then it started to rain. Lackawanna Trail then came back with a six to one lead when they called the game. Our only win is over Susquehanna a week ago. My hitting isn't so good. At our Western Wayne game I hit a grounder to the first baseman, but the first baseman thought the second baseman had it. In the confusion I got to first base. Also, at our Mountain View game their first baseman was standing over the plate ready to catch the ball I hit to the shortstop. Since he was standing on the plate I tripped over him, he missed the ball, so he got a player interference, and I got to second. We have a game this friday May 4th against Montrose. I hope we finally win.

I hope somebody hits one to me at third base. This has been our baseball season so far this year.

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Gianni F

Ms. Transue


19 April 2012

April Freewrite

The Battle

His sweat drop finally falls from his cheek in to dry cracked and dusty dirt below him. All he wants is for someone to give him an opening.

All he needs is one good hit and he can get home. All that stands between him is the rest of their team. DINK! And he's gone, moving as fast as he can around the bases. FOUL BALLLL! Now he's right back where he started.

Maybe if this pitcher throws a wild one he can get to second before they know what’s happening. But he’s not gonna get that chance. DINK! And he’s off again, this time its not a foul and its not caught. Like an angry chinese dragon he puts on the speed and doesn't take it off until his foot smacks that home plate.

He takes a peek at the score board. It's one-to-eight and he knows that soon he will have to repeat what he just did.

After what seems like a blink it's his turn again. From the pitchers hand rolls a ball like no other. Traveling a solid 83 miles an hour it hits him in the knee with an audible crack. The walk sets his team ahead nine-to-eight in the final inning. The pain was harsh but it was a good pain, the cost of a victory.

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April Free write

Drip. Drip. That is the sound of rain falling off the roof or off the trees. For my April free write I am going to write about spring. When I hear people talk about spring I think of many different things. During spring time it rains a lot. In the morning there is dew on the ground, and fog in the air.

Spring is a very exciting time of the year. In the spring the flowers are blooming and the weather is getting warmer. There are also many different pretty colors. For example the trees and grass are green. The flowers are beginning to turn bright colors such as yellow, purple, pink, blue, orange, green, and red.

Also in the spring many baby animals are born. They are so little and cute. For example the rabbits, birds, and deer are born in the spring. Some mornings when you walk outside you can hear the baby birds chirping. You can also hear sticks in the woods cracking, from the rabbits and deer treating on them.

Once spring comes you know that summer is right around the corner. I am so excited for summer! In the summer I go down the shore. While I am down there I go to beach, and I go on the boardwalk. Spring is a relaxing, and exciting time of the year. What do you think of when you hear someone talk about spring?

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April Free write:

Have you ever played man hunt? That is my favorite game. The first time I played that game I played with my brother, my three cousins, and my one cousin’s friend. This is what happened...

All of us “kids” had our own campfire and roasted marshmallows at my cousin‘s house next door. When we were done we were bored so we decided to play manhunt. If you don’t know what man hunt is it is just like hide and seek and tag combined but, in the dark with flashlights. We played in teams of two I was on a team with one of my cousins, my brother was on a team with my other cousin, and my last cousin was on a team with his friend.

When we started playing my team was it first so after everyone was hidden we went to look for them. After we found one team we still had to find the other one. It felt like it took us forever to find them because they hid in the horse trailer. Who would have thought to look in there? When we were done playing we went back to sit at the fire and talked and laughed at how much fun we had. We were out side until 2 O’clock in the morning. When we got home our parents were sleeping in the living room waiting for us to come home.

That was the most fun I had all summer long! If you are ever bored and it is getting dark you should call your friends and ask them if they want to play man hunt. It is so much fun! Don’t forget your flashlight!

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April Freewrite Initial & Final.

If you're walking down the hall at school and someone yells, "PULL UP YOUR PANTS!" then you probably need to pull up your pants! Also, in the words of Jeff Foxworthy, "If you see a sign that says 'Say no to crack' and it reminds you too pull up you're pants..." you should probably pull up your pants. You are not cooool looking, I promise! It bothers me so much to see people walking around with their pants down around their knees and stuff like that. You don't need to buy your clothes four times to big.

It is disgusting that I have to see guys boxers as I am walking down the hall. If I can see your boxers, buy pants that are your size or get a belt! Also, if you are wearing a belt, don't just wear it for looks, put it to use! Pants were made to cover you up. Plus, if you wear your pants around your knees, what is the point of pants. You are wasting your money. Also, If you use that lame excuse, "Well, I'm too warm." buy some shorts! I am not trying to make fun of anyone. I'm really just giving you a simple word of advice. If you have to carry your books in one hand and hold your pants up with the other, you have a problem. I don't care if you wear your pants like that out of school, but when I have to see that all day there is some issues.

So please, if you do this, help everyone out. I'm sorry but no one wants to see that. If this doesn't convince you I would advise you to look up where it originated that people wore their pants like that. Thank you for doing us all a favor.(:

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April freewrite

Think of a time where you just wanted to go and crawl in a hole. Have you ever wanted to just block the world out because of something that was either bother or hurting you? Here are some ways to avoid these positions.

Anytime that you are feeling left out or not feeling like your welcome at a public place, go and find a place where you are feeling safe and warm inside. Then you can picture yourself in a place where there is nothing that can hurt you. Then imagine that you are with someone that makes you happy. Also that can make you feel like you’re important.

Also another way to overcome the fear of being alone would be to find something that comforts you. Maybe it is a stuffed bear, or simply reading a book out loud. Just because you think that it will be weird to do something like this to overcome being alone. Don’t ever think that you’re the only person that might be doing this.

Any other time you find yourself in a situation that you can’t handle your feelings, call someone. Tell that person how you’re feeling, maybe they will give you advice. In my opinion it might just get all that pressure off your shoulders. This will help you realize that you can overcome being alone or feeling down.

Now that you have read this can you remember a time when you were feeling down, and something was bothering you. Also how did you overcome it?

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April Free Write


Hey, everyone knows that work is horrible. But, you have to get a job if you want to have a nice looking truck, a house and have a nice little family.

Do you want a old 1920’s truck or

 A nice newer truck

If you want a newer truck

 Your going to have to work to get it.

No matter if your job is…..



Boring or even


You still have to do it to have a nice life.

Do you want to live in a cardboard box or

 A nice house

Well guess what you have to work

To get it.

Do you want to beg on the streets for money or

 Go to the bank and get it.

Do you want to smell horrible

All the time or…

Go to your house and take a nice hot shower when you want to.

That is why you NEED to work  

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April Freewrite

What does highschool mean to you? Let me give you mine. A drama filled place with jealous people, trash talkers, and a place where gossip never stops.

Why does high school have to be like this? Everyone's obsessed with who's the best dressed, and who's dating. Like to be honest people need to mind there own business. You always hear about who get's the money, who's kinda' cute & about those people that are just a mess. You'll never have the right look, and probably not the best of friends, nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends.

People get picked on by the "popular" kids, and all you ever hear is guess what so and so did. The only thing that matters is climbing up that social ladder. You always care about the hair, and the car you drive. It doesn't matter if your fourteen, or eighteen.

Teachers wonder why we hate coming to school. Well maybe if this wasn't what our school was all about we wouldn't have a problem.

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april free write

It's April! You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers! There hasn't been much rain, but the flowers are still growing! Soon it'll be in the high Nineties. I can't wait! We'll be able to go swimming and lay out in the sun! Best of all schools ending in like thirty days! The last few weeks of school seems to DRAG by, every minute that passes seems like an eternity. I’m so looking forward to that last day school ends at 10:45 am! That’s truly the best part of the whole year. No doubt about that.

Some leave for summer vacation at the end of the year some have already gone and came back. I’ll be the one leaving! I will not be staying behind like some of the others. Too bad summer didn’t last as long as the school year did, but it's all very short lived. It seems as the summer has started it is soon ending! Then another year at school!

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April free write

When love is lost. Do not bow your head in sadness. Instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal.

The One That Got Away

Dawn is breaking.

Trees are shaking.

Life is gone.

Eyes were drawn.

Love once was.

Only because.

The man was handsome as could be.

Only I could truly see.

Until he shattered half of my heart.

The other was plastered with a dart.

Love is done.

No need for fun.

My heart sinks in disbelief.

That love will never come again.

Until one day ill find my match.

who loves to play a game of catch.

That will love me for the woman I am.

And be there till the very end.

So until someone will come and stay.

You’ll always be the one that got away.

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April Freewrite

Poems are really interesting. They have been around for hundreds of years. They can be about nearly everything and anything. Here's my poem. I hope you like it.

The Gardener

The flower seems a little dry today

The cold grey sun beating over it

The starting line looks like a nice place to quit

Seedless with reverse thorns

Up above with reverse thorns

Up above, the myth scorns

The white petals now a deep red

Whispers and broadcasts the only way you get fed

The bugs and bees keep away

The rain hasn’t stopped in days

The pollen doesn’t seem to be the same

The soils not good enough

We need more dirt on him

The stems a little thin

Fertilizer should do the trick

Dry season, dry heaving, synthetically sick

Roots tied around its self

Why won’t the gardener help?

Begging for nutrients

Trapped on the other side of the fence

Its harvesting season

I Hope you enjoyed this poem on a flower.

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April Free-write

Death By Love?

In these shadows of darkness am I here by myself? Will I live in fear of finding another? There are so many questions. Do I have the time? who knows..

Excuse me love, sorry for the inconvenience, but may I have this dance?..

(Months pass, memories crash and burn into ashes;

For this shall be suicidal love).

For my memories shall lay in peace;

For my thoughts shall rest.

Under anesthesia where I must lay in these forsaken grounds;

Where we dig my shallow grave under this rotting oak tree;

Woken up from the lack of oxygen;

Clawing at the surface of the locked casket;

Looking into the dark;

Facing my fear of being buried alive;

Soon shall take my last breath.

The crows sitting on my grave stone

Which over years it crumbles to nothing

Where the maggots etching to find a way into my casket to eat my rotting flesh;

For after all the months without sleep,

I shall sleep forever

We sleep forever

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Clancy the Cat

April Free Write

Once upon a time, there was a kitty named Clancy. Not only was he very plain and gray, aside from his white booted feet, Clancy was also the runt of his litter. His brothers and sisters all took advantage of his being so little and scrawny. Clancy had it rough.

Additionally, Clancy was always last. He was last to eat supper, last to get picked in all the kitty games, and of course, last to be adopted. One day, when Clancy noticed that he didn't have to be last for supper, he realized the reason why. Everyone else had been taken home by little human girls and boys!

"Why?" Clancy wondered to himself. "I'm a good kitty cat! I always let the humans pet me even when they take one of my siblings away instead of me. I always keep my fur soft and clean, since Mama never did that for me. And I NEVER fight with other kitties, or even the puppies, who are REALLY annoying. Why am I always last?" Clancy sat on his little gray haunches and hung his head desolately.

Clancy was tired of this. One Thursday, Clancy decided it was the last chance. "I'll give it one more day. Either someone adopts me today, or I'm running away!" He declared. Unfortunately, Clancy had picked the rainiest and yuckiest Thursday to be his last day. Nobody showed up at all, except the humans who fill the supper dish. Clancy gobbled all the food he could hold in his little tummy and kissed Mama, even though he figured she never really loved him. After that kiss, he ran. He sprinted and tried to jump the fence. He smacked his face on the fence and fell backwards. He picked himself up and turned around.

"Clancy! Where are you going?" Mama trotted over to her embarrassed child. Clancy attempted to hop the fence again, but had the same result as the first time. Mama's trot became a sprint. "Clancy Gregory!" She shouted. She grabbed him by the scruff before he could leap again.

"Let me go, Mama!" Clancy shouted through his tears.

"I will not! Why are you running away?"

"Because I hate my life, and everyone, and everything!"

Mama looked genuinely hurt. "Do you hate me?"

Clancy hesitated. "No, Mama, I don't hate you. I love you. But you don't love me..." he trailed off.

"Clancy!" Mama interjected. "I love you!" Clancy looked less than convinced. Mama licked off his tears and said, "Here. I'll prove it to you!" Mama meowed a wild meow. A few seconds passed, and nothing happened.

"Mama...?" Clancy asked.

Mama shushed him. Just then, a giraffe galloped to the fence beside them and picked up Mama by the scruff and slung her onto his back. He then did the same to Clancy. "Thanks Girard!" Mama shouted. "Now off we go!" Girard the giraffe carried Clancy the cat and his Mama, who loved him all along, as they galloped off into the sunset to spend the rest of their lives, then eight more, happily ever after!

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April Freewrite

Ring, Ring, Ring that sound of the last period bell is such a relief to most Freshmen.

Espesially after a well stressed out & long day.

Ohh when April comes around I know that schools ALMOST over. I know that there's about two months left and that I can't wait to get out of school and have a great summer. This time of year everyone gets anxious. People want to be outside instead of being cooped up inside. Once that first nice sixty to fifty five degree day comes people cant control themselves. Sometimes when I"m inside trapped in school I always think to myself "two more months you can do this."

I start to tell my friends about my big plans for summer. Which normally include a family vacation, a vacation with my grandparents, and normally a trip to Knobels amusment park. We always have alot of fun. My friends are always jelous of where I go for vacation because I've been to Washinton D.C. Chicago, Virginia.

This year has gone by way to fast, but I can't wait until summer is here and well on it's way to a good one!

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April Freewrite

Do you like trout fishing? Have you ever fished for trout? Do you know any one that trout fishes? Trout fishing is awesome you get to fish in the creek. Also trout are fun to catch. The first day of trout season was a few Saturdays back and I caught fifteen trout. There are many diffrent kind of trout .

One of the many diffrent kinds of trout are the brown trout live in the river and are fun to catch. Also there are brook trout and you usally catch more brook trout then any other kind of trout. You also catch a lot of rainbow trout they have nice color to them . Palaminos are uasally pretty big trout the can get above twenty inches.

That is why trout fishing is awesome. Also what the diffrent kinds of fish are.

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Timothy C.

April Free Write

Did you ever get stressed about your grades? Have you ever failed some tests, and then got worried about failing a grade? Sometimes, it happens too fast. This poem is about what happened to me this year.

I don’t know

If I will pass ninth grade


I want to go into tenth grade

I don’t know

Because my grades

Are bad

Like they are not real bad…

I hope I can pass every class in the last 32 days of school

I need to change.

Do you think it could happen?

I need to


Pass tests

That’s it.

Thanks for listening to my poem. Remind me to study for tests if you see me in the hall.

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April Free write:

What is your favorite sport? Do you have more than one? How many sports do you do?

One of my favorite sports is track and field. Track is played in the spring and is very intense. No matter what event you are doing, you have to be focused, prepared, and properly healthy.

There are eighteen different events in the sport of track and field. There are running, jumping, and throwing events. The running events are one hundred meter dash, two hundred meter dash, one hunded meter hurdles, fourXone meter relay, fourXfour meter relay, fourXeight meter relay, the mile, the two mile, the eight hundred meter run, four hundred meter run and three hundred meter hurdles.

The jumping events are the long jump, triple jump, high jump,and pole vault. The throwing events are javelin, discus, and shot put. The rest of them are running events on the track.

Most athletic tracks are six lanes wide. Our track is seven lanes wide and most college tracks are eight lanes. Most tracks are made of rubber. Some tracks are made of crement or pavement. Most track runners wear track and field spikes for their events. There are jumping, distance, sprinting, and throwing spikes. They are unbelieveably light and thin. You will literally feel like your running barefoot.

In conclusion, track and field is a great and intense sport.

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April Freewrite

Bunnies. Candy. Family. They are the first three things that come into my mind when I think of Easter. For my April free write I am going to write about Easter.

During Easter your family comes and gathers around. They come and spend the holiday with you. Some people only get to see their families on holidays. So Easter is a chance to see your family. The last time my family got together was Christmas.

Easter traditions are fun. You get baskets full of candy. Parents plan egg hunts and you find money or candy inside each egg. The little kids go and see the Easter Bunny. They sit on his lap and take pictures. Some kids are scared of the Easter Bunny and cry. I never did. Some people wake up in the morning and find their baskets because they get hidden. Family come an eat diner with them.

In conclusion, Easter is not my favorite holiday, but it is nice to have a holiday in spring.

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April freewrite

The sun is shining. The temperature is nintey degrees. the birds are chirping. This is summer. This is my favorite time of the year. This is because there is no school, it is the perfect time to farm and it is a great time to be outside.

First of all there is no school in the summer. This is a long awaited part of the year for most people. Some of the things you can do are swim, fish, and go boating. These things you can do when you are in school.

Another thing is it is a great time for farming. This is the best time because all of the crops have the time and warmth to grow. This is also good because it is warm and you don't have to freeze your hands off while you are working.

Finally the summer is a great time to be outside. This is when all of the animals are out. This is the time you should be outside also. This is when you can smell the fresh cut grass. This time of year you will see farmers in their tractors out working their fields.

In conclusion, summer is the best time of the year. This is because there is no school, good farming weather and finally it is just a good time to be outside. The next time you are thinking about what your favorite time of year is give summer a thought.

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April Freewrite:

Assumptions-something that is accepted as true, but has no proof. Do you ever think that people are making assumptions of you? I always believe people think of me as a different person, but actually don't know the true me!

Don't you hate when you're walking through the hall and you see people watching you walk by? I hate this feeling with a passion. It makes you feel like there is something wrong with you and that you're not as good as them. I think that everybody is the same though. It doesn't matter on your race or your grades, or even the sports you do. Everybody should be treated exactly the same!

You should also be yourself and not let people make assumptions about you on how you dress. Everybody should be confident about themselves and let them express themselves how they want! It doesn't matter if you wear bright clothes, dark clothes, crazy clothes, or simple clothes. All that matters is what is in the inside.

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April Freewrite

What kind of music do you like, what genre, rock, country, or maybe you like the new music coming out like dubstep and sceamo?

I got the idea to write about this blog at my friends house. I know it seems a little weird but we were listening to music pretty much the whole time I was there. Now I like a whole bunch of kinds of music. I used to like just rock and classic rock and I still do, but my friend had showed me a bunch of different songs, so I don't like just one kind of music anymore.

Plus music is something everybody can relate to, its not just for some people, every person can find  something they like. Everybody usually likes something different and that depends on your personality a little. Most people like a lot of different kinds of music and different artists, but it all depends on your personality and what you think about a song and how it sounds.

Comment and tell me what your favorite type of music is whether it's rap, rock, country, hip-hop or a combination of all of them.

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April Freewrite

Do you have a Facebook? Have you ever done a survey because you're absolutely bored out of your mind and have nothing better to do? For my April freewrite I chose to do a facebook survey.

What are five ways to win your heart?


-watching romantic movies together

-taking me out

-being comfortable with eachother through anything

-kisses in the rain

What is something you feel strongly about?

-Teen pregnancy.I feel that if you take the risk of getting pregnant you have to handle the responsibilty of handling the baby and if you can't handle it, put it up for adoption. Do anything but get an abortion because killing a baby is morally wrong.

Is their a book you love?

-Anything by Sarah Dessen, but my favorite book by her is Someone Like You.

What are your five pet peeves?

-pen clicking

-when someone chews their gum like a cow

-when people talk crap



How important do you think education is?

-I think education is one of the most important things in someone's life. If you don't get a good education you could very possibly not go far in life.

Tell me about your family.

-I'm not close with any of my family at all, except for my little sister and cousin.

Who are some guys you find attractive?

-Channing Tatem

-all the boys from One Direction

Are you proud of anything?-winning the gold at dance competition.

How do you hope your future will be like?

- I want to have two children and live in the country with my family. I also want to become an Elementary School Teacher.

What are three movies you want to see?

-Titanic 3D

-The Lucky One

-The Bully

Is their a quote you live by?

-"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

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Haley T.

April Free Write: You Only Live Once (YOLO)


            Have you ever heard a quote that gave you a whole new perspective on life? One of my favorite sayings sums it all up. “Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and its downs, but it's YOUR choice on whether or not to scream or enjoy the ride.” To me, this quote means, don't hold back, take every opportunity that comes available! Be loud, be obnoxious, be anything you want to be! Do it up, because this is YOUR life…YOUR dreams. YOLO<3 


            This was another quote that made me realize that, You Only Live Once, YOLO. I was watching "The House Bunny" the other day.  Shelly, the main character, said something that really made me think. She said, "I know my heart isn't in my head, but the reason I say I feel like my heart just might fall out of my head is because no matter what the situation is, you use logic as well!" I thought long and hard about what she said. Now that I think about it, everything I say and do comes from my heart. I don't listen to what my conscience says. I follow my heart, and so far, it has never led me wrong.


             Keep your hopes up high and keep an open heart. Don’t let it fall out of your head! Always follow your heart, and you can do whatever you set your mind to. My point is, you only live once so make your roller coaster ride worth the while. At the beginning, it seems scary. When you reach the top of the tracks, you feel a moment of relief. Brace yourself for that rush of adrenaline when the roller coaster moves forward and scares you half to death by plummeting to upside down spirals. I hope you scream, but never forget to enjoy the ride! YOLO(:



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Stereotypes Do No Justice.

April Freewrite

The two boys came thundering down the stairs, laughing and talking. One of them, the one who lived in the house they were in, grabbed a set of car keys off the kitchen counter and started out the door. His mother, who was in the laundry room folding clothes, came out holding a half-folded shirt and shouted


The two stopped in their tracks.

“Yes?” the son inquired.

“Where are you boys off to?” his mother asked, attempting to make it sound like a casual question.

“We’re going over to Ben’s for the day, he just opened his pool,” he answered with a patient tone.

“How long will you be gone? Will his mother be there? How long does it take you to get to Ben’s? What roads are you going to take? How many guys will be there? Will there be any girls there? Are they going to feed you? When will you get home? Are you-”

“Mom,” he cut her off, “we’ll be fine. I’ll drive safe and have dinner over there. It’s just gonna be me and the guys. If anything happens, I’ll call you.”

His mother didn’t look altogether reassured, but she let them leave. Once in the car, the boy’s friend turned to him and said,

“Why does she always seem to think you drive like we're holding up a bank? Or that we’re going to do something horrible, like murder the elderly couple down the street?"

 The son replied,

"Because that's what teenagers do, right? They also carve swastikas into their arms, steal prescription drugs from old people, and have drug addictions. I need to institute a policy where she stops watching 60 Minutes and pretty much all public service announcements."

His friend snorted and agreed.

"I don't think they realize we're not all the same," he said.

Don’t base your judgments on the general image created by society’s stereotypes.

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April Free Write

Brittany S.

The Unicorn


Could you ever believe in anything mythical? Neither can I!  However, when you sit there and imagine things you really can believe in a mythical thing. I wrote this poem about one of the most un-believed things in the world, unicorns.


The Unicorn


In the weeping willow they were made.

Happy and flying through the days.

Then came man all big and buff.

Trying to make their names enough.

They lived their days in the woods.

Then hid when the dogs came with their goods.

Running and being not afraid.

They tried to live out their days.

Most were white.

Some were scary and gave you a fright.

But all those creatures,

Give their gruesome features.

They tried to live in peace and grace.

No one would give them a chance of fate.

They decided to break off their horns.

To become horses.

The men could ride and in the end they were alright.

The men had no reason to kill.

The unicorns were no longer ill.

The days were fine and all was right.

Those fateful and peaceful nights.


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April Freewrite


Have you ever felt like you have to live up to certain peoples standereds? That you're not good enough? That society is trying to make you who you're not? 


I can be perfect just like society wants,

Lose half my weight, and stick out my chest,

But not too far that would be ‘whore’ like. 

I’ll hold up my chin, and say whatever people want to hear.

Oh, I’ll seem unfazed by the harsh words, and rude games.

I’ll tell everyone I’m perfect. I mean, if I was ‘perfect’,

My hair would be long and soft and blonde, right?

I’d have curves here, not there, thin it there, and give that some curve,

Between starving and smiling I don’t know what else to do,

I mean my clothes will follow all the latest trends,

And my music? Only everything everyone listens too,

I’ll sing every word to a song that degrades everyone, and then go say everyone’s perfect too, but I won’t mean it.

It’ll look like I do because I’ll be that good little girl to the mature world,

And a party hard (but not too hard) to all my friends.

My parents will be proud, and I won’t be rich but we’ll have money.

I’ll have the cool parents and be the perfect daughter.

I’ll have the cutest guy, and we’ll be so in love, because he’ll be so sweet and so great.

And my parents and friends and everyone else will love him like they love me. 

I’ll get A’s and be valedictorian; I’ll be everyone’s best friend and the head cheerleader or something.

I’ll be perfect, beyond all societies’ expectations.

If societies perfect was possible then most would strive for it.

More than the ones that already do.

But it’s not perfect; let me share something between me and you.

These 167 pounds of short, plump catastrophe always dreamt of perfection.

Of being the girl I can never be, the one the boys would drool over and the girls would envy.

The one with that perfect body, with a bright smile, and great hair.

My skin you say? If I were perfect these blemishes would never come about, 

But imperfection is all I’m about.

With my small legs and belly that refuses to leave,

I’m imperfection, and I don’t have it that easy.

Battling Depression, Anxiety, and the horror of not being good enough,

You know what it feels like to not be good enough?

To pluck and tuck, and scrub and wax, and shave and suck,

To be everything I’m not, everything I never dreamed to be.

This is what society does; I know this because society ruined me.

My paranoia is off the charts.

Whisper I dare you, and I convince myself you were discussing me.

My bad posture, my short legs, my belly, my skin, my imperfections.

Because everyone talks about everyone else’s.

To hide the point they hate their own.

I want to walk up to my enemy and tell her how much I wish I had her legs.

Because we hate what we can’t have.

For we can’t be the most perfect to get the guy.

To get the job, to get the friends, to get the attention…

To reach complete and total perfection.

It’s sick, day dreaming about being someone else,

Knowing you can’t change you, you’re stuck in this body.

And society feeds this pain.

This never ending game and never ending shame.

The never ending, I hate myself,

And these walls lined with mirrors make me realize it more.

This makes me want to never walk through that door.

Don’t call me pretty, or cute, or lovely, or anything.

Only call me by what I know me to be.

Imperfect and ugly.

Because your words won’t even be worth it.

I won’t believe it, because society told me not too.

Be this girl! The one in the swimsuit on the magazine!

The one who is so perfect.

She screams: BE LIKE ME, BE LIKE ME.

You see? I grew up hating this body.

Till I was 13 I wouldn’t show my legs, I thought they were too big, too ugly to be seen.

I’d cover my body, jeans and baggy sweatshirt, just so no one would have to see me,

Because I couldn’t even look at me.

So, thank you society, for making a monster of me.

But I’m not the normal monster; I don’t go after anyone but myself,

Because that’s all society taught me.

I am no princess, so I was young when I convinced myself I’d never get my prince,

And as I grew it sunk in.

Imperfect is what society made me.

Depression and hatred is what it gave me.


This monster in the mirror is all that’s left of me.

Please, don’t end up like me.

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