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by Keeley C teacher: Melanie Transue
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Just For Fun!! 09/11
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December Freewrite


You gaze out your window in a pensive serenity while letting an ivory smile escape the long closed cavern of your mouth as you thought of the almost bashful behavior of the winter. Seeing past the frosty portal to catch a glimpse of the outer realm of suspended crystal dancing about on airy footholds proved to be futile from the frosty curtain the winter coyly put forth all around your window frame, and makes you smile all the more. With pen and paper you sit down and idly write of your lowly passing thoughts.


Wonders and delights,

Taking flight,

Like the stealth of death,

Silent as if a feathery outtake of breath through a sharp tongue

And like death,

With its armies of millions,

Reticent power annihilating everything it touches,

The greed of the year that salted the earth,

The tantalizing temptation of summer sin,

With such ascendancy of all innocence it possesses,

With conviction,

And with assuming and ignorant power,

The mother of the earth washes it way with purity,

Error and beauty frozen shocked and dumbed,

To destroy the sin of the year,

So come spring,

The world will open new eyes to a waking world.








Please note, I only wrote this in five minutes, so it is far from being even remotely good.

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