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October Free Write                           My Doll Elizabeth:October Freewrite     

Has anything ever meant more to you in one moment then meaning even more the next? My grandmother, who I am named after, gave her doll to me for Christmas. The doll’s name is Elizabeth. That doll means a lot to me because my middle name is Elizabeth. My grandmother asked my dad if she could give it to me because my dad gave it to her as a gift.   When she gave it to me, I cried because I was so happy.

The following summer in July, on the night between July 24 and July 25, my grandmother passed away.  Now the doll meant more to me than before. The reason why the doll means a lot more is because she passed away. I don’t get to see that doll now because my mom left my dad and my mom thinks that we forgot it. I think about my grandmother all the time and sometimes I think to myself I can’t wait to die because I get to see my grandmother and all of my other family members that I am named after. When July 24 and July 25 comes around I think of her more because that is when she passed away and I miss her a lot. Thank you for reading my story about the time I got my doll from my grandmother!   


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