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by Leah O

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A Visual Representation of Me!

Hi! I'm Leah Joy Ofalt and I am a Freshman this year. For my first project of this year I decorated front of my English binder. It's a visual Representation of Me!

A meaningful quote that I put on my binder is by my Grandpa.

"In sports, as in life, you must give it your all. If you don't, you will fall. You must be strong in body and mind, listening and oveying the coaches command. In the end there is satisfaction in a game well played."

This quote means a lot to my because my grandpa said it. He is really supportive of me when he comes and watches all of my soccer games and swim meets.

One of my favorite things to do is barrel race. I am a member of the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) with my horse, Katie.

My favorite book is a book that I have loved since I was a little girl. It is called Little Bear, by Else Holmelund Minarik.

Something that I chose for a representation of my personality is a smiley face because I like being happy and I am most of the time.

For my last picture I chose to  have a couple pictures of my friends and family. I put them on my binder because they mean alot to me and I love them. It's really encouraging to know that someone is there for you all the time and that you are not alone.

That is my Visual Representaion and I hope you liked it.

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