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by Ryan K teacher: Melanie Transue
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Februrary Free Write
Do you rember the time you went hunting? Did you get anything on your first day? Did everthing go as plan?

The first time that I went hunting was four years ago and it was the first time that I shot a bear. I remember the day clearly. It was a very cold day and we were sitting in the woods at our friend’s house. It was in the morning and we had to get up and walk around so the blood would move though our bodies. Finally we decided to go back to the truck because walking around didn’t help get us warm. We had about a twenty minute walk back to the truck.

While walking to the truck we saw a big black bear walking around. My dad stopped me and showed me the bear. Then I waited till the bear to come out of the woods. I waited calmly for the bear to walk between two trees. Then I put my gun up and shot. Then the bear turned around and came my way, so I put another bullet in my chamber. The bear dropped twenty feet in front of me. The most fun was trying to drag out a bear about four hundered fifty pounds up a huge hill by myself because my dad was waiting for a deer to come out where he can get a shot on it. Then one minute later he got the deer to. We had to drag the deer about three miles till we could get the truck to the trail.

I Am so glad my dad got me into hunting I hope to do it forever. I will pass it down to my kids and hope they like it as much as I do.

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