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CP Science 3-C

Mr. Woolcock

5 October 2011


Mousetrap Racer Design Paper


            For our mouse trap we will be using a victor mouse trap with spraining laude. The mouse trap’s measures base is 10cm by 4.77cm. The body of the mouse base measures 30co by 6cm. We will be using cd from home.  A wooden dowel for an axle. The wooden dowel will be hook by eye screws. The screws will be in the base. We will be using on old intent for the level arm. We will use fishing line to rap around the axle to pull the level; arm back. When you wind the fishing line around the axle will put the level arm back and will be potential energy when the level is releases kinetic energy will make the mousetrap move down the track.

            My mousetrap racer has a lot in science it for an example friction, mass and acceleration. The friction 2 or more things object more past though each other. For the mouse trap racer we will friction because we need the mouse trap to go down the track. The texture of the surface will affect the friction and composition of the surfaces will affect. We are using four wheels to make it move. The mouse trap racer will allow my design because we are going to look at our design and make it move.  My care will be able to stop in the designated area because the level arm will hit the wall and go next to the wall.



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