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by Wyatt W teacher: Melanie Transue

A Bobcat Hunt

Johnny was a boy that really wanted to shoot a huge bobcat. He got calls for his birthday and a treestand for christmas so he was all set to go shoot that huge cat. He had the treestand set up on the edge of a field with some multiflour rose and woods surrounding it.

In the afternoon Johnny went and set up his electric call and decoy in the field and climbed into his stand. He seemed to be one of the happiest kids alive. He sat there all afternoon calling and waiting on a cat. When it started getting dark he decided he better get out of there while he could still see. Johnny continued to go out hunting every chance he got for a week.

One night he went out and he saw something in the distance but couldn't tell what it was before it was gone. Then about fifteen minutes later a bobcat came sneaking up over the knole. He slowly raised the gun and got the cat in the crossairs. At the time the cat was about two hundred yards away and his decoy and call was only fifty yards away. He decided to let the cat come in closer. When the cat got to be about one hundred twenty-five yards away he couldn't wait any longer. Bang! he shot and the cat took off.

Now Johnny had to go look and see if he hit the cat and decide what to do. He got out of the stand and walked down to wear he had shot. At this point his adrenaline was racing through his body like New York City. When he got to were he shot he found some blood about ten yards away so he continued to track the cat. Coming along the knole the bobcat came from he looked down and there lay the magnifiscient beast.

The cat turned out to weigh thirty-four pounds which is a good sized bobcat. Now Johnny was definately the happiest kid in the county. He had persisted and hunted for the bobcat and now he had the cat to prove he could do it.

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