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Dillin Has No Father

Have you ever have to go to court because your mom and dad are having some problems? They are going to split up. It is not good for anyone, and especially not good for the most innocent ones…babies and children. My sister and her ex-boyfriend went to court.
My sister had a little boy and now he is seven months old. He is trying to say, “Mommy,” and it’s so cute. He got his first three teeth. He doesn’t have a Daddy because his father hit my sister and she left him. They are going to court for it, and his dad wants a DNA a test done because someone called him and said Dillin was not his child and he believed them.
I feel really bad for Dillin because he doesn’t have a dad… and my sister wanted Dillin to have his mommy and daddy together so he wouldn’t have to have a life like me and my sister. I can’t believe that he wanted the test done. We all know that Jamie T. is Dillin’s father because Dillin looks like him. My sister feels really bad that Dillin doesn’t have a daddy. I love Dillin so much and I feel bad for the little guy. I hope that he will grow up and see who loves him so much.
The reasons why I feel bad for him is because I know how he will feel someday because my mom and dad are not together. I hope his mommy will find someone that loves him and her. I hope that my sister gets to keep Dillin, but his dad gets to see him on the weekends and that is it. I hate that he doesn’t have a father.
The reason why his dad and my sister are not together is because his dad cheated on my sister with a fifteen year old. I don’t know why he wanted to cheat on my sister because my sister gives him everything she didn’t have time to cheat on him. She loved him so much and now she doesn’t because of everything that happened. Dillin has not seen his dad in three months.
I hope that Dillin knows who loves him and who does not. Someday he will realize that his father doesn’t love him. If he did love him he would not cheat on my sister and would not have lost his son. I am happy that my sister is not with his father. I love Dillin so much and I am never leaving him. His father is not my favorite person in my life. I really don’t say that about many people. They go to court the January 31, 2012.
In the meantime, Dillin is learning to crawl and he is pulling himself up on furniture. It’s so cute and I am happy that he is and I love him so much and I can’t for him to walk and talk.

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