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class 2015

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by Jessica A

teacher: Melanie Transue

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March Freewrite
Let me put everyone on blast here for a second. Girls, you want a nice boy with long flipy hair, a nice body, sense of humor, and for him to be nice to you, yet you walk all around summer with your butt half way out of your shorts. You flirt with other guys, and expect them to be nice, and understand yet you don't let them do it? When you act like that no one will respect you. You complain about them all the time so why on earth would they bother to stick around? I understand where you are coming from sometimes, but really catch a grip.
Boys, you want a good girl who's pretty, likes to have fun, and that would do anything to make you happy, but you treat them like complete crap. You want someone who will put a smile on your face even when you're mad. You say what they want to hear, and not even how you really feel. After you do that so many times no girl is going to want to date you. How do you ever expect to get a girl friend like that?
Girls are dumb, guys are dumb. Boys are flirts, girls are flirts. Girls are players, guys are players. Everyone is going to get their heart broken if you act like this. It's a part of life, and the bad thing is all of you are exactly the same.

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