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by Leah O

teacher: Melanie Transue

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DAsH FoR CaSh:October Freewrite

Your heart is pounding as you hear your name, pronounced slowly over the loudspeaker. You approach the starting gate, as your horse is rearing to run. It feels like  the whole world slows down when you start to run for the fist barrel, then second, then, when you turn the third barrel, the world seems to come alive again screaming for you to "bring her home!" and "GO!" My favorite thing to do is barrel race my horse, and I would never be able to live without it.

Ever since I was eight and had my little mini pony, I have loved horses. When l used to ride my pony he would buck me and I would fall off, but I would just get back on. I am still learning that you have to get back on after dissapointments. Last year I was in 4-H and made it to the State Horse show. I made it in only one event, so I was really nervous. At the big show, I kind of had an accident. I got my belt stuck around the horn of my saddle so I couldn't stop when I started running. And it pretty much ruined my run. I hurt my pelvis really bad, and also a couple of my fingers were hurting. It was really dissapointing. Now, in a week, I am going back down to Harrisburg to go to States again. I hope I do better this time!


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