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by Olivia V teacher: Melanie Transue
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Dear Freshman of 2012-1213:

Congratulations!!! You made it through Jr. High alive.

Welcome to ninth grade!!!

As a former Freshman I will be totally honest with you… it’s a tough year. Not only for grades and schoolwork but with friends as well.

My advice to you is to be yourself. How can other people accept you if you don’t accept yourself first? Its not about how many friends you have, how may people you know, or even who you hang out with. Its about surrounding yourself in the people who make you happy, and like you for who you really are.

Don’t pay attention to rumors. They are just evidence that you are awesome. The people who take the time out of there day to talk about you. They are simply jealous. Its just pointless drama.

Personally most of my friends are guys. They are low key and easy to get along with. Girls on the other hand can be nasty. You will really find out who your true friends are. Everyone is changing… whether it be for the good or bad. Just go with the flow. Making some new friends is to be expected.

The ninth grade teachers are awesome. Stay on there good side and do your homework. In all honesty homework is not that big of a deal so do it, and get it over with. Study for tests. Take advantage of class time and study halls.

Organization is important. From your locker to your notebooks and binders. You will be talking a tremendous amount of notes… keep them organized and neat. I recommend having a certain color for each class. Ex) Science: green notebook, book cover, and folder/binder. Its make it easy when you have to stop at your locker in between classes. Always be on time.

This year can only be as great as you make it. Stay positive, and make some forever long memories! Don’t stress… there is nothing to worry about. I hope I have provided you with some useful advice.

Good Luck!

Love Olivia <3

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