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by Ashley S teacher: Melanie Transue
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Just For Fun!! 09/11
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Mouse Trap Racer
For science class our mouse trap racer project will travel as far as possible along a track. The spring energy from a standard mouse trap will be the only source of power. We will use a Victor ten centimeters by four and seven tenths centimeter mouse trap (10cm x 4cm x .7cm). Our mouse trap racer will have two wheels in the back and a rubber wheel in the front. Our base will be made from a pine board measuring three centimeters by six centimeters by one-half centimeters 3cm x 6cm x ½ cm). We will notch out the front of our platform so our front wheel fits. Then we will notch out the back. We will use a dowel for a wheel axel. The dowel will be attached to the frame with eye screws.
Our lever arm will be a copper rod with a fishing string on the end. We will glue the fishing string to the end of the copper lever arm. We will ask Mr. Woolcock to solder the copper rod to the mousetrap killing bar. We will have a mouse trap in the middle of the platform so we can attach the copper rod to the mouse trap. In the front of the car we will have a springy bumper hacksaw blade. It will make the car turn to the left because the spring will go on the right side of the car.
Potential and Kinetic energy and friction are the main science concepts we will use. The spring of the mousetrap will have potential energy when it is set. The potential energy will convert into kinetic energy when the car goes. The friction will come in because the wheels will move by rubbing against the floor. Eventually friction will stop the car. As the potential energy turns into kinetic energy the car will accelerate.

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