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by Courtney C

teacher: Melanie Transue

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March Free Write

Courtney C


                Have you ever got a phone call or email saying that you won $10,000? Do you ever dream about winning $10,000? What would you do if you were the one to get that call?

                Well I was the one to get that call. I filled in an on-line survey to win $10,000. It was for a teenager magazine agency. The agency said I could pick up the money at the Steam Town Mall in Scranton, Pa.  My mom is going with me along with my friends, Emily and Jenny, to pick up the $10,000. The people from the magazine will be there to take my picture, which will be in the magazine at a later date.

                I meet the magazine agency at the food court. They hand me one-hundred $100 bills. When they give me the money I will take the money and go buy a pool for my family. Everyone in my family swims and would enjoy a pool.

                The pool will be an in-ground, and it will be 3ft to 8ft deep. There will lights in the pool for night swimming, and it will also be heated. My family will be able to have pool parties with friends. My dad and I have wanted a pool for a long time. I wanted a pool for our house because so I do not have to keep asking my mom and dad to go to the lake to swim. My dad wants a pool to do some exercise.

This is my fake idea. I hope you enjoyed sharing this dream with me!  I really would buy a pool for my family if I could!

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